Why do papillomas appear under the armpits? How to remove them!

Benign neoplasm in the form of papilloma or warts can form on any part of the body, and axillary cavities are no exception.

Factors affecting the growth of papillomas under the armpits

The main cause of the appearance of papillomas under the arms is the human papilloma virus, which is introduced into the epidermis through microtrauma on the skin. A small, sometimes even microscopic nodule can have a flesh color and not stand out against the background of healthy integuments.

Also there are warts of a reddish and brown shade. In this case, they are dramatically conspicuous and create a cosmetic problem.

To obtain a harmful papillomavirus infection a person can contact by means of everyday life through:

  • wearing someone else's clothes;
  • Overnight stays on someone else's bed with infected underwear;
  • use of personal care items borrowed;
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse with dubious partners.

It is worth noting that the papilloma in the armpit appears not immediately after a certain event. Despite the instantaneous infection, the strain is slumbering in the body for quite a long time and does not show itself until the occurrence of circumstances that favor its activation. One of the predisposing factors is a sharp decrease in immunity.

Other reasons for the formation of viral nodules on the skin can be:

  1. chronic diseases;
  2. smoking and alcohol abuse;
  3. disruptions in the activity of hormonal and endocrine systems;
  4. hereditary predisposition;
  5. wearing tight clothes, rubbing the skin.

With penetration into the injured integument, HPV infects the blood and circulates throughout the body. Its fixation in the epithelium of the axillary zone leads to a disruption of the tissue structure and an intensive growth of the neoplasm.


How to recognize the papilloma under the arm?

If a small papilloma appeared under the arm, a person might not notice it.

The single element looks like a small hanging outgrowth, attached to the skin with a thin stem. Activation of the virus leads to multiple growth of warts and then the fusion of single outgrowths resembles a flowering cabbage.


Since the zone of the armpits is generously provided by the sweat glands, their secret becomes an irritating factor for the newly formed tumors. In addition to physical discomfort and itching, infection of the pathological focus sometimes occurs.

If the papilloma is subjected to constant friction against the sleeves of tight clothing, it can be accompanied by bleeding. Therefore, if the papilloma is inflamed under the arm, it is necessary to reconsider your wardrobe and consult a doctor for examination to see if it is degenerating into a malignant tumor.

Dermatologists know how difficult it is sometimes to notice a neoplasm at hand and to link its appearance with a specific cause. And all this is because of the long incubation period, which takes up to 2 years. Specialists note that in some patients, the growths on the body are so small that the owners do not know about them before contacting the doctor for the purpose of diagnosing another skin disease.

The photo shows papillomas under the armpit:

Compare them to the build-up on your body, if any, and hurry to the clinic. The sooner the disease is diagnosed and treated, the faster you will improve the condition of your own organism.


The process of formation of warts and the intensity of their growth does not depend on age and sex. Papillomavirus equally affects men, women and children, and its behavior in a specific organism can never be foreseen in advance.


Methods of removing papillomatosis in the axilla

How to remove the papilloma under the arm? Modern methods of solving the problem are characterized by convenience for the patient, safety and minimum number of relapses.

The most common ways to get rid of external manifestations of HPV are:

  • cryodestruction - complete freezing of neoplasms with liquid cooled nitrogen. Cold treatment blocks the blood supply for the wart and leads to its rapid falling off. In the course of a short session, it is really possible to get rid of several elements at once.
  • Electrocoagulation is a popular way of treating all types of papillomas. The essence of manipulation is cauterization of the arteries of the build-up by current, supplying it with blood. As a result, the formation completely dies.
  • Radio wave technique is another option, how to remove papillomas under the armpits. A quick, painless operation is performed by the Surgitron apparatus in the form of removal of the build-up by a beam of ionizing light.
  • Laser therapy is an excellent way to eliminate small and large foci of papillomavirus. Instant sealing of the blood vessels running in the body of the build-up, prevents the infection of blood flow and does not cause scarring.

If the papillomas grow under the armpits, they can be treated with folk methods.

Immunomoduliruyuschy tea for internal reception is prepared from the grass of the string, oregano, sage, St. John's wort and yarrow. Birch and pine buds, linden blossom, plantain leaves and coltsfoot, dandelion roots and blood-grouses, cumin fruits, chamomile flowers, cucumber, mint and motherwort are added to them.

2 tbsp. l. raw materials are heated with boiling water directly in a thermos bottle and covered with a lid for the night. The ready infusion is consumed 3 consecutive months by 200 ml to 5 times a day.


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