What is the danger of a short frenum?


Table of contents

  • The dangers of a shortened bridle
  • How to treat a short bridle?
  • Rehabilitation period after surgery

A short frenum on the penis is an innate condition, in which it prevents the head from revealing, causing painful sensations during an erection. The bridle itself is a small-sized cutaneous section in the form of the letter V, which stretches the lower part of the head to the lower part of the foreskin. This area is a very erogenous site on the body, most men prefer its stimulation in the process of intimate caresses, since the skin in this area is very sensitive. In norm at representatives of a male the bridle happens the required dimension and elastic enough. But for some, it is short and tense at the same time, which makes the risk of tearing more, thereby preventing a full sexual intercourse.


The dangers of a shortened bridle

At the moment of sexual intercourse, a short frenum, stretching, bends (distorts) the sexual organ of men; tearing, causes unpleasant sensations with pain. Complications of all the bleeding, because the bridle is a small artery. With healing in the ruptured zone there are scars that help to shorten the frenulum to an even greater extent and, accordingly, tear it at the next sexual intercourse. The process of rupture and painful experiences give rise to a conditioned reflex, that the rupture of the skin on the penis - it hurts. Therefore, gradually the desire to have sexual relations completely disappears.


An equally significant drawback is that, while holding the foreskin, a short bridle does not allow it to close the groove, and this leads to the accumulation of smegma, and if there is a lack of observance of intimate hygiene (everyday showers and baths) this phenomenon leads to the development of such an unpleasant disease as balanoposthitis.

Another "minus" of the shortened bridle is the appearance of such an ailment as an early ejaculation (in the people - "rate of fire").This is due to the fact that a torn short bridle forms a scar, the healing of which involves the cutaneous nerve endings. And they form the area of ​​pathological impulse on the bridle, which serves as a stimulus for accelerated ejaculation.

A short frenum is treated exclusively through surgical intervention. There are no other options for correction of the bridle to be performed. Some surgeons recommend circumcision of the foreskin to those men who have a short frenum on the penis. However, most men do not need to do this, because there is another, more effective, way to bring the bridle to a normal state - perform a small plastic operation on it. Such surgical intervention allows to create an adequate length of the frenum in more than 90% of men. A short bridle also has an alternative treatment option: self-extension by folk methods. However, no reliable facts about the positive results of medicine.

How to treat a short bridle?

Plastic surgery on the bridle (frenuloplastika) - an operation aimed at its elongation. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia on an outpatient basis without subsequent hospitalization of the patient. Correction of the frenum as a procedure is reduced to performing such a sequence of actions: make a cut in the shape of V, which is sewn in the shape of Y (modification - "z-shaped plastic"). The short bridle lengthens by one to one and a half centimeters. A smaller effect can give a simple dissection, so many men do not recommend it. The stitches are mostly superimposed with small ones, which disappear after 7 to 10 days. And if they last a little longer, this should not cause any fear.


Rehabilitation period after surgery

In order to ease pain symptoms in the postoperative period, men are not required to take any medications, except for painkillers (paracetamol or nurofen, for example). Take them best before bedtime, so that you can fall asleep in the first 2 days after the operation.

It is important to note that it is necessary to use a moisturizer and flushing of the foreskin twice a day, because with an unexpanded area of ​​the bridle, damage can occur again. The usual rinsing under warm water, moistening the dry surface of the penis with cream E-45 (in any pharmacy is on sale) will be sufficient before dropping the foreskin. In isolated situations, there is a slight bleeding between 12 hours and 24 hours after the operation. But this phenomenon is extremely rare. Bleeding is stopped simply by reducing the amount of physical activity. For complete healing, it takes at least 6 weeks after the operation to be completed. However, most patients are already beginning to have a full sexual life much earlier - three weeks after the operation. And it is extremely rare for such a complication: the injured skin goes down, which is corrected by circumcision.

A shortened bridle is not a sentence. Nowadays everything is being decided.



Frenuloplasty will help restore the size of the bridle and lead a full-fledged sexual life absolutely without any pain.