What is remarkable about the third group of blood with negative rhesus?

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Scientists found out the fact that many four blood groups known to many did not always exist. The oldest group is the first, whose designation is I (0). It is believed that this is the blood of hunters. After a while, with the emergence and spread of agriculture, when people chose a settled way of life as a basis, a second group A (II) appeared.

The third B (III) appeared even later, when humanity began to travel. The researchers associate the formation of this type of blood with the spread of nomads of the Mongoloid race. At the moment, the owners of this group are approximately 10-11% of the total population of the planet. Of these, a small percentage is endowed with a negative Rh factor, more positive.

The prevalence of blood groups in the world


  • Blood group 3 negative
  • The third group of blood, Rh-negative: diseases
  • Pregnancy in women with 3 negative blood group
  • Pregnancy planning and 3 negative blood types

Blood group 3 negative

In the characteristics of this type of blood, you can identify some features of character formation, taste preferences and compatibility. It is generally believed that such people are individualists prone to mood jumps, which does not prevent them from being patient if necessary and be able to find a diplomatic approach to solving the problem. They are emotional and have good command of speech. Find yourself in public activities.

The third negative blood group in women affects their love for cleanliness. In the house of such a mistress is always cleaned, disorder is not in the honor. Sometimes such a character trait affects negatively, as a woman demands observance of order from others, which is not everyone's strength. However, the conflicts arising on this ground are being quickly smoothed out thanks to diplomacy.

The third negative blood group in men makes them leaders who are demanding to perform job duties at work. They rarely agree on compromise solutions in the sphere of their professional activities.

In people with the 3rd blood group and the Rhesus, a negative characteristic of taste preferences is formed due to the nomadic way of life of the ancestors. The digestive system is adapted to any kind of food, especially attractive to them will be dairy products. A huge plus is that such people do not suffer from excess weight and do not need long and frequent diets. Useful for daily diet are:

  • meat, except for poultry and pork;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • seafood;
  • eggs.

You should avoid eating corn, margarine, some types of oils and nuts. Not the best way will affect the frequent use of fatty fish and meat. It is advisable to abandon their presence in the diet. From drinks to exclude the use of soda water, rich in carbohydrates, and tomato juice.

Nutrition for blood type 3

The third group of blood, Rh-negative: diseases

A nomadic life increased the immunity of the ancestors of people with blood group 3 and negative rhesus. The characteristics of the immune forces of their body grew so strong that it allowed them to experience the worst epidemics and plague. But this does not make them completely invulnerable. There are a number of pathologies to which they are predisposed:

  • In the postoperative period, their bodies are more likely than others to be infected;
  • 3 group with negative rhesus in girls contributes to complications after pregnancy;
  • vulnerability to autoimmune diseases;
  • predisposition to inflammatory processes of the respiratory system;
  • joint diseases and the risk of osteochondrosis;
  • vulnerability to depression, often experience symptoms of fatigue, turning into a chronic form.

If a person is in urgent need of a transfusion, then it must be taken into account that people with the III blood group have a donor biomaterial of the same group or I. The latter option is an alternative and requires additional compatibility analysis. Donor material of group B is suitable for this type of blood or for group IV.

Attention! It is important to take into account the Rh factor of the donor and recipient, since Rh-positive blood can not be injected into people with a Rh negative-negative index.

Blood transfusion scheme by blood groups

Pregnancy in women with 3 negative blood group

Women with this type of blood problems with conception usually do not arise: they can easily become pregnant and endure the baby. But planning pregnancy should be taken with all responsibility, as some troubles are possible because of negative rhesus of the future mother in combination with positive rhesus of the father.

In this case, the baby can inherit the rhesus factor of the father, which will lead to a rhesus-conflict between the fetus and the mother. In the body of a pregnant woman, antibodies will begin to be produced that perceive the fetus forming in the womb as a hostile object that must be attacked. In this situation, spontaneous abortion is possible.

Rhesus Compatibility Table of Parents

If the pregnancy is not interrupted for natural reasons, and the woman is able to bear the child, there is a high probability of pathologies in the baby's body. They can appear in the form of problems with the visual and hearing aids, violations in the brain. The future mother and baby need constant monitoring. It is important to take a blood sample to determine the formation of antibodies.


Important! When antibodies are detected in the mother's blood, the situation becomes critical. To preserve the pregnancy and reduce the risk of pathologies, blood transfusion can be prescribed.


Pregnancy planning and 3 negative blood types

In women, the characteristic of Rh-affiliation affects the course of pregnancy and its outcome is case, when the girl this indicator is negative, and the guy who becomes a father - positive. In this case, you need to consult a doctor for advice.

Usually the first pregnancy with such indicators passes without violations and risks for the future mother and child. The following pregnancies will require close monitoring by the gynecologist.

Rhesus-conflict has the property to arise in the last period of pregnancy. To avoid the development of such a scenario, doctors send a young couple for the analysis of Rh-accessory. Based on the results, the doctor will be able to draw conclusions.

If a woman with negative rhesus nurtures a child with a positive index, doctors will be offered a vaccine against the anti-rhesus globulin. Timely treatment in the clinic for specialized care will give confidence in the successful development of pregnancy without subsequent complications.

An interesting video below will help you get an idea of ​​the evolution of the blood:

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