How to treat fungus with amorolfin. Patient Reviews

Fungal infection of the skin and nails is familiar to many people. The tissues are flaky, exfoliate, coarsen and take an unhealthy appearance. Progressing disease poisons the body with toxins that produce a multiple mycelium.

For the treatment of onychomycosis, dermatologists prescribe different forms of Amorolfin. The drug is dispensed without a prescription, the cost is affordable. The toxicity of the components deprives the medicine of serious side effects, and if they do, only a slight burning, itching or reddening of the treated area.

Amorolfinum: composition and pharmacological properties

Amorolfin is a morpholine derivative.

The manufacturing plants produce the drug in three forms:

  1. Lacquer.
  2. Spray.
  3. Cream.

For each gram of medication, 5 ml of amorolfine hydrochloride is required. This substance is found in many antimycotics. It has both fungicidal and fungistatic properties.

The active component cleans cells of fungal spores, strengthens local immunity and protects the body from re-infection. With significant damage to Amorolfin plates from nail fungus, specialists can prescribe in combination with systemic fungicides.

Indications for the use of different forms of the remedy are:

  • Onychomycosis.
  • Dermatomycosis.
  • Candidiasis of smooth skin.
  • Lichen otrubrious.
  • Epidermophytia on the feet and in the inguinal zone.

Get rid of the fungus with Amorolfin, as practice shows, you can for 3 - 12 months. The duration of the course depends on the severity of mycosis and the individual characteristics of the individual patient.


How to treat fungus with amorolfin: instruction

Therapeutic sessions always begin with the reception of hot baths.

A foot or hand brush is steamed and wiped dry. The patient tries to cut the nail as short as possible and to polish. Manicure after the procedure must be disinfected. You can stock up on disposable nail files and dispose of them after use.



Lam Amorolfin with nail fungus is effective to apply at the initial stage of development of pathology, when not more than 2/3 of the whole plate is affected and the surrounding skin remains healthy. The drug is completed with tampons, nail files and spatulas for nail treatment. The therapeutic coating is applied once a week.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The tampon is moistened with alcohol and degreased prepared plate.
  2. The varnish is applied with a special spatula.
  3. Normal manicure / pedicure during the period of drug use does not.
  4. As a preventative, lacquer is used on the eve of visiting the pool, sauna, beach.

When contacting household chemicals, it is recommended to protect the hands affected by the fungus with rubber gloves.



Cream form when treating the fungus on the nails and skin is applied 1 time per day for 1.5 months. The treatment is carried out in the evening, rubbing the cream into the affected plate and the adjacent epidermal tissue.


Spray spray on prepared nails and skin several times a day. Treatment is performed until all signs of onychomycosis disappear completely.

A list of contraindications for the use of nail polish, spray and cream against nail fungus are:

  • Newborn period.
  • Early age of the child.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Lactation.
  • Individual intolerance to Amorolfin components (the entire formulation is reviewed in the manufacturer's instructions).

Price and analogy

On drugs Amorolfin from the fungus of nails price to some consumers may seem high. The cost of varnish reaches 900 rubles, the cream is sold at a price of 1200 - 1400 rubles, the spray - for 1100 - 1200 rubles. But the drugs are well tolerated by the body and give quick results in the therapy of fungal infections.

In hypersensitive patients, the skin and nails can respond to treatment with increased itching and redness.

With pronounced side effects or poor efficacy of therapy, Amorolfin, in agreement with a dermatologist, is replaced by one of the analogues:

  • Exifin.
  • Offlomil.
  • Onyelp.
  • Kanespor.
  • Lamican.
  • Terbinafine.
  • Tsinkudan.
  • Myconorm.
  • Undecin.
  • Exeter.
  • Lamizil Dermgel.
  • Methylsalicylate and others.


Doctors in their reviews call Amorolfin the safest way to treat the fungus. Varnish heals nails, bypassing the digestive tract and not causing damage to the liver. It affects only the affected area. Means are ideal for the prevention of fungal infection of hands and feet when a person is in public places with high humidity.

All components of the drug work together to stop the spread of mycelium to healthy parts of the body. They destroy strains at the cellular level and eliminate all the symptoms of onychomycosis. As a result, a person gets rid of the disease and acquires self-confidence.

What they say about the effectiveness of Amorolfin patients:

Larissa, 35 years old: With the help of lacquer I managed to quickly cure the nail fungus. I suspect that the infection occurred in the pool, although I observe security measures. The varnish is very convenient to use, it needs to be applied only once a week. True, the classic manicure will have to be abandoned for the duration of treatment. But it does not make much sense if the nails are sick. Painting them with decorative varnish is also impossible. I completely cured my illness in 3 months.

Alexandra, 26 years old: I am prescribed a cream called Amorolfin with a fungus on my legs. To be treated it was pleasant, after all the cream has no bad smell, quickly is absorbed and does not demand often to carry out procedures. The fungus was on my thumb, and thanks to the remedy I was able to take it out for a month and a half.

Xenia, 40: I picked up the fungus in the sauna. I was treated for a long time by various means, but Amorolfin really helped me. I treated my fingers with cream and varnish, until the sick plates were replaced by healthy strong nails. Now for prevention I always spray hands and feet with spray, because in saunas and swimming pools I visit regularly.

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