Extensive use of essential oil of Artemisia

Bitter wormwood refers to perennial Compositae plants. It has a persistent specific flavor and bitter aftertaste. The dirty-violet stalk of grass with pinnate green leaves is a sign to everyone. Inflorescences of plants are collected in small yellow baskets with a diameter of up to 3 mm.

Essential oil of wormwood bitter application finds different.It repels insects and disinfects the air in the room, improves sleep and relieves stress. The drug is used for medical and cosmetic purposes and shows itself as an aphrodisiac. In dermatology, wormwood oil is applied from moles, warts and papillomas.

The healing properties of wormwood and its products

The chemical composition of the plant is not ordinary. In addition to bitterness and essential oils, the herb contains many components:

  • protein;
  • alkaloids;
  • anabsintin;
  • resinous substances;
  • phytoncides;
  • tannic compounds;
  • ascorbic, succinic and malic acids of organic origin.

Wormwood bitterness is an excellent stimulant for the digestive tract. They improve the secretion of gastric juice and accelerate the production of enzymes by the pancreas. Also, bitterness drives bile out of the body.

Ether of wormwood is a dark green or blue liquid of thick consistency. The principle of its impact is similar to camphor. But the wormwood oil has positive properties even more.

It serves as an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and stimulator for the production of phagocytes. And this means that the components of the drug increase the protective functional of the body and encourage it to fight with pathogenic microbes and infections. At the same time, it should be noted that phyto oil contains thujone. In large doses, this substance is a health hazard.

On the human nervous system, the ethereal product has a tonic and soothing effect. Therefore, doctors prescribe it for insomnia and patients who are in an excited state.

In cosmetology, wormwood is used to improve the skin condition. The product solves the problem of fatty covers and treats the hair, which quickly become salted. The healing effect of oil is obtained with varicose veins, as well as in case of burns or wounds on the body. Smoothness and silkiness of skin tissues is explained by the influence of azulene and polysaccharides contained in the ether.


The sphere of application of essential oil of wormwood is so vast that it can not be counted. It is used to apply compresses in the following cases:

  1. skin ulcers;
  2. suppuration;
  3. bruises;
  4. swelling;
  5. viral and fungal skin lesions, etc.

With oily seborrhea infusion for rinsing hair is prepared from 100 g of dry grass, drenched, l of boiling water. After a 30-minute infusion, the product will become usable.



Ways of independent manufacture of wormwood oil

At the chemist's oil of wormwood the price is set acceptable - about 100 rubles. But the drug is not difficult to prepare at home, if you collect a sufficient amount of raw materials. How to do it right?

The medicinal part of the plant is the flowering tops, that is, branches with leaves and flowers. To prepare sagebrush for znacharian purposes follows during the flowering period. Experts on non-traditional medicine are advised to cut off the tops without the coarse parts of the stem. The length of the cut branch should not exceed 20 cm.

Dry the collected raw materials in a natural way under the canopies. The branches are laid out in a thin layer and they are visited to turn them over. In the drying process, the smell of wormwood intensifies and creates a feeling of bitterness in the mouth. Therefore, to prevent dust from falling into the upper part of the respiratory system, it is recommended to wear a respirator or a protective mask and only then approach the grass. If drying is done in a special unit, set the mode to 25-30 degrees. Subsequently, the dry product is stored in glass jars for storage.

How to make oil from wormwood at home? If seeds are taken as the main ingredient, they are ground in a wooden mortar. Then they are combined with olive oil at a rate of 1 h. seeds by 4 h. oil product. After thorough mixing, the components are allowed to infuse for about 8 hours. The agent is used for internal reception - two of its drops are connected with ¼ h. l. sugar and eaten with pain and muscle cramps.

Baths with the addition of several oil drops can be arranged for the hands and feet, suffering from pain after bruising or as a result of stretching the muscles. Reception of common baths with the air of wormwood is indicated for the solution of such health problems as:

  • sprains and joints;
  • physical stress after loads;
  • swelling of tissues;
  • traumatic hematomas;
  • pain of aching nature, arising in the muscles or back.

To prepare the bath you need water, heated to 40 ° and 10 - 15 ml of oil (for treatment of a separate part of the body). If necessary, about 40 ml of the drug should be diluted in a common bath in water.


You can prepare a useful product in a different way. To do this, fresh raw bitter wormwood is applied to a 250 gram jar without tampering. But the container must be filled with grass to the top. Then the raw material is poured with olive or corn oil and close the jar with a firm lid.

By the 10th day of infusion, the oil should be dark green and cast with mother of pearl. In this form it should be filtered and stored in a cold place for storage. Use a ready-made product for lubricating ulcers, wounds and problem areas of the skin.

Application of wormwood oil in dermatology

1. Before using wormwood oil from hanging moles and similar elements, it is necessary to test the product for its rejection by the body.

To do this, 1 drop of essential oil should be mixed with a third of a teaspoon of any vegetable oil and apply the tester behind the ear or on the inside of the forearm. As an additional test, you can drop a little ether on the handkerchief and inhale it during the day.

The use of the drug is unacceptable, if it provoked:

  1. skin rash;
  2. cough;
  3. shortness of breath;
  4. swelling of the face;
  5. coryza;
  6. headache.

If no deviations are seen within 12 hours, then the means is suitable for a particular person.

2. Pharmacy and homemade drugs interact with oils of cedar, sage, lavender, pine, patchouli, neroli, rosemary and jasmine. In undiluted form, wormwood oil is used from papillomas and other skin defects.

The process of rubbing is repeated every day until the tumor completely dies. But when working with oil, do not let it get on healthy covers. For fast healing, it is recommended to alternate the massage with a mixture of lavender and calendula oils.


In the process of working with ethereal products, drops can get into the eyes or mucous membranes. To the organs of vision and the tender covers are not affected, they must be thoroughly rinsed with water.


3. In addition to wormwood oil from warts, ointment helps well. It is prepared by mixing 100 g of molten lard and 10 g of a thickened wormwood extract. A frozen tool is used to treat unsightly nodule-like elements.

4. To get rid of scabies and scabs dry leaves of wormwood must be turned into powder and combined with Vaseline in a proportion of 1 to 5. On problematic places such ointment is applied a thin layer a couple of times a day.

5. With acne rash, applications, the agent for which is obtained from 10 ml of base oil and 8 drops of lemon wormwood ester, will be useful.

Pharmacy extract is not forbidden to add to store cosmetics - it will give them tannic and antiseptic properties. If you are not afraid of a sharp smell, then add the concentrate at the rate of 3 drops for every 10 g of cosmetic products.

When wormwood is dangerous?

Treatment with wormwood preparations can not be carried out with allergies to plants of the family of astroids. Since phytoids stimulate the secretory activity of the digestive system, they are not prescribed for gastritis and gastric ulcer with increased acid secretion.

Long-term use of wormwood aether causes hallucinations and frustrates nervous activity. Uncontrolled treatment with the drug poisons the body and provokes convulsions. Abuse of wormwood fraught with deterioration of health in anemia.

Video:essential oils, useful information.

Between courses of wormwood therapy it is necessary to withstand 2-month intervals. When pregnancy, grass should not be used at all, since it has abortive properties.


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