How to treat prostatitis effectively?


Table of contents

  • Application of antibacterial therapy
  • Treatment with alpha-blockers
  • Carrying out hormone therapy
  • Using Muscle Relaxants
  • Application of phototherapy
  • The use of physical therapy
  • Application of LOD-therapy
  • Using Microwave Devices
  • Using the Installation Method

Prostatitis is a complex disease, the treatment of which requires a long time, and it is often impossible to completely cure the patient.To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to use modern methods of treatment, they allow completely eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis and cause a steady positive effect for a long time period.If you follow all the recommendations that the doctor gave you, then you can get rid of the symptoms of prostatitis forever.

Not having sufficient knowledge, self-medication prostatitis can not do. This is because you can not control the state of the prostate yourself and do not fully understand the pathogenesis of the disease. Often, patients use patterned treatments that do not bring the desired effect.

Some craftsmen even manage to conduct a prostate massage on their own, but they do not take into account features of its structure and therefore often, instead of the expected improvement, a negative result is obtained. Massage should be performed only by a specialist, after a complete examination of the patient. The negative moment is also when the patients exchange experience with each other and begin to experience the methods that helped the acquaintance. As already mentioned, prostatitis should be treated only by a doctor and only after a comprehensive examination of the patient.

In order for the treatment of this disease to be effective, and the positive result obtained is sustainable, an integrated approach should be used.

The main and often used methods of treatment of prostatitis are physiotherapy, immunocorrecting and antibacterial treatment, massage and lifestyle changes. Treatment of prostatitis is a difficult task, so you can not neglect any of these methods, and then the probability of a full recovery will be very high.

Application of antibacterial therapy

If to speak about conservative treatment, then antibacterial therapy is its main method. In order to choose an antibacterial drug, we must take into account:

  • the ability of its penetration into the prostate;
  • the ability to achieve the concentration necessary for the suppression of microorganisms;
  • its antimicrobial activity.

If the patient is not chronic, but acute prostatitis, then the use of aminoglycosides and beta-lactam antibiotics allows creating a concentration sufficient to suppress pathogens. But with a decrease in inflammation, the ability of such drugs to penetrate the prostate is reduced, so after you reach the clinical effect, you need to switch to taking other drugs.

If a patient does not have bacterial prostatitis, which passes in a chronic form, then in order to prescribe antibacterial treatment, it is necessary:

  • presence of inflammatory CP / CPPS in the patient;
  • the presence of difficultly cultivated microorganisms and a greater frequency of their detection in the patient.

Many specialists in patients who are diagnosed with asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis do not recommend treatment. It can only be carried out when the patient has infertility, the presence of pathogens such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrheae, before the surgical intervention and with a positive result of the microbiological examination performed, a high level PSA. In this case, prescribe the same drugs that are used for bacterial prostatitis, passing in a chronic form.

Treatment with alpha-blockers

If you have a diagnosis of chronic prostatitis, then whether or not there is inflammation in the secretion of the prostate, in the lower genital tract, the presence of the following changes depends:

  • high urethral closure pressure;
  • low urinary flow rate;
  • during urination, the urethra does not fully open, the urethra tone rises in the area of ​​its external sphincter.

All these symptoms occur as a result of disorders in the nervous and sympathetic system. Local or distance factors cause an increase in adrenergic stimulation. Increases the tone of smooth muscles, and this leads to an increase in the tone of the bladder, its external sphincter and incomplete opening of the cervix.


If treated with alpha-blockers for a short time, then often the symptoms of prostatitis and urodynamic disorders are returned. When the full course of treatment with alpha-adrenoblockers passes, the patient has a persistent positive effect, and it will persist after stopping the medication.

Indications for the appointment of alpha-blockers: treatment of pelvic pain syndrome, which has an inflammatory and non-inflammatory nature and treatment of chronic prostatitis. The dose that led to the therapeutic effect should be taken for at least 6-8 months after the asymptomatic period is reached.

Carrying out hormone therapy

Normal work of the prostate gland depends on the amount of estrogens and androgens, the balance between them. As studies show, usually inflammation originates in the ducts of the lobule of the prostate, and then passes into the prostate tissue. Due to the fact that antiandrogen therapy allows to reduce the volume of glandular tissue in the prostate, an indirect positive effect on the available inflammatory process is found.

Using Muscle Relaxants

The presence of a chronic pelvic pain syndrome in a patient leads not only to an increase in tone, but often also to spasms of the pelvic floor muscles, perineum, lower urinary tract.
To act on the striated muscles, muscle relaxants are used, and to reduce the tone of smooth muscle fibers, alpha-blockers are used.

Application of phototherapy

In the presence of benign prostate diseases often treated with phototherapy. The use of herbal preparations is possible for a long period, they have few side effects and do not have a negative effect on other organs and body systems. Such preparations are made from natural raw materials and have a complex effect. Despite this, it is not recommended to use phototherapy alone, taking medication is necessary only after consulting a qualified specialist.

The use of physical therapy

When deciding how to treat this disease, physical therapy is often used. The patient may be in the perineal region of the pain zone. If you work on these points, the patient will react with movements or verbal manifestations.

These zones are called trigger points, they arise as a result of inflammation. In order to treat these points, massage, thermal effects, yoga, electoneuromodulation, acupuncture are used.

Massage of the prostate gland has been used since the 19th century, when performing this procedure, the following therapeutic effects are provided:

  • the patency of ducts is restored;
  • microorganisms are activated, as a result of which they become more sensitive to antibacterial therapy;
  • blood circulation of the prostate improves.

This procedure should be performed by a doctor, there must be a trusting relationship between him and the patient so that the process is painless and effective. It is believed that the massage is performed correctly if at least 4 drops of secretion of the prostate have been received.
Indications for the massage:

  • chronic pelvic pain syndrome;
  • bacterial prostatitis in chronic form;
  • to get the prostate secret for diagnosis.

You can not massage if the patient has bacterial prostatitis in the old form, prostate cancer or BPH, there is a cyst or stones in the prostate gland, if there is residual urine due to difficulty urination.

When deciding how to treat chronic pelvic pain, it is recommended to use electrical neuromodulation.
The surgical method is treated very rarely, usually in order to eliminate the complications. Even surgical intervention does not guarantee a sustained positive result.


Application of LOD-therapy

In another way, this method of treatment is called phallodecompression. Its essence lies in the fact that the penis has a negative pressure, from which the vessels expand, the blood flow increases and the potency is often fully restored. This method also acts on the prostate gland and has an effect on it, similar to reflexotherapy. There is a restoration of her nutrition, and she begins to fully fulfill its role.

This is a modern method of treatment, but it has become quite popular in the treatment of prostatitis. To get the effect, you need to spend 10-15 sessions, they can be assigned every day or every other day. It is impossible to apply this method independently, since for its implementation it is necessary to use equipment that is only available in specialized offices.

Using Microwave Devices

If before the traditional healers in the presence of prostatitis recommended to apply to the sore spot warmer, then today we use modern microwave devices.

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Through the urethra a probe is inserted and with its help the inflamed part of the prostate warms up to 45-60 ° C, from which the protein decomposes and is eliminated. But the action of microwaves on the human body has not been fully investigated, so many specialists do not recommend the use of this method of treatment and advise instead to use the old and tested a warm water bottle.

Using the Installation Method

With prostatitis, tablets are quite effective, but if they are not swallowed, but delivered directly to a sore spot, the effect will be achieved much more quickly.

The introduction of medicines is carried out through the urethra with a syringe or syringe. That the medicine does not immediately leak, after its introduction, the head is clamped with a clamp or with fingers. Immediately after the procedure, you will want to urinate, but you can not do this, you have to wait for the medicine to master.

Thus, antibiotics, antispasmodics and other anti-inflammatory drugs can be administered. You can only enter those medicines that the doctor has assigned to you, you can not make your own mixtures.

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In order to achieve the result, it is necessary to change the way of life that led to the appearance of this disease. Regularly play sports, eat well, plan your day correctly - and then you will forever forget about such an unpleasant disease as prostatitis.