Moles on the body are increasing: why are they growing?

  • September 07, 2018
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Birthmarks are congenital and acquired. The first type of nevi is formed on the skin due to disruption of the movement of special cells - melanoblasts, for which the epithelial tissue of the embryo should be the final stopping point. Accumulated melanoblasts are the main cause of moles in infants.

Causes of growth of moles

Over the following years, the number of elements in a person varies in a larger direction. Why do moles grow?

As the most common factors contributing to the increase in birthmarks, experts identify:

  • diseases of skin of infectious nature, causing inflammatory changes in tissues;
  • endocrine restructuring of the body, inherent in periods of puberty and pregnancy;
  • excess ultraviolet obtained in the solarium or during prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • injury to the element by rubbing against clothing or during shaving.

Not every person is able to notice that his birthmark is growing. The magnification process can be very slow, causing an element gain of only 2 mm per year. And it's hard to notice with the naked eye.

A sharp increase in nevus in size signals a possible start of irreversible processes in the body. On the second place in terms of pathological changes is the consolidation of the pigmented spot. The remaining places are distributed between color changes and the structure of the nodule surface, itching and bleeding.


To understand whether the growth of the birthmark is indicative of the development of melanoma, a dermatologist or oncologist can. Therefore, in occasion of any atypical changes in the neoplasm, one should consult specialists. Self-medication in this case is unacceptable and dangerous.


Features of large moles

Birthmarks, they are also large birthmarks on the body are also capable of traumatizing and regenerating in melanoma. They require special attention, because any damage is fraught with malignancy.

Some people complain that nevuses interfere with normal vital activity and are in a hurry to get rid of them. Is it worth it to dissect the pigmented focus surgically? Doctors consider this desire of the patient justified, since in certain areas of the body large elements are constantly exposed to the risk of injury or cause all sorts of inconveniences or aesthetic discomfort.

When moles on the body increase, this indicates the excess of melanin and its accumulation in the location of the elements. Initially, benign tumors arise precisely because of the accumulation of skin pigment - melanin - under the dermis. And although the substance is inherent in the dark color, the color of the moles can vary significantly and even merge with the body due to a matching shade.


Most often there are birthmarks of this color:

  1. black;
  2. gray;
  3. dark brown;
  4. natural bodily tonality.

If the mole has significantly increased in size, it means it's time to visit a dermatologist. Such a situation is dangerous for the formation of a malignant tumor on the skin, and anything could have provoked it - from rubbing a tight or synthetic thing before irradiation with solar radiation.

From a healthy birthmark pathological nevus is not only not large in size, but also not of color uniformity and not even edges. All changes are recommended to fix and provide the information collected to the doctor. If there is reliable information, it will be easier for him to understand how long the pathological mechanism has been launched.


A large pigmented spot is called at a size of more than 10 cm. For small moles, the size is from, to, cm, average nevi - from, to 10 cm.


Is the growth of moles in children dangerous?

Small skin elements do not pose a threat to the health of the baby. But if the parents noticed that the baby's birthmark is growing, it should be shown to the doctor as soon as possible. After visual inspection and receiving of the analysis answers, the specialist will give a consultation and prescribe adequate treatment.

According to statistics, about 40% of all reported cases of large spots on the child's body end in tumor degeneration. While the birthmarks of babies are in small numbers and do not change their size, there is no need to worry. It is necessary only to observe them and not to allow traumatization.

Simple preventive measures for parents are:

  • Checking the symmetry of large elements;
  • tracking nevi growth;
  • the observation of color and structure;
  • comparison of contours;
  • observation by a dermatologist or oncologist (enough one consultation per year).

If the child's new formations appear frequently, and subsequently the birthmarks on the body grow so that their diameter exceeds 5 mm, it is necessary to contact the clinic. To hurry to the doctor costs and in that case when the kid on carelessness has torn off a nevus, after all quite often a trauma of an element serves as a push to start destructive processes in not strong body. Especially the risk of injury in babies exposed protruding nodules.

Instead of an afterword

As you understand, when the birthmark grows, the answer to the question "what to do" begins with observing the element. Estimating its color, shape, size and structure, mentally compare them with the previously available indicators. Write down the new values.

If you find the changes to be minor, after a while, repeat the study. Be sure to pay attention to the contours of the nevus - their serration refers to the signs of melanoma. If the birthmark is rapidly increasing in size, itching, flaking or bleeding, hurry to the doctor.

At his discretion, a specialist will propose laser evaporation of a problem element or radio wave removal. Techniques are absolutely safe, atraumatic and do not leave scars and scars. Surgical excision of the nevus is resorted to neglected cases, when along with the growth there are other clinical manifestations of melanoma.


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