How and why there are birthmarks in humans

  • September 08, 2018
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Almost every person can find moles. In different epochs they were perceived in different ways - some nationalities considered them an attractive decoration, others - a sign of possession of magical power.

Therefore, the question "why do birthmarks appear" worried people from time immemorial and made me think about whether it is worth getting rid of them. Some tribes considered the carriers of nevi to be unclean and burned them at the stake.

What are the causes of birthmarks on the body?

Over time, scientists have determined that moles are a collection of skin cells, enriched with a special pigment. The substance is formed under the influence of melanin, and its concentration will determine the tonality of the nevus - whether it is pale or strongly pronounced. The location of the birthmark can be chosen by any part of the body - the neck, face, back, stomach and even the phalanges of the fingers.

Once a person is born, his body can be clean, and the first nevus is formed only by a year or two. Initially, specks can be completely invisible due to their transparency. But large pigmented foci are conspicuous and innate.

Because of what there are birthmarks in large numbers? The main culprits of the medical profession are sun rays and floodlights of the solarium. British researchers have additionally established the connection between multiple elements and the solid biological age of a person, when the aging processes proceed swiftly.

Along with this opinion, doctors in the UK have one more thing - moles create protection against physical deterioration of the body. And the inhabitants of the land of eternal fogs believe that the abundance of nevi on the body is a prerequisite for longevity.


Often people confuse birthmarks with hemangiomas, but these are completely different elements. The second variant of the nevus is the point of accumulation of vessels that come out to the surface of the body in the form of small red nodules.


The main factors that lead to the appearance of moles

All the reasons for the appearance of moles are subject to a conditional division into two categories - congenital and acquired character.

The process of formation of nevi is often linked to heredity, when the corresponding information is laid by nature itself in DNA. Perhaps, for this reason, birthmarks have their name, because they are transmitted genetically and are formed in the same place as the older generation.


And how do birthmarks appear due to the sun? Under the influence of the rays of the heavenly body, the human body starts the process of intensive production of melanin, which forms the basis of moles of any type. The excess amount of this substance becomes a provocateur of the formation of new elements, and their carrier falls into a risk group. With the production of an increased amount of ultraviolet, each nevus undergoes an unpleasant possibility of malignancy.

Where do birthmarks still come from? Some experts argue that predisposing factors are insect bites that leave marks on the skin of a person. The appearance of a pigmented nodule is also justified by the effect of a viral infection and the production of X-ray dosages. One of these effects can serve as a trigger for the launch of a pathological mechanism that characterizes the grouping and release of melanocytes on the outer layers of the epidermis.

Why do new birthmarks appear, can this process be prevented? Unfavorable factors throughout life for a carrier of nevi can be:

  • hormonal disbalance;
  • frequent experience of severe stress;
  • exposure to radio waves;
  • living in poor environmental conditions.

When the appearance of new elements makes you worry about their number, dermatologists advise patients to be fewer in the sun. If you do not manage to escape to the street in hot weather, you need to lubricate your skin with special protective equipment.


In dark-complexioned small patients, there may be a Mongoloid spot. The place of his localization is the lower back or the buttocks of the child. A large focus of blue-lilac color does not require medical intervention. It dissolves on its own in the adolescent period.


Mole on the body: when is it worth worrying about her appearance?

In themselves, moles are benign and do not cause discomfort. When placed in a conspicuous place, they can constitute a cosmetic problem.

Also, nevi can be dangerous when they are localized in places of contact with clothing. In this case, they are easily injured and cause anxiety.

If the owner of the neoplasm has noticed obvious signs of his rebirth, it will be useful to see the doctor. Alarm signals are:

  1. inflammation of the mole and its surrounding skin;
  2. sharp pigmentation of the element and any color change;
  3. the appearance of cracks, peeling and bleeding nevus;
  4. Compaction of the body of the mole and its growth in size;
  5. The change in the skin pattern seen on the surface of the mole.

After visual inspection and receiving of the analysis answers, the specialist will decide how to proceed. But if the birthmark does not cause physical discomfort, the indication for its removal can be an emotional or aesthetic aspect. To achieve the goal of obtaining a beautiful clean body, patients are recommended to remove nevuses with liquid cold nitrogen (cryodestruction) or laser evaporation.


Experts in Chinese philosophy identify the appearance of moles with the release of internal energy. They believe that as the concentration in the focus of inflammation, energy finds an outlet through the skin, making itself felt by the pigmented elements.


After the end of the procedure, in order to prevent the re-formation of unnecessary elements, a person must perform the following activities:

  • Avoid exposure to direct, hot sunlight between 11 and 17 hours;
  • do not discount the influence of natural factors-doublers of the effect of ultraviolet absorption by the skin, which are drops of water, sand and snowflakes;
  • to abandon frequent visits to the solarium, the fascination with sunburn in which threatens the formation of new nevuses and the development of skin cancer (this fact should especially pay attention to women over 30 years of age);
  • do not touch the moles without special need and constantly monitor their condition.

Video:birthmarks in humans - fortunately or not.

Now you know what the birthmarks come from and how to be if there are abnormal changes on their surface.


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