Laser removal of moles: evidence and consequences

  • September 08, 2018
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A mole is a defect of the skin that has a benign character. Its appearance on the body is associated with an excess of melanin, for the production of which corresponds to the melanotropic hormone of the pituitary gland. Since it is an important component of the endocrine system, the relationship between the increase in the number of nevi and changes in hormonal status is determined.

Indications for removal of birthmarks with laser

Safe birthmarks have clear contours and a uniform color, varying within different shades of brown. They are as completely flat, merging with the surface of the skin, and protruding above it.

While the diameter of the pigment speck does not exceed 2 cm, and its surface does not undergo changes, there is no cause for concern. But with the appearance of specific signs, which are used to judge the onset of malignant degeneration, it is better to remove the birthmark with a laser.

Evidence-indications for the evaporation of neoplasm are as follows:

  • Smoothing of the surface of the spot and appearance of a glossy shade on it;
  • bleeding from a mole - spontaneous or due to trauma;
  • itching, burning, peeling of the nevus, its coating with a dry crust;
  • presence of ulcers, wetting and swelling around the element;
  • irregularity of edges and asymmetry;
  • disappearance of the old birthmark and the emergence of a new spot in its place;
  • loss of hairs, if any, from the nevus.

Experts call the advantages of laser removal of moles the non-invasiveness of the technique, which means that the beam does not penetrate into the layers of the epidermis and the integrity of the healthy tissues surrounding the element. Painless manipulation and a weekly rehabilitation period are attractive to patients.

Important is the fact that the intervention does not spoil the appearance of the skin - scars, scars and pigmented areas on it practically do not remain. The merits of laser evaporation should be attributed to the ability of the device to stimulate in the skin tissues recovery processes.


Congenital moles more than 1 cm in size, changing their color and slowly growing, require consultation of the dermatoonologist. To avoid malignancy, a doctor should be visited at intervals of 1 semiannually.


Features of laser nevus removal

If the element causes discomfort or spoils the appearance, it is better to get rid of it. But first you need to contact a dermatologist or an oncologist who, after examining the problem area, will write a direction for the appropriate tests, and then select the appropriate technique.

The procedure of laser evaporation does not require a lot of time - the nevus is excreted a few minutes after the surrounding skin is treated with a local anesthetic. After performing an anesthetic measure, the apparatus begins work.

How to remove moles with a laser? The essence of the process consists in the gradual layerwise evaporation of the neoplasm.


At the same time, the tool is able to influence the required depth and control the radiation strength. Before excretion of a small nevus anesthesia can not be carried out.

In the postoperative period, the place of the former mole is a crust. For the prompt healing of the treated focus, doctors prescribe ointments that are sold directly in the cabinet or pharmacy. Use them should be for 10 to 14 days before the time of self-falling off crust.

While there is a recovery process, the patient is forbidden to get a sun tan on the liberated area and visit the solarium. The effect of ultraviolet radiation on the immature zone threatens melanoma.

Video:removal of the birthmark on the face with a laser.

Does the procedure for removing the birthmark have a negative effect on the laser? In general, it passes normally without adverse reactions. But since the treatment of the skin with a laser is comparable to a sunburn, the reddening of the area surrounding the mole and the covering of it with small crusts are not ruled out. However, this phenomenon is not considered anomalous - within a few months it will disappear completely without any interference.

Scarring after manipulation in most cases is not observed, but the feeling of a stiffened skin and the appearance of red spots can occur. Eliminate such troubles will help laser correction, the result of which is expressed by smoothing the healed area.


If a person is aware of the individual intolerance of medications used before or after manipulation, it is better to refuse them. Otherwise, the body will react with a slight itch, sneezing, skin rashes.


Evaporation of birthmarks by laser: reviews about the procedure and its costs

The procedure for removing moles by laser recalls collects positive, since it does not cause soreness and causes a minimum of negative consequences. Manipulation is good and minimal skin care in the post-operation period.

A young woman tells that she decided to laser excavate after a mole on the neck was injured about the collar of clothes. In the clinic she was offered to take tests, and then the nevus itself was removed. The treated place healed quickly and did not hurt. The patient is happy.

Video:tip on the removal of moles on the face.

How much does it cost to remove the birthmark with a laser? The answer to this question depends on the size of the neoplasm - the more the nevus, the more expensive the doctor will ask for its excretion. For the evaporation of one small element, the price does not exceed 1000 rubles. But for cleaning a large area the cost of the entire procedure can cost 3 times more expensive.

The final price for removal of birthmarks by a laser consists of the following factors:

  1. location and reputation of the clinic;
  2. qualification of a specialist;
  3. quality of anesthesia;
  4. used equipment, etc.

And finally about contraindications. If the skin surface is experiencing a period of acute inflammation or the neuvus malignancy is clearly traced, it is better to abandon the procedure. Also laser removal is not recommended for people with reduced immunity and patients with diseases of the nervous system.


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