Diarrhea on the hand - symptoms and treatment


Any lichen on the arm is a dermatological serious disease, accompanied by the appearance on some parts of the body, such as a rash, spots on the skin, causing the patient to itch and peeling.

Scaly lichen on the elbow


  • Main causes and symptoms
  • Types of lichen
  • Lishay on hand treatment
  • Folk remedies and methods of treatment
  • Preventive measures depriving
  • Lishay on hand reviews

Main causes and symptoms

The general reasons for the appearance on the skin of mycosis skin are:

  • frequent use of chemicals that cause allergic reactions to the skin;
  • stressful situations;
  • chronic infections in the body;
  • Insufficiency of immunity;
  • frequent injuries;
  • heredity;
  • neglect of hygiene rules;
  • lack of a group of vitamins (A, D, B).

Types of lichen

Nervous-allergic, moknuschy lichen on the arm (eczema). One of the rare species of this disease, occurs in just 3% of Europe's population.

Specialists are often confused with a pink or shingled fungus. The main symptoms are:

  • formation on the reddened skin of cracks, bubbles, crusts, peeling;
  • Acute itching.


Shingleson the hand (viral infection). Symptoms:

Advice from a dermatologist ...Itching, rash and peeling of the skin signals that the body at all screams about the problems. What do these symptoms say, we asked the chief doctor Rykov Sergey Vladimirovich ...Read more...
  • increase in temperature to critical;
  • intoxication of the whole organism;
  • formation of spots on the individual areas of pink reminding a rash;
  • enlarged lymph nodes.

Peregrine lichenon the arm, multi-colored (caused by a fungal infection). Symptoms:

  • increased sweating;
  • lowering the efficiency of immunity;
  • failures of the endocrine system (diabetes, excess weight, Itenko-Cushing syndrome);
  • uncharacteristic vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • education on the dermis of unusual redness.

Ringworm on the arm

Ringwormon the arm ortrichophytosis(fungal infection). Symptoms:

  • formation on the dermis of scaly patches (pink in color) with distinctly defined boundaries;
  • overgrazing and scabies;
  • brittle hair (1-2 mm from the root).

Scaly(psoriasis). Symptoms:

  • asthenic syndrome;
  • neuroendocrine and vegeto-dystonic disorders;
  • heat;
  • muscular atrophy;
  • immunodeficiency.

Lishay on hand treatment

Lishay on hand

If you pay attention to the above symptoms or doubt the origin of incomprehensible redness on the skin, it is best not to hesitate and consult a dermatologist. A highly qualified specialist is required to examine the patient, to assign a number of studies to determine the type of lichen:

  • Examination of cutaneous neoplasms, or dermatoscopy;
  • Fence material for examination, biopsy;
  • Study of the epidermis;
  • Analysis of microorganisms (bakpos);
  • Ultraviolet study by means of the Wood Lamp or the method of luminescent diagnostics;
  • Carrying out anti-cardiolipin testing (RPR tests).

And only after the received results confirming the presence of the disease, he prescribes treatment.

For the treatment of pityriasis, more efficient types of drugs are more suitable:

  • with exfoliating effect;
  • softening the skin;
  • keratolytic;
  • treating fungal infections;
  • exclusively salicylic alcohol;
  • ointments and compresses on urea.

Shingles on the arm

Treatment of viral shingles is characterized by:

  • treatment of affected areas with greenery;
  • use of acyclovir, applying it to the foci;
  • the use of antihistamines with unbearable itching;
  • The use of analgesics in case of too much pain.

Standard therapy of any varieties of lichen in humans must be used with the following procedures:

  • application to the affected areas of tar or ichthyol ointment;
  • treatment with diuretic, sedative drugs;
  • visiting physiotherapy (under supervision of specialists, ultrasound and laser treatment);
  • complete exclusion of stressful situations and nervous loads;
  • therapy for the prevention of allergies.

Folk remedies and methods of treatment

Treatment with iodine and zelenok (combined). The spots on the affected body are first carefully washed, and then lubricated alternately: 1 day - iodine, 1 day - green. The duration of this course is 10 days. Apply iodine and zelenok need at least 3 times a day, and, most recently - just before bed.

Scaly ringworm on the arm at home is treated by adding herbs to the bath. Oregano, sporish, chicory, hawthorn fruit, blue cyanosis and, of course, the popular cleanliness first brew (it will take 10 minutes) and insist. Add this infusion in a non-volatile bath of 300 grams.

Lishay on the arm can be treated using birch tar. The treatment of tar, as a natural antiseptic, is also popular in medicine. He is able to simultaneously cleanse and restore the skin. Treatment with birch tar passes in the form of such ointments:

  • Adding butter (proportions:). The mixture is spread on the body;
  • With fish oil. The obtained ointment is impregnated with gauze and applied for half an hour to the lesion sites. In this case, tar treatment lasts 10 days.

Garlic and its recipes are very popular in the treatment of fungal diseases:

  • With apple cider vinegar. Garlic after cleaning pour vinegar and insist for a week. Compresses are applied to spots.
  • Ground garlic;
Do not use garlic in the treatment of pink lichen or bubble lichen, since the juice can leave a deep burn on the skin.

General recommendations for depriving:

  • Milk and vegetable diet;
  • complete exclusion of spicy, smoked, salty foods;
  • prohibition on the use of alcohol;
  • temporary suspension of bathing;
  • increased sleep and rest time;
  • during treatment you can not be in the sun.

Preventive measures depriving

A fairly simple set of rules will help you and your family avoid the occurrence of skin diseases:

  • Eliminate contacts with homeless animals;
  • Observe the basic rules of hygiene: wash hands, do not use other people's hygiene products and clothing;
  • To include in food vitamins, medicines for increasing immunity;
  • To accustom yourself to daily walks in the fresh air, physical exercises.

Remember, after all, one simple rule: self-medication and folk remedies should take place after mandatory consultation, under clear guidance and only after the approval of your doctor-dermatologist.

Lishay on hand reviews

Nastya, 29 years old


Treatment of each type of deprivation is different. For example, pink zander Zhibera does not need anything to smear and do not need to take any pills. It is not contagious and is not transmitted by domestic means. Redness on the skin does not need to be wetted and combed with a washcloth. It is advisable not to wet redness 5-6 weeks. It's difficult, but it's the only option to cure pink zigira. If you have another type of lichen (flat, red, otrebus), then you need to contact a dermatologist, so that a specialist appoints a specific drug.


Yevgeny Petrovich, 45 years old


In his old age he contracted pink lichen. Of the symptoms, I found one large and several (about 20) smaller spots on the abdomen and chest. I went to the clinic, the doctor said that it is useless to treat him, he must go through 4-6 weeks, most importantly, do not wet the affected areas of the skin, otherwise you can complicate everything, including eczema. For prophylaxis I prescribed Loratodin in tablets, one per day. Then he did not listen and bought, because the forces were no longer sweaty and smelly. After a day, the spots became more than twice. I will not swim any more.


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Maria, 31 years old


I want to insert my five cents. In no case should it be allowed to get water on the stains of lichen, whether pink or pearly. It is clear that to survive a month without water is very difficult, but it's worth it. I had a pink lichen on my stomach, so when I took a shower wrapped in a food film it was very helpful. In addition, the doctor prescribed vitamins and preparations to improve immunity. Try not to freeze, as this is one of the reasons for the appearance of pink lichen. To all a speedy recovery.


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