Danger and harm of night snoring for health


Table of contents

  • Night Snoring: causes
  • Consequences of snoring
  • Snoring and apnea are a dangerous connection
  • Chronic ronhopathy: what to do

The question, what is dangerous snoring in a dream, occupies not only people suffering from the rhonchopathy, but also their loved ones. Night roulades not only cause a lot of inconvenience, interfering with a full rest. Their main danger is the risk of stopping breathing. Snoring, which has passed into a chronic form, is an occasion for an early treatment to a doctor who will select the optimal therapeutic regimen, and in difficult cases will recommend an operation.

Night Snoring: causes

Snoring occurs when the soft tissues of the palate and nasopharynx fall off. The breathing throat narrows, the air passes with difficulty, the tissues vibrate when inhaled, creating a characteristic growling, wheezing or wheezing sound. The intensity depends on the degree of pathology, the more excess tissue in the nasopharynx, the more snoring will be snoring.

According to statistics, middle-aged and elderly people are more likely to suffer from nocturnal rulad, but snoring occurs among young people, women, children and even infants.


The cause of pathology can be a set of causes. Among the main:

  • overweight and obesity;
  • congenital pathology of the palate, nasopharynx, nasal septum;
  • trauma to the throat or nose;
  • taking medications that cause swelling of the nasopharynx;
  • colds;
  • smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • polyps in the nose;
  • enlarged adenoids.

Provoke a night snore can habit sleep on your back, an uncomfortable pillow, too dry air in the bedroom or an allergy to the pet hair. Sometimes the patient independently determines the cause of rhonchopathy. In difficult cases, a specialist will need help, which will examine the nose and throat in detail, conduct testing and pinpoint the source of the problem. Usually, the patient turns to the therapist, who gives directions to the somnologist dealing with sleep problems. If a pathology of the nose or throat is found, the help of an otolaryngologist will be required.

Consequences of snoring

In the opinion of somnologists and therapists, night snoring is very harmful to health.

It is enough for a few nights, accompanied by rolling rolls, so that the whole house is lost peace. The first consequence of rhonchopathy is a constant lack of sleep. The snoring is constantly on the verge of a slight drowsiness and awakening, at the onset of a deep phase, sleep is immediately interrupted. The result is chronic fatigue, apathy, irritability, decreased performance and uncontrolled appetite.

With a constant lack of sleep the following unpleasant consequences are possible:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • severe headaches;
  • memory problems;
  • erectile disfunction;
  • problems with digestion;
  • weight gain;
  • general weakness.

A constantly snoring person may have other health problems. Constant vibration irritates the soft tissues of the throat, causing severe swelling and inflammation. Patients experience pain when swallowing, small ulcers appear in the sky that can fester, weakening immunity.

Lesions in the throat become a gateway to infection, patients are more likely to get sick, a common cold often ends with complications. Angina, rhinitis, bronchitis can go into a chronic form, they negatively affect the heart, lungs and other vital organs. The most severe consequence of night snoring is a stroke or a heart attack.

If Ronchopathy overtakes a person in childhood and young age, there may be glitches at the hormonal level, growth retardation, and violation of sexual functions. The problem is especially relevant for young men.

Not the last problem snoring - a relationship with others. Loud night snoring prevents you from leading a full-fledged social life: traveling, traveling on business trips, staying overnight with friends. Snoring people experience difficulties in family life, ignoring this issue can lead to a divorce. However, such extremes rarely come. Problems with loved ones make it necessary to consult a doctor even people who are indifferent to their own health.

Snoring and apnea are a dangerous connection

Speaking that snoring is deadly dangerous to the human body, doctors do not exaggerate. One of the most serious complications is nocturnal obstructive sleep apnea. This pathology is associated with a short-term respiratory arrest and is often found in people with chronic rhonchopathy. When the soft tissues fall, the patient can not make a full breath, air in the lungs delayed, while a person can not control his own movements and change in a timely manner position of the body. The situation is worsened by the increased separation of mucus, characteristic of people suffering from chronic snoring. If the patient does not manage to wake up in time, the situation may end sadly.

When breathing stops, oxygen starvation occurs, the brain experiences stress. If obstructive sleep apnea is fixed several times during the night, serious harm to health is possible, arrhythmia, heart failure occurs. In particularly severe cases, death is not excluded.

At the first symptoms of apnea, you need to see a doctor. An extensive study is being carried out, including X-rays and somnography. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient will be treated. The therapeutic complex includes a wide range of measures, from the taking of tablets to the use of special CIPAP devices that deliver air to the lungs and regulate the respiratory rate. In the case of detection of nasal polyps or with a surplus of soft palatine tissue, the patient will be offered surgery.


It is conducted in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia and relieves the patient not only of the risk of suffocation in sleep, but also of snoring. In obstructive apnea, nipples, kaps, nasal clips and other popular devices can not be used, they can provoke a stop in breathing and cause numerous complications.

Chronic ronhopathy: what to do

A package of measures will help to get rid of snoring. To begin it is necessary with change of a way of life. It is desirable to completely stop smoking and limit the intake of alcohol. Nicotine and ethyl alcohol cause swelling of the tissues, which increase snoring attacks. If you can not get rid of bad habits, you need to give up the habit of drinking before bed. This applies not only to strong drinks, but also beer, low-alcohol cocktails, power engineers that contain caffeine.

People who are overweight are encouraged to lose weight by increasing their motor activity and moving to a low-calorie balanced diet.

Should be abandoned fatty and fried foods, carbonated drinks, industrial sweets, strong tea and coffee. The basis of the menu should be light soups, vegetable salads, poultry meat and fish, steamed. Having dropped several kilograms, many patients permanently solve the problem of snoring.

Too fluffy pillow is better to replace with an elastic orthopedic roller, fixing the head in a comfortable position and not allowing you to roll over on your back. To get rid of edema of the nasopharynx and excess mucus will help special sprays and drops on the basis of purified water, essential oils, glycerin, polysorbate and herbal extracts. They instantly relieve inflammation, release the respiratory throat and guarantee a quiet night's sleep.

Improve the patient's condition can be sedatives, as well as pills that relieve swelling and stop the separation of mucus. If the cause of snoring is a chronic cold, nasal drops, narrowing vessels, will help. You can not abuse them, the drops are used for 5-10 days, followed by a break.

With uncomplicated rhonchopathy, mouthpieces that hold the tongue in tension will help. With too loose tissues, an implant of silicone is inserted into the sky. This procedure is carried out in a hospital under general anesthesia.



Chronic snoring is a problem that can not be dismissed without a solution. Absence of treatment can worsen a patient's condition and provoke a wide range of complications. To postpone visit to the doctor it is not necessary. The earlier therapy is started, the sooner you will succeed. Self-medication is not always useful. If snoring torments for several weeks and months in a row, only a competent specialist can help.