The neglected (chronic) form of ringworm


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Ringworm is a serious and unpleasant disease that is caused by fungi. It affects not only the dense hairline, but alsoskin on the faceand the body, destroys the nails. This type of mycosis is the most studied in dermatology and is well treatable at the initial stages. A particular problem in medicine is its neglected or chronic form, manifested in women of different ages.


  • Causes
  • Features of chronic manifestation
  • Symptoms of a chronic disease
  • The method of complex therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Ringworm responses


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Launched ringworm photos cause microscopic fungi from the genus Trichophyton tonsurans, which were first identified by scientists over a century ago. When viewed under a microscope, it resembles small strings covered with a huge amount of spores. This kind of trichophytons is quite resistant to many disinfecting compounds, a long period retains its activity in the environment.

Chronic form causes anthropophilic type of pathogen, which is transmitted only from the infected person. In addition to direct contact, it is easy to get disputes when using personal items or nursing aids (combs, towels or bed linen).

Infection is possible under the following conditions:

  • contact with stray animals and domestic animals, which have an animal form of lichen;
  • agricultural works with items on which the hair of rodents can remain;
  • land works with soil (spores are perfectly preserved in the land for more than 3 months).

The main factors that significantly increase the risk of disease occurrence are:

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  • violation of simple rules of personal hygiene;
  • a sharp decrease in immunity after infectious colds;
  • work with animals;
  • frequent contact with a sick family member;
  • different skin injuries;
  • malnutrition with a low content of vitamins A and E.

Increase the risk of ringworm occurrence of some chronic diseases, including chronic inflammation on the skin, diabetes mellitus or immunodeficiency. Emotional stresses and experiences reduce the resistance of the organism to a lesser extent.

Features of chronic manifestation

Started Ringworm Photo

Most often, ringworm infects children under the age of 13 years. With timely treatment from him, you can completely get rid of using various antimycotic ointments. But if the doctor's instructions are not observed and the medication is not properly administered, the disease can go into a latent stage, ceasing for several years.

The neglected or chronic form in overwhelming majority is shown at women of average or mature age. It develops against the backdrop of depressive conditions, hormonal changes or exacerbation of internal "female" diseases. Often it accompanies inflammation of the ovaries or the thyroid gland.

Symptoms of a chronic disease

Launched ringworm is a superficial species of fungal disease that has two major localizations:

  1. Is affectedcover on the head, foci are formed only in the hair growth zone.
  2. Large and small foci cover the smooth skin of the face, affecting virtually any part of the body, including fingernails or toenails.

The manifestation of the chronic form on many symptoms strongly resembles the usual surface form, but has some characteristic features:

  • lichentrichophytosisa person may appear on different parts of the body, but the main affected area is the whiskey and the back of the head;
  • It is accompanied by persistent itching and a slight burning sensation.

Started ringworm on the hand photo

If deprivation of trichophytosis in a person manifests itself on the head, it looks like a large patch of pinkish hue. Hair on such an infected surface breaks down to the very root, exposing the scalp. The focus begins to actively peel off, acquire a sore cyanotic tone. When the form is started, spots of atrophied skin are often observed, which are covered with coarse scars.

When the form is started, smooth skin on the lower limbs is involved in the process,toenails. Rounded spots with blurred edges are localized on the buttocks and legs, shoulders and elbows, reminiscent of the appearance of eczema. Nails begin to crumble, become brittle and uneven.

For the chronic stage, the infection of the epidermis on the soles and palms is typical. It noticeably thickens, deep furrows and cracks appear, which bring painful sensations when walking. The skin is highly flaky and itchy, a bacterial infection can join.

The started stage of ringworm without proper treatment can grow into a furuncle-like appearance. It is characterized by inflammation of hair follicles at the site of lichen formation, which turn into dense nodules. The spots begin to swell, to protrude above the skin and are markedly painful. The disease can be accompanied by severe lymphadenitis, leukocytosis or allergy.

The method of complex therapy

Terbinafine Cream

Treatment of neglected form of ringworm is quite complex and requires patient patience. It includes a combination of several ways and options for therapy. It is mandatory that the doctor selects medicines for external use:

  • Clotrimazole;
  • Thermicon;
  • Lamizila;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Mikoseptin.

All products are released in the form of ointments, creams or sprays. Before starting the application, the dermatologist recommends completely removing the hair in the contaminated area using any epilation method. In some cases, it is necessary to excise the skin area to ensure the penetration of the antifungal drug to the inflamed follicles. Before treatment with external antimycotics, it is necessary to thoroughly lubricate stains with solutions based on iodine and alcohol or hormone-containing compounds.

An important part of the treatment is the use of oral antimycotics in the form of tablets. High efficiency showsGriseofulvin, the course of therapy is calculated by a specialist based on the neglect of the disease. The average duration can reach 21 days, but once a week, a scraping is performed in the laboratory. This helps the dermatologist adjust the dose and make sure the treatment is correct.

Required is the use of vitamin complexes, long-term immunotherapy and a special diet with a high content of nutritious healthy dishes. The patient is recommended to be isolated to avoid contamination of other family members. Comply with hygiene, use of clean linen and permanent disinfection of personal care products.

Relapse prevention

The launched form is not always completely cured, reminding oneself of stressful situations. To prevent relapse, it is necessary:

  • to treat chronic or infectious diseases under the supervision of a doctor;
  • strengthen immunity in various ways;
  • Do not use personal belongings of other people.

Even neglected ringworm photos do not pose a particular danger to patients, but significantly impair the quality of life. Therefore, its treatment in children must necessarily be brought to an end, so that the initial stage does not develop into a chronic one.

Ringworm responses

Юля, 29 years old, Magnitogorsk


In my medicine cabinet from ringworm there is always room for tablets Thermicon 250mg based on teribinafine. My husband had a neglected ringworm a year ago... I did not want to heal for a long time, so I started a sore. The dermatologist prescribed the tablets to drink 1 time per day an hour before meals. My friend advised me to smear cream Lamizil, but its cost scared me away. Maybe he's good, but can not afford it. Treated deprive for a long time about two months. My mother advised the place to deprive it with vinegar, but the familiar doctor said that this would remove only the top layer, and deprive it all the same, plus a burn.


Sveta, 34 years old


We live in a private house. In summer, my daughter bought a puppy of a pug. A month after the purchase, her wrist and shoulder had spots 1-2 cm in diameter. I went to the polyclinic - ringworm. First, smeared folk methods: iodine solution (50 drops per 100 ml), hydrogen peroxide, fir small, but nothing helped, but it got worse. From the fact that they did not use medications, the lichen passed into a neglected state. Has gone to a drugstore the pharmacist has advised a cream Тербинафин. They smeared two, and there were three times a day for almost a month. Symptoms began to go quietly. I used a tube and everything went away. Afraid that the daughter of the school will not accept because of depriving, but had time and everything is fine))


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