Treatment of boils at home


Furuncle is a purulent, painful inflammation of the hair follicle resembling a subcutaneous pimple. Its size: from a small pea to a large nut. Formations of this kind ripen where there is hair and friction: in the ears, in the groin, on the face, the buttocks (buttocks), legs (except the feet).

The cause is quite simple: inflammation causes a bacterium that enters the hair follicle (usually it is a staphylococcus). There is reddening and swelling with pus inside. The furuncle remains painful until it is opened.



  • Home Treatment
    • Treatment with medicines
    • Treatment with folk remedies
  • Than boils are dangerous
  • When to see a doctor
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Home Treatment

Usually painful single inflammations are treated at home with medications or folk methods.

Treatment with medicines

If a small furuncle is found (if this is an isolated case), they first try to cope on their own.

To do this, perform the following:

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  • wash and disinfect hands for contact with the lesion;
  • To put on a lesion 4 times a day antibacterial agent Levomekol. Also can be used to accelerate maturationIchthyol ointmentmorning and evening for sleep;
  • wait a few days until the head ripens and opens independently;
  • after opening, gently remove pus, disinfect the wound with Peroxide orChlorhexidineand close the gauze bandage;
  • to treat with disinfectant until recovery;
  • at the healing stage, you can apply Vishnevsky ointment or Synthomycin ointment. During ripening, they can not be used to avoid the formation of phlegmon.

If the pain is intolerant, you can take an anesthetized medication that also acts as an anti-inflammatory drug. With good immunity, everything goes for 10-14 days.

Treatment with folk remedies

For a long time, boils have been treated with a variety of folk methods that are passed on from grandmothers to grandchildren. Its popular name is a boil. There are a lot of methods, and all of them are distinguished by their simplicity, cheapness and efficiency. With their help, the head quickly ripens and the wound heals.

  • Garlic compresses - cut off a thin slice of garlic to be gleamed to the light, and tied with a bandage to the sore spot in the early days of inflammation. When the boil ripens to put garlic paste instead of a slice, it is possible to paste with adhesive tape.
  • Soap - rub the laundry soap and pour 300 ml of water, then put on fire and boil. The mass is cooled, applied to a sore spot and fixed with a bandage, which is changed together with the ointment up to 4 times a day.
  • Ointment from beeswax - 500 g of oil is boiled in a container, add spruce sulfur and 100 g of wax. The mixture is boiled for about 30 minutes on low heat and add 10 bulbs (cut from below). Foam is removed with a spoon. After an hour, drain the mixture, cool, pour over the jars. Lubricate the inflammation as needed. Ointment is good for scrapes, frostbites, abscesses.
  • Sulfur - powder for ingestion, which is sold in a pharmacy, consumed during meals according to the instructions and dosage. 5-day course is enough. It is also recommended to eat foods rich in sulfur. The largest quantity is contained in poppy, eggs, caviar, pig tongue, hard cheeses, red meat, green peas.
  • Dough - 1 egg yolk is mixed with 1 spoon of melted butter and flour, so that the dough is elastic. A piece of dough is placed on a sore spot and fixed with a bandage or plaster. The dough is taken to the refrigerator, and the cake is replaced 3-4 times a day.
  • The baked onion ¼ of the onion is baked in the oven at 150 degrees, then rubbed into a gruel and mixed with the grinded laundry soap in the ratio:. The resulting ointment is lubricated with a sore spot and sealed with a band-aid or bandage. Smear inflammation every 5 hours before the breakthrough.
  • Potatoes - a thin slice of raw potatoes are applied to a sore spot, changing 3-4 times a day. Potatoes promote maturation and breakthrough (usually a couple of days).
  • Aloe - A clean sheet of aloe is peeled off and finely chopped to make the juice stand out. Kashitsu superimposed on the boil under the bandage, replacing after 4 hours.
  • Buckwheat - buckwheat groats pour water to full swelling, then grind in puree blender. The resulting gruel is applied for 4 hours. Kashitsu put until the pain does not pass.
  • Tincture of dandelions - 200 ml of boiling water pour one spoon of dandelions and its roots, insist, filter, then drink 1 tbsp. spoon 6 times a day. This broth cleanses the blood, prevents the appearance of new rashes and improves metabolic processes.

If treatment with folk methods does not give a result, and the ulcer continues to increase, they turn to the doctor for a surgeon.

Than boils are dangerous

Self-opening of the abscess threatens the lightning spread of infection to neighboring tissues. Therefore, purulent thrombophlebitis and lymphadenitis occur.

Inflammations can "grow" on the body. Then hospitalization is necessary with the subsequent opening by the doctor the surgeon and treatment by antibiotics. Frequently, local blood transfusion is used in the hospital.

When to see a doctor

Treatment at home can not always begin on your own. If a boil on the body appeared several pieces at once, this is an excuse for going to the surgeon. Immediately seek advice in case of inflammation in the nose, on the face, in the ear or armpits.

The lymphatic system and blood vessels are closely located here. If improperly treated, the infection can quickly go to the lymph, the inside of the ear or the brain.


Treatment of a furuncle at home terminates in recovery within two weeks, if the immunity is strong and the inflammation is single. The only thing that is contraindicated in self-treatment: piercing the tubercle and squeezing out pus.

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He must mature and reveal himself. With a large number of painful furuncles or localization in the face, in the ears, nose, It is necessary to immediately seek help from an expert to avoid the spread of infection and complications.

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