Why are the nails bent?


Nail bending occurs in people, regardless of age and physiological characteristics of the body. Similar problems can appear for various reasons and manifest themselves with additional symptoms.

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Let's see why the fingernails are bent down and ways to deal with this problem.


  • Causes
    • Exchange disorders
    • Heredity
    • Infection with fungus and bacteria
    • Wrong care
  • Treatment
  • Prevention
    • Conclusion



With a uniform growth rate and adequate surface treatment, the nail, as a rule, has a normal shape and good resistance to aggressive influences.

With slow growth, its surface is exposed to greater external influence and as a resultcracks are formedwith bends. It can become thin, soft or brittle depending on the deficiency in the body of proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Deficiency leads to the fact that the nail is bent sideways or over the entire surface at the slightest physical impact. Similar disorders occur as a result of metabolic disorders, poor nutrition or the presence of serious diseases. It happens and such that when pressing on its surface, it begins with corners

crash into the skin of one's fingerand occursdetachment of the nail.

Exchange disorders

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Exchange disorders are temporary and permanent. Temporary disturbances include such physiological conditions as pregnancy and fasting.

In pregnancy, women tend to develop metabolic failures in 50% of cases. As a result, they are thinned and begin to bend first on the sides, and then on the entire surface.

In the second pregnancy in 90% of cases, hair loss, skin flaking and tooth fragility occur additionally. Depending on the physiological characteristics of the woman's body, the number and variety of symptoms may differ in each individual case.

To permanent physiological disturbances of metabolic processes include anorexia and diabetes mellitus. As a result of an acute shortage of nutrients, tissue growth slows down, and it itself has an altered structure. As a result, fragility and excessive softness, bending and delamination are observed, regardless of the influence of the external environment.

With diabetes mellitus, there is an accumulation and increase in the amount of sugar in the fingers. Sugar crystals cause deformation and tissue necrosis. One of the signs of diabetes is a change in the shape and structure of the nails.

!Cosmetologists say: If the nails began to curl down after a prolonged wearing of artificial nails, their You need to cleanse of all cosmetic chemicals and take a break in a few weeks from repeated build-up.


Some people with a certain age develop metabolic disorders that causechange in shapeduring growth. Also, there are people with physiological characteristics, under which normal growth of the nail tissue is impossible and requires constant care.

Treatment in such cases can continue throughout life and often requires surgical intervention with periodic cosmetic treatment.

Infection with fungus and bacteria

There are many fungi causingdeformation of the nail plate. Often, with the defeat of the skin of the hands, deformations develop with a curvature upward or downward.

Wrong care

Nail extensions lead to deformation, thinning and delamination of the nail tissue.

There is a bend up or down, depending on the depth of the cut and the duration of use of corrosive substances. Photo bends can be viewed above.


To treat the bend, you must act on the root cause of the disease. Therefore, the first thing to do is consult a cosmetologist, dermatologist, surgeon, depending on the complexity of the manifestations. At the beginning of the treatment, the food should be normalized, protein foods, vitamins and minerals should be used in sufficient quantities.

If the cause of the disease is improper care, you need to make a break of the cosmetologist's visits for 1 to 2 months. In this period, on the surface it is necessary to apply special restoring means.

Since it is possible to correct this problem only by complex treatment, it is additionally recommended to make baths with sea salt with rubbing into the nail plate of wax, honey, castor and burdock oil. If the cause of the appearance is a fungal lesion or a serious illness, the treatment should be prescribed by the doctor after a thorough diagnosis.

!The appearance of the first signs of curvature indicates the development of metabolic processes in the body. With normal operation of the body, the nails, as a rule, retain their shape.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet regime, the general condition of the body and to consult a doctor.


A cosmetologist or a doctor is often asked: What to do to prevent nails twisting? And the answer for each individual case will be different. Firstly, it is necessary to observe a diet with periodic addition of products unique in their composition.

It is advisable to eat curd, cheese, sour cream or drink unmassed milk once a week. It is recommended to use complex vitamins and add large amounts of beef and pork to food.

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In regions where there is no possibility to eat sour-milk products, the lack of calcium can be compensated with special bioadditives or egg shell. Bioadditives are used according to the instructions, and the shell according to the following principle. Shells are taken from eggs of domestic chickens, which have a veterinary examination of their normal health.

It is washed with the use of household soap in hot running water, then it is doused with boiling water and dried. The dried shell is ground to a powder and taken 1 to 1 teaspoon once a day for two weeks. Such prophylaxis is recommended to pregnant women during the child's bearing.


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At the first signs of abnormalities it is necessary to seek advice from a cosmetologist, dermatologist or surgeon. If necessary, go through a set of diagnostic measures to detect the exact cause of the bending of the nails on the fingers. Timely diagnosis and treatment will avoid many complications.

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