Candidiasis of the okolonofevogo roller


Candidiasis of the okolonofevogo roller

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Under the name "candidiasis" is a whole group of diseases that are caused by fungi of the genus Candida. These are different types of lesions of the skin, mucous membrane or nails with yeast saprophytes, which provoke serious complications and deterioration of health. Inflammation of nail plates and okolonogtevyh platens, which has the second name "candidal paronychia is not uncommon.


  • Symptomatology of the disease
  • Stages of candidal inflammation
  • Causes
  • Diagnostic features
  • Methods of treating inflammation
  • Prophylaxis of candidiasis
  • Candidiasis of the okolonogevogo roller review

Symptomatology of the disease

Candidiasis of the okolonogelovogo roller photo


Candidosis inflammation of the peri-omegrial ridge rarely occurs without interrelation withdefeat of nails. Most often, the problem is diagnosed on the third and fourth fingers, in the rare case, all other nails are involved. It begins with a throbbing pain that is localized in the lateral and posterior cushions. The main symptoms are:

  • a pronounced red hue in the cuticle;
  • clearly delineated boundary of hypothermia;
  • The area around the nail rapidly increases in volume, becomes dense, as if hanging over it;
  • under the cuticle is a purulent fluid that is released to the surface with the slightest squeezing.

Gradually, the skin becomes purple-red, as if pouring from the inside. The main sign of the fungal nature is the disappearance of the peel skin, characteristic for the candidiasis paronychia, active peeling of the epidermis in the form of a tiny silvery dust.

Stages of candidal inflammation

The disease can develop quite quickly, so it is often taken for normal infection. Patients are engaged in self-treatment and do not consult a specialist. This form of mycosis has several basic stages, which only at the initial stage resemble the usual infection with staphylococcus or bacteria:

  1. Inflammation of the entire surface of the okolonogtevogo roller, which is characterized by soreness, cracks and suppuration under the nail bed, begins.
  2. The eponymy disappears and the infection with the candidiasis of the nail plate begins. Appears peeling and painful micro-trauma.
  3. The nail beginsactively separate, takes on an unnatural brown color. There appears a defect characteristic of this kind of candidiasis - longitudinal grooves that start from the root of the nail and cover it completely.
Candidiasis of the okolonogtevogo roller can easily go into a chronic stage. At the same time, damage to the nails will continue, and the cuticle itself will cease to grow.


Candidiasis of the okolonogloidal ridges cause fungi of the genus Candida parapsilosis, which relate toyeastconditionally pathogenic saprophytes. They are often present on the skin or mucous membranes of a healthy person, easily transmitted by tactile contact. They can get to the surface of the nail when hygiene is not respected, when using contaminated manicure accessories.

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The main factors that contribute to increased activity and the onset of acute inflammation are:

  • a sharp decrease in immunity against the background of colds and respiratory diseases;
  • long-term use of complex antibiotics, reducing the defenses of the body;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs and systems;
  • a dysbacteriosis,candidiasis of the intestine;
  • any injury to the fingers;
  • favorable conditions for reproduction of the fungus working conditions (high humidity or the presence of hands in a nutrient medium);
  • trauma during cosmetic procedures.

Candidiasis of the okolonogelovogo roller photo

A large percentage of patients with candida of the peri-anterior cuspidal are young women. More often, the disease occurs in cooks and bakers, people involved in winemaking or animal husbandry. A few years ago it was consideredprofessional problemfor workers in the pharmaceutical or food industry, dishwashers and glass containers. It does not bypass housewives, often washing their underwear with their hands, which leads to a strong softening of the nails. The percentage of distribution was reduced due to the automation of some technical processes.

A separate group of patients - babies. They can acquire this type of mycosis by manifestationmStinkers on the oral mucosa. Children of this age uncontrollably put their fingers in the mouth, which contributes to getting the fungus on the surface of the nail.

Diagnostic features

At the initial stage, with visual examination, it is difficult for an experienced specialist to determine the type of inflammation and suppuration on the infected finger. In the laboratory, a thorough study of all types of excreta, pieces of epidermis, sowing in a nutrient medium.

A special feature of candida of the peri-osophageal cushion is the absence of signs of fungus on the nail plate. This can be misleading and requires additional attention of the diagnostician.

Methods of treating inflammation

Ointment Clotrimazole 1%

This disease is characterized by very long treatment, which does not always give a positive effect. Therapy represents a whole complex of procedures with medicinal compounds and ointments. One of the mandatory and unpleasant conditions is the removal of the infected plate, without which it is impossible to achieve the result: the fungus will continue to develop and grab a new growing nail. Removal is carried out only under the supervision of the surgeon using a laser, scalpel or keratolytic softening paste.

Cleared from the collapsing particles of keratin, the surface of the nail bed is better absorbed by antifungal compounds and solutions. In most cases, to combat the candidiasis paronychia, patients are recommended:

  • Pimafucin;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Miconazole;
  • Loceril;
  • Bifulal cream;
  • Exodermil.

If the disease is at an acute stage or has long since become chronic, special oral antimycotics are added to the systemic treatment: Diflucan or Itracon. This helps prevent further spread of mycosis and avoid constant relapse.

To improve the permeability of the medicinal composition, the following can be recommended:

  • compresses with dimexide;
  • warm baths with antiseptic compositions;
  • ultrasound physiotherapy;
  • electrophoresis.

As the healthy plate grows, antifungal ointments can be replaced with medicinal varnishes such as Batrafen or Loceril. An auxiliary effect is daily treatment with iodine-containing preparations, phenolic compounds or aniline dyes (Fukorcin or brilliant green).

Prophylaxis of candidiasis

The basis of preventive measures can be attentive attitude to the health and the state of the immune system. In addition to proper nutrition, the use of fermented milk products, you need to monitor the hygiene of mucous membranes and skin, actively use disinfectants.

Candidiasis of the okolonogevogo roller review

Egor, 24 years old

Good evening, dear readers. I want to share my stories, how I recovered from a kandindidoza okolonogtevogo cushion. I work at the enterprise for the production of foam blocks (such a building material). In our shop even in winter the temperature reaches 40-45 degrees, and the humidity reaches 80%. It happens that it is simply impossible to breathe, this is due to the peculiarity of manufacturing these blocks. At work everything sweats, and hands in a glove and feet in boots all the more. That is why on the nails of the hands and feet I had a fungus - onychomycosis. I treated him for a very long time, as the working conditions simply did not allow me to get rid of the fungus, whatever I did not smear and treat. And I smear the most expensive and effective drugs at the moment (as the doctors said) - Lamizil and Exoderm. I'm working fairly well, so I could afford it.

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And after almost a year of treatment, the onychomycosis receded. I was happy and forgot about the problems with the nails for half a year. But then the skin began to blush and inflamed around the nails. Moreover, it is not easy to get inflamed, but also to itch. pull did not immediately went to the hospital. There I was examined by a dermatologist, prescribed tests and sent home. When the results of the blood and the samples from the nail came, the doctor diagnosed the candidiasis of the nail roller. I explained that the usual methods of treatment do not suit me, that I tried a bunch of drugs, but there's not much use. The doctor thought and advised the only correct solution to my problem - to quit this job and to treat candidiasis. I thought a little, I decided that health is more expensive. He quit, drank a course of antibiotics Furotsiklin two weeks and smeared the affected area with clotrimazole. In two months I already had a nebylo and a trace from a candidiasis of okolonogtevymi platens. I advise you to take care of your health and thank you for your attention.

Katerina, Peter

The only thing I can say on this topic is that it is not worthwhile to trust the advice of some grandmothers and not try to cure the candidiasis of okolonogtevymi roller in-house at home. Such self-medication can lead to serious consequences. My mother read a stupid women's forums and one tip of the same fool began to treat the fungus with concentrated acetic acid. Of course, she received a burn, but she said nothing to anyone. As a result, on the thumb of the left hand, the place of the burn was inflamed, the infection went on, the finger became festering and eventually it lost it!!! Remained an invalid in stupidity, having read stupid forums, on which there is no useful information. I advise you not to delay with a visit to the doctor with the appearance of any symptoms of this or that disease. Spend a day, but go to the reception. All health.

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