Fractional micro needle needle mesotherapy in the salon and at home



  • What it is
  • Act
  • results
  • Kinds
  • Indications
  • Contraindications
  • Course of salon procedure
  • Features of home procedure
  • Rehabilitation period
  • Effects
  • Benefits
  • disadvantages

At the heart of many medical and cosmetic procedures lies the method of fraction, i.e., multiple micro-exposure to a specific site. The result is increased efficiency and reduced trauma. To rejuvenate facial skin, fractional mesotherapy is actively used today, which harmoniously combines the advantages of all traditional mesoinjections, leaving aside their shortcomings.

The miracles that occur with the epidermis after several sessions lead more and more people to the clinic to take advantage of this amazing novelty of modern cosmetology. Anyone who wants to suspend the aging process, it is useful to know what it is and in which cases this procedure is especially needed.

What it is

Micro-needle fractional mesotherapy is the administration of a special cocktail or serum simultaneously under the skin of the face with several injections. The average puncture depth varies from, up to 4 mm. It depends on the problem location and the complexity of the defect being corrected. Distance between needles is regulated mm. This principle of delivering nutrients and active substances to various layers of the dermis kills two birds with one stone.

Origin of name.The term "factional" goes back to the Latin word "frāctio which translates as "breaking, breaking, splitting". T. e. division into smaller particles, because this kind of mesotherapy is acutely affecting the skin of the face.


High efficiency of fractional facial mesotherapy is achieved by its double action.

Effect number 1. Destruction of old cloth

At the time of numerous punctures, old cells are destroyed. To restore them, the skin begins to activate stem cells from those areas near the injection site that have not been damaged. These are the "mobilization zones".

Stem cells are a building material, a strategic reserve consisting of immature cells. At the command of the skin, they are quickly built into the destroyed tissues and acquire their properties. Together with them, fibroblasts migrate, recreating new young cells. Within 24 hours after the procedure of fractional facial mesotherapy they eliminate the remnants of damaged, dead cells, old collagen, elastin, melanin, which has become obsolete; restore the upper layer of the epidermis, forming at the same time updated.

The apparatus for fractional mesotherapy

Effect number 2. The action of mesococtails

The secondary effect of facial facial mesotherapy is the action of the mesococci introduced under the skin. Depending on the individually selected composition, it has a rejuvenating effect, reduces the volume of fat subcutaneous tissue, stimulates cellular metabolism, improves local blood circulation, participates in lymph exchange. Accordingly, after only one session, the first results will be visible.


Such a mechanism of action on the skin of the face allows one to count on the high effectiveness of fractional face mesotherapy. This procedure is capable of:

  • strengthen thin skin;
  • Smoothen not only small mimic, but also deep age wrinkles;
  • make less visible hypertrophic and atrophic scars;
  • narrow the dilated pores;
  • increase tone;
  • improve the turgor;
  • cope with age-related ptosis;
  • to remove puffiness;
  • to dry and put in order oily skin of the face;
  • stop or prevent premature flabbiness and wilting;
  • bleach pigmentation;
  • make the contour of the face more prominent;
  • align the relief of the skin;
  • cure couperose, i.e., make vascular asterisks less noticeable;
  • eliminate acne;
  • restore the skin after plastic surgery;
  • improve the complexion;
  • rid of the double chin and flew.

Such an impressive list of results helps to understand why fractional facial mesotherapy is so popular today. Its guaranteed effectiveness, accessibility and a host of other benefits are being driven by an increasing number of women, despite the fear of injections, to lie under the apparatus of a cosmetologist and to trust the magic needles with miraculous drops mesocotyle.

A curious fact.In case of fractional mesotherapy of a person, microphages also come to help stem cells and fibroblasts: they are phagocytes actively digesting bacteria.


Derma Pen fractional mesotherapy apparatus

Fractional mesotherapy itself is a kind of general injection technique of rejuvenation. The procedures in different salons can differ from each other depending on what other cosmetic measures they are combined, what apparatus for fractional mesotherapy is used and which serum for administration chose a doctor.

Combining with other procedures

  • Mite-assisted mesolifting - facelift by introducing rejuvenating threads under the skin;
  • fractional facial massage improves the flow of blood, facilitating the accelerated resorption of the injected drug;
  • fractional cleansing of the face - the introduction deep into the skin of drugs that dissolve harmful substances.

Depending on the apparatus

Having registered for the procedure, pay attention to which apparatus of fractional mesotherapy is used by the clinic. Look for reviews about it, find out all its pros and cons. After all, the price and effectiveness of the procedure will depend on it. The most popular in modern cosmetology is the model from South Korea. They combine good technical characteristics, affordable cost, ergonomic design. These include:

  • X-Cure;
  • DermaPen EDR-02;
  • Raffine;
  • My-M Micro Needle.

Modern fractional mesotherapy machines make it possible to process a large surface of the face at a sufficiently high rate (up to , 00 beats per minute).

Depending on the cocktails

Medical and cosmetology preparations for fractional mesotherapy do not differ from classical "beauty serums". Their main components, i.e., composition, depends on the goal:

  • Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin are rejuvenated;
  • lipolytics rid of the splinters and the second chin;
  • chamomile is needed to treat allergies;
  • vitamins and minerals improve metabolism;
  • Aloe vera is prescribed for inflammation;
  • ascorbic acid is used in the fight against pigmentation;
  • plant extracts have a general strengthening effect and take care of the skin: these can be algae, green tea, guarana.

Preparations (mezokokteyli) for fractional mesotherapy

Drugs can be administered either singly or as a mixture. The type of mesococtail and dosage is prescribed by a cosmetologist after the examination. After all, facial facial mesotherapy, like other cosmetic procedures, has a circle of strictly delineated indications, for which one can not go out.

Helpful information.Guarana is a liana growing in Brazil and Paraguay. If you were assigned a mezococtail with her participation during fractional mesotherapy, wait for a guaranteed rejuvenating result, because this is the strongest antioxidant.


Usually fractional face mesotherapy is recommended at the following indications:

  • thin skin;
  • mimic, deep age wrinkles, including pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • age-related ptosis;
  • hypertrophic and atrophic scars;
  • decreased tone;
  • swelling;
  • enlarged, large pores;
  • blurred contour of the face;
  • poor turgor;
  • couperose;
  • premature wilting and flabbiness;
  • oily skin type;
  • pigmentation;
  • uneven topography of the skin;
  • acne;
  • rehabilitation period after plastic surgery;
  • a dull, unhealthy complexion;
  • the second chin, flew.

Many women dream of getting rid of these shortcomings of appearance, which become more obvious and obvious with time. Normal creams do not save, only for a short time masking, not eliminating the problem. Therefore at a certain point the question becomes an edge: whether to decide on the fractional mesotherapy of a person and look younger for several years or continue to use ineffective cosmetic means.

Miracle cocktails.Depending on the indications, the doctor-cosmetologist, prescribes this or that prescription cocktail for fractional facial mesotherapy. For example, artichoke extract - from edemas, ginkgo biloba - from couperose, rutin - for toning, L-picture or lipolytic caffeine - from a double chin.


Along with the testimony, facial facial mesotherapy also has contraindications, which must be observed. If you lose sight of one of them, then you can suffer from side effects, complications and undesirable consequences. Among the contraindications to this procedure are the following conditions and diseases:

  • infection;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • diseases related to the heart and blood circulation;
  • viral or fungal lesions of the face;
  • open wounds;
  • extensive inflammation in the place of correction;
  • poor blood coagulability;
  • oncological neoplasms on the face;
  • skin diseases: psoriasis, herpes, dermatitis, etc .;
  • a recent chemical peel (if not 2 more weeks);
  • epilepsy;
  • mental illness;
  • fever;
  • allergy to the components of the drug administered;
  • stones in the gallbladder;
  • the use of disaggregants and anticoagulants (coumarins, tiklid, heparin, aspirin trental).

If during the initial examination of the doctor-cosmetologist these contraindications will be revealed, the procedure of fractional mesotherapy will be canceled. Otherwise, it can lead to exacerbation of already existing chronic diseases and cosmetic defects. If there are no special health problems, a date will be assigned for the rejuvenation session.


Note.On the human nervous system, fractional mesotherapy does not have any effect. But mental illness and epilepsy appear in contraindications so that during the procedure there is no seizure. Then the risk of injury is very high.


Course of salon procedure

How fractional mesotherapy works

In all clinics, fractional micro needle mesotherapy takes place according to the same scheme. There is nothing wrong with the procedure. With its main stages can be found in advance, so that during the session do not worry in vain.

Skin Preparation

  1. Make-up remover.
  2. Cleansing the skin with a special lotion.
  3. Disinfection of the treated area of ​​the face.
  4. At a low pain threshold, at the request of the patient, they can make a local anesthetic (usually it is produced by the drug "Emla").

The procedure itself

  1. With the help of a special hardware attachment with a lot of needles, punctures are made. At the time of removing the needle from the skin, she injects a therapeutic cocktail under it.
  2. The rate of needle insertion is very high, so the puncture is fast and almost imperceptible in sensations.

The final stage

  1. Repeated antiseptic treatment is carried out.
  2. A soothing mask is applied.

The whole session will not take you more than half an hour. Here, according to this scheme, there is hardware fractional face mesotherapy in most clinics. Very few people depart from traditional, time-tested stages. The course of the procedure will differ from the above described only if it combines several methods of rejuvenation. If there is a fear of doctors and a hospital, you can try to lose a couple of years at home.

Helpful advice.2-3 days before the procedure, it is not recommended to take alcohol, powerful medications. Abuse of smoking is also not welcome.

Features of home procedure

Modern women sometimes do not have a single free minute to visit beauty salons and cosmetology rooms. And look always on top so want! Fortunately, fractional hardware mesotherapy is possible even at home. You just need to purchase a special device that is portable and easy to use. Nozzles with several needles will simulate the salon procedure.

The results may not be so impressive, but overall you will be satisfied with the effect. What is needed for self-conducted fractional mesotherapy in the home?

Tools and materials

  1. Mesorroller with a special nozzle, equipped with several thin needles. Do not choose too long to not injure the skin.
  2. Medical alcohol for disinfection of the nozzle.
  3. A wound healing remedy that helps the damaged skin to recover faster: an aloe mask or Panthenol cream is suitable.
  4. Any local anesthetic: Anestezin, Aprovisol, Bellastesin, Dicaine, Lidocaine and others.
  5. Cosmetic and cosmetic cocktails, which can go in the same set with mesorollerom. If they are not included, buy these drugs in the pharmacy.

Do not forget to take into account their effect on the skin:

- Hyaluronic acid rejuvenates;

- ascorbic - bleaches;

- Collagen and elastin give elasticity;

- Aloe vera and chamomile - against inflammation.


  1. Clear the face.
  2. Disinfect the nozzle for the mesoroner.
  3. Wipe face with local anesthetic.
  4. Apply a smoothie to the face. If the mesoroller is equipped with a special reservoir, through which the serum enters directly into the needle, this step is skipped.
  5. Massage the problem area of ​​the face with a mesoroller for 2-3 minutes.
  6. After 20-30 minutes, apply wound healing drug.
  7. After an hour, apply a nourishing cream.
  8. The course is no more than 10 procedures, the frequency is 2 times a week. Break between full courses - 2-3 months.

Fractional mesotherapy is still a group of injection rejuvenating procedures. So - the risk of injury to the integrity of the skin is very high. Deciding to try this technique at home, you take full responsibility for the consequences solely on yourself. For side effects and undesirable consequences, there will be nobody to answer. So, first weigh the pros and cons. And do not forget about the features of the rehabilitation period, which are the same for salon and home treatment.

You need to know!Before using the home mesoreller, carefully study the instruction, if necessary - review the training video, which is now on the network very much. And getting a cocktail, do not forget to look at its expiration date and reviews about it.

Rehabilitation period

One of the indisputable advantages of fractional facial mesotherapy is a short rehabilitation period. It is only 24 hours. During these days, doctors prohibit:

  1. touch the treated area of ​​the face;
  2. sunbathe;
  3. Take baths and swim in open water;
  4. bask;
  5. do sport;
  6. drinking alcohol;
  7. smoking;
  8. to put on the skin decorative cosmetics.

At the end of the day, the patient is allowed to lead a habitual, as always, lifestyle. Although more cautious doctors, given the individual skin characteristics of each person, it is recommended to extend these bans for a week after the session. Especially if after the procedure there were some complications.

On a note. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to take a course of 5-6 sessions of fractional mesotherapy, the interval between which should be about 2 weeks.


Compared with classical face mesotherapy, fractional far less often leads to undesirable consequences and side effects. However, compared with the non-injection method, this risk increases several times. The cosmetologist, who will prepare you for the procedure, should warn you about possible complications. Usually they are caused either by non-compliance with contraindications, or by the lack of an appropriate level of specialist who could make a mistake during the procedure. Among the dangerous consequences can be:

  • hyperemia - excessive reddening of the face;
  • strong, long-term edema;
  • allergic reactions, starting with urticaria and up to Quincke's edema;
  • entering under the skin of a bacterial or fungal infection, which leads to the development of necrosis, staphyloderma, streptoderma, abscesses;
  • spreading of the inflammation focus;
  • ecchymoses - bruises, bruises;
  • papules, oleomas, granulomas - dense neoplasms under the skin in the form of globules;
  • exacerbation of existing diseases;
  • post-traumatic fibrosis - scar formation;
  • atrophy of facial muscles;
  • point hematomas;
  • itching;
  • post-traumatic lymphostasis - stasis of lymph.

Only realizing the danger of fractional facial mesotherapy, you can take the only right decision about whether you want to use this technique of face rejuvenation or not. Along with numerous advantages, it has its drawbacks, although there are not so many of them. Read the reviews, go to a consultation with a doctor-cosmetologist, watch the video, how the procedure goes, before and after the photo. This will help you decide or abandon the magic injections of beauty.

Statistics.The risk of complications after fractional facial mesotherapy is 2-3% of the total number of procedures. For comparison: after non-injection techniques, this risk is approximately,%, after the classical - about 5%.


Fractional mesotherapy face - the technique is very popular, because it has a lot of advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • less soreness than conventional mesotherapy;
  • the rehabilitation period decreased to 1 day after the procedure;
  • The depth of impact of the needle in fractional mesotherapy is controlled by electronics - this prevents a very deep or too superficial puncture;
  • the effect comes quickly, is stable;
  • the procedure can be performed without additional anesthesia;
  • possibility to combine fractional mesotherapy with other rejuvenating procedures;
  • accurate dosage;
  • better tolerability;
  • clear, pre-set injection rhythm.

Having become acquainted with this list, even those ladies who are afraid of injections, fall on this procedure, wanting to update their skin for several years. Indeed, the results often exceed all expectations. However, hopes and dreams should not overshadow reality, which is not always so rosy. Along with this list, be sure to analyze the shortcomings.


Women who have already used the facial facial fractal facial service, as well as cosmetologists themselves, note the following disadvantages of this procedure:

  • at a high pain threshold, if anesthesia has not been performed, pain from punctures will be felt;
  • a long list of contraindications and side effects with complications;
  • fractional mesotherapy is inferior to non-injection safety;
  • often 24 rehabilitation hours are not enough to completely restore the skin.

Modern cosmetology does not stand still, it is in step with the times, and fractional mesotherapy is a vivid confirmation of this. A markedly pronounced rejuvenating effect, stunning results, reduced soreness - all this makes this procedure so attractive for many women. The level of modern specialists in this area is constantly growing, so do not be afraid of medical errors and wait for the weather at the sea. Hurry up to the nearest clinic to make an appointment for a beauty session and enjoy its effectiveness.