Monastic tea from psoriasis - divorce or not?! Reviews of doctors and patients!

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease. It is not transmitted to healthy people, but it pains the patient himself with itching and spoils the appearance with red plaques. Psoriatic elements appear on different parts of the body and even on the scalp. Get rid of them with the help of medicines, special means of caring for the body and folk remedies.

Recently, dermatologists began to offer patients "Monastery tea from psoriasis".

What is this product, how effective is it in the therapy of the skin disease, how to drink and for what amount to count when buying - these questions are of interest to all who do not lose hope of getting rid of a recurrent disease.

Components of the Monastic Tea

Monastic tea is a unique product, the recipe of which was developed by Belarusian monks. It consists exclusively of natural ingredients that remove inflammation, eliminating allergic manifestations and destroying bacteria.

Fito collection is allowed to combine with any medications for psoriasis, without fear of harm to health.

The full composition of the Monastery tea from psoriasis is represented by a dozen medicinal plants.

  • Nettle is a natural antiseptic and an anesthetic. Contains a reasonable amount of formic acid and vitamins needed by the human body.
  • Sporish - the stabilizer of metabolic processes removes from the blood all toxic substances. The plant supports the activity of the kidneys and expels from the body excess sodium and chlorine, which helps prevent the development of psoriatic arthritis.
  • Motherwort - the herb has a calming effect. The patient needs psoriasis to eliminate neuroses and irritation.
  • Mint - sedative fragrant component gives antiseptic and diuretic effect. Gives the Monastic freshness elixir.
  • Lingonberry - metabolic regulator and stabilizer of all parts of the nervous system. Helps the body to fight bacteria that penetrated through the combed dermis.
  • Hawthorn is a storehouse of flavonoids, acids, microelements. The combination of these substances lowers the level of cholesterol and increases the amount of lecithin. Adjusting their balance is important in the treatment of psoriasis.
  • The root of the dandelion is a natural hepatoprotector. By interacting with other herbs, it improves the functioning of the liver and the regenerative processes of the skin.
  • Oregano is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory component, present in the composition of different charges against all possible lesions of the dermis.
  • Purity - raw material accelerates healing of irritated tissues and cleanses the body of psoriatic plaques.
  • Devyasil - the plant gives sedative and anti-worm effect. People's healers have been healing since ancient times. Decoctions and ointments with the nine have proved to be high-speed drugs against various ailments.

The naturalness of the components of the Monastic tea makes it possible to use it without fear for the development of allergic reactions. But experts remind: if you know for sure about your own intolerance to any herb, you better refrain from treatment with elixir. Pregnant and lactating women should not drink this tea.


How to prepare Monastery tea for psoriasis treatment

If you have found, where to buy Monastic tea from psoriasis, but suddenly the package did not contain instructions (or it is spoiled, lost), follow the following recommendations regarding cooking drink. As bioactive substances and plant ethers are destroyed 3 hours after brewing raw materials, it is recommended to prepare the drink on the eve of consumption. Make phyto napar is very simple:

  1. 1 hour l. Collect a glass of hot water (95 ° C);
  2. cover the dishes with a lid and record 12 minutes;
  3. pass the tea leaves through a strainer;
  4. bring the amount of tea to 200 ml by adding hot water.


In the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes to drink Monastic tea is necessary for 2 - 3 cups a day. After brewing the drink, it is immediately consumed. It is recommended to allocate at least 3 weeks for the first treatment course. Then you can take a short break and evaluate the result of phyto therapy.

That the healing collection has not lost flavor and usefulness, it is necessary to create special storage conditions for it. For example, the tea can be poured from the package into a jar with a tight lid and put it in a dark cool room, where there is no dampness. After opening, the product is recommended to be consumed within 90 days.

How good is Monastic tea from psoriasis? Consider it as an independent tool, effective at 100%, not worth it. Regular reception of elixir helps to alleviate the symptoms of skin disease and cleanse the body, but alone it does not relieve psoriasis. Therefore, the phyto drug should be better included in the therapy as an additional remedy.


Reception of the Monastic tea is a great way to calm the nervous system. Most of the ingredients of the drink have sedative properties. In patients with psoriasis, the elixir increases stress resistance and prevents nervous breakdowns.


Monastic tea versus psoriasis: where to buy, cost

Monastic phyto elixir is an innovation in the therapy of psoriasis. Despite this, some patients managed to face fakes. To ensure that you do not later have to say that Monastery tea from psoriasis is a divorce, we recommend that you order it only on the websites of authorized dealers, distributors. A certified product will not harm your body and will "work" for its intended purpose.

If the monthly course of treatment with tea does not bring the expected result, interrupt use for 7 to 14 days and try to take the drink again. In general, phyto harvesting has a lot of advantages over other similar means, and the main ones are:

  1. compatibility with medicines;
  2. strengthening the nervous system;
  3. adjustment of endocrine functions of the body;
  4. protection from hereditary transmission of health abnormalities.

We add that the price of Monastic tea from psoriasis is acceptable. Residents of Russia when ordering a unique herbal preparation through the Internet pay only 990 rubles. For a relatively small price, consumers get the opportunity to effectively combat itching, stimulate blood circulation and increase the body's resistance.


You can get a steady therapeutic effect from taking tea by drinking 2 cups of drink a day. The course of treatment is 2 - 4 weeks. The manufacturer promises an offensive improvement in 5 days from the beginning of use. Psoriatic elements dissolve, the inflammation subsides, the skin becomes healthy.


Opinion of doctors

Alla Leonidovna, doctor-dermatologist, work experience of 25 years:

"Psoriasis is an insidious disease that can not be defeated completely despite any tricks. The traditional drug course is often composed of hormonal drugs and immunosuppressants, which does not have the best effect on the body.

And the illness hides for a while. To improve the condition of the suffering organism, I assign to my patients Monastic tea - from psoriasis, if it does not save completely, it does not harm the health, for sure. I recommend drinking an elixir at all stages of the disease. "

Sergey Nikolaevich, dermatologist with 30 years of experience:

"Since psoriasis refers to incurable diseases, I was skeptical of all sorts of advertised things, promising an early victory over such a pathology. In my practice, I usually prescribed sparing medicines. On steroid drugs and hormones patients transferred in case of emergency.

I learned about the Monastery's tea from one of the patients I met on the street by chance. I asked why he did not come to consult for so long, he managed to feel well. And he admitted that after the main treatment he decided to drink a course of Monastic tea. After drinking the drink, the general health of this man improved, relapses no longer than a year. Now I offer the monastic tea to all patients. "

Dmitry Stanislavovich, a practicing Moscow dermatologist with 15 years of experience:

"Having read the reviews of experienced doctors about Monastery tea, saving from psoriasis, decided to include the phyto product in its practice. I do not see anything dangerous in the drink, because it is made from vegetable raw materials. The only thing that I once again pay attention to the patients is the probability of an individual intolerance to the drink. "

Video:the doctor tells about the remedies for psoriasis (Nano-gel, ointment "King of Skin Monastic tea).

Patient Reviews

Alexander, 35 years old:

"Psoriasis is a hereditary disease. Whatever one may say, it takes a lifetime to heal. Against the background of frequent use of all medicines, immunity was weakened, overall health worsened, and psoriasis made itself known by periodic outbreaks. I heard about monastic tea from my colleagues. He ordered the drink without hesitation and began to be treated. After 6 days, the itch disappeared, plaques went pale, insomnia passed. "

Svetlana, 28 years old:

"I became sick with psoriasis after a nervous breakdown, and for 10 years now I can not completely get rid of it. Ordering monastery tea through the online store, I drink it in the hope of full healing. A week passed, and my inflammation subsided, new pustules stopped popping up, the itch disappeared. Against the background of such changes, the mood improved. I will continue to drink tea to a one hundred percent result. "

Vladimir, 40 years old:

"I have been fighting with psoriasis for 15 years. What have not you tried in this time. Medications and folk lotions are working, but the disease still comes back, it is only necessary to perenurnivat. Monastyrsky tea attracted attention because of its sedative effect. Thanks to the drink, the sleep settled and irritation went away. Nervous is much less likely. "

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