Which spray is best for snoring?


Table of contents

  • How it works?
  • Review of the best sprays

Snoring is a common phenomenon, which causes a lot of inconvenience not only to the snoring, but also to his close ones. Spray from snoring refers to the list of the most accessible and effective means to combat this problem. How do these drugs work and which of them can be considered the best?


How it works?

Few people know that snoring is not just a phenomenon that does not allow a person to fully sleep and interferes with his loved ones. In medicine, this disorder is called ronhopathy. It is believed that rhonchopathy requires certain treatment, as it may pose a health threat.


Snoring is dangerous because it can lead to apnea - a brief stop of breathing in a dream, which in its turn provokes oxygen starvation of the brain, diseases of the cardiovascular system and others ailments.

There are several ways to treat rhonchopathy, but not all of them can be called affordable and safe. So, often snoring people are offered an operation, which, of course, frightens and repels, so some continue to live with this problem further. On the other hand, treatment of rhonchopathy without surgical intervention can also be long and difficult, besides it does not always bring the expected result.

A spray against snoring can be an excellent alternative to the usual methods of treating this disorder. Aerosols aimed at eliminating ronhopathy, have a harmless composition and effectively combat the problem, while they are easy to acquire and easy to use. However, one must bear in mind that in some cases even the best sprays will not help to cope with snoring. So, the drug will be useless if the violation of breathing in a dream is caused by:

  • pathologies of the thyroid gland;
  • proliferation of adenoids;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • deformation of the nasal septum.

Snoring often occurs due to a decrease in the tone of the muscles of the soft palate and palatal tongue, and also because of the mucosal edema shell nasopharynx, developing with respiratory diseases - in these cases, the spray from snoring will indeed be useful.

Review of the best sprays

To date, there are quite a few effective sprays from snoring. The greatest number of positive reviews received the following drugs:

  1. MySleepGood. This aerosol from snoring is considered the most effective tool. According to the producers, this preparation contains only natural ingredients - extracts of mint, sage, lemon, which means that the spray is absolutely safe and can be used even in the treatment of rhonchopathy in pregnant women and children. MySleepGood tones the weakened muscles of the larynx, relieves spasm and has a mild analgesic effect. To sleep peacefully all night, you need to spray the throat just once a day before going to bed. With all its obvious advantages, MySleepGood has serious drawbacks. These include: a fairly high cost (about 1500 rubles) and limited availability (you can not find this tool in any pharmacy).
  2. "Slipex" - a natural spray from snoring with the content of essential oils of mint and eucalyptus. "Slipex" is used both to eliminate rhonchopathy caused by flabbiness of the laryngeal muscles, and during snoring that occurs due to respiratory diseases. The drug has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic effect. Apply it should be before going to sleep, making 2-3 injections on the area of ​​the sky, soft tongue, posterior pharyngeal wall. Duration of application is 4 weeks. Slipex is contraindicated in the treatment of snoring in children and adolescents under 18, pregnant and lactating women.
  3. "Silence Forte" is a multicomponent drug with complex action. It not only relieves the manifestations of rhonchopathy, but also helps to fight bronchitis, tracheitis, eliminates bronchospasm and inflammation of the vocal cords. The first noticeable results of using the spray become visible within a week after the start of treatment.
  4. Like most other drugs of this type, "Silence Forte" is injected into the mouth just before bedtime, using a special nozzle included in the kit. As the condition improves, the frequency of injections decreases.
  5. Snorex. This spray is prescribed in the case when snoring is caused by inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, including allergic ones. The remedy well removes the edema, facilitates breathing and improves blood circulation.
  6. "Asonor" - an expensive, but effective means, related to the category of dietary supplements. This spray well removes tissue swelling in ENT diseases, tones muscles, moisturizes and softens the nasopharyngeal mucosa. "Asonor" helps to get rid of snoring in more than 90% of cases. Unlike other sprays, the drug should not be injected into the throat, but into the nasal passages, throwing back the head (5 times in each nostril). The effect becomes noticeable at week 2 of the aerosol application "Asonor". The drug is not absorbed into the blood and does not have a systemic effect, so they can be treated during pregnancy and in childhood.

Of course, this is far from all sprays that can be used against snoring. Choose which is better, often quite difficult, since the results of using such aerosols in many ways depend on the individual characteristics of the human body, and reviews about this or that preparation are very are subjective.



To find the most suitable spray, you need to clarify the cause of snoring and consult a specialist.