Russian and Chinese medicines for psoriasis

Psoriasis is one of the most ancient diseases that people suffer. He was described by Hippocrates in V art. BC. e.

But no matter how doctors try, over the centuries they have not been able to develop medicines for psoriasis, once and for all winning patients, and patients have to constantly take pills, ointments and vitamins in the hope of achieving a long remission.

Preparations of external therapy

Before appointing a specific drug, the dermatologist assesses the general condition of the patient and determines the most pronounced problem. In some patients, psoriasis occurs against a background of thyroid disorders, acute infection of the body, gastrointestinal problems or depression. Therefore, the treatment course should be selected taking into account all pathological changes.

The use of external medicines for psoriasis is considered an effective measure. According to the indications, patients are prescribed:

  1. keratolytics;
  2. vitaminized ointments;
  3. creams / ointments with corticosteroids;
  4. non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Hormonal ointments quickly relieve the patient of itching and flaking, but with long use they thin the skin and become addictive. It is impossible to abruptly cancel such medications, because the disappeared symptoms of psoriasis can return and bother even more than before treatment. Therefore, it is better to spend the therapy in a 10 to 20-day period with funds with minimal side effects - Advantan, Lokoid, Elokom, Belosalik, Diprosalik, Daivobet.

From keratolytic drugs, Russian manufacturers of psoriasis drugs offer salicylic ointment, and doctors almost always include it in therapeutic regimens.

At an early stage, salicylic ointment is used as a monotherapy, in advanced cases - as an auxiliary to corticosteroids. The drug moisturizes the skin, softens the scales and plaques, accelerates the healing of tissues. More than 3 weeks of treatment is not carried out.

Non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed at the regressing stage of psoriasis. They relieve inflammation, disinfect and heal the skin. The ointments of this group include:

  • Zinc;
  • Naphthalanic;
  • Ichthyroid;
  • Serno-tar;
  • Antipsorin;
  • Acrystal;
  • Berestin;
  • Colloidin;
  • Magnipse;
  • The cytoplasm.

Preparations with retinoids and calcipotriol because of moderately low activity can be prescribed for a long time - up to a year. It's Xamiol, Daivonex, Aekol. Retinoid-containing creams Videastim and Zorak are good at treating severe forms of pustular psoriasis - they inhibit the activity of pathogenic cells.


Internal improvement of the body

Preparations for internal use in psoriasis dermatologists are prescribed taking into account the severity of the disease and accompanying pathologies. To eliminate acute infection, the patient is prescribed antibiotics:

  1. Cefazolin;
  2. Erythromycin;
  3. Amoxicillin.

To support the digestive system are offered hepatoprotectors - Karsil, Silimar, Lycopid, Essentiale.

Antihistamines are indicated in the acute course of psoriasis in order to minimize discomfort. Patients suffering from sleep disorders in the reviews of antihistamines against psoriasis note their sedative effect. The nervous system relaxes, and the person sleeps more calmly.

The most effective means of antihistamines are:

  • Erius;
  • Zirtek;
  • Diazoline;
  • Claritin;
  • Suprastin.

In addition, new medicines for psoriasis appeared, which are called biological preparations. Their use requires the abandonment of other medications that affect the immune system.


The disadvantage of biomedical drugs is the need for intravenous or injectable administration. But so active substances penetrate the body faster.


Biopreparations against psoriasis are divided into several groups. Assign them taking into account the form and severity of the pathology.

  • Enbrel. With psoriatic arthritis, the infusion with the drug can be done at home only 2 r. per week, but for 3 months. Patients with a weak heart and multiple sclerosis are not prescribed a drug.
  • Stelara. Effective in the treatment of severe current psoriasis with extensive body damage. Prescribe a 3-month course in the absence of neuropsychic abnormalities.
  • Humirah. Assign for 2 weeks patients with severe forms of psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. Contraindications - any cardiovascular disease.
  • Remicade. The drug copes with the started psoriasis, but it is administered only in the conditions of the clinic. The general course of therapy is 8 weeks. If, during treatment, the patient picks up an infection or a cold, the use of Remicade is suspended until recovery.

Medicines for psoriasis from China

A feature of Chinese medicines for psoriasis is the content of natural ingredients in the absence of chemicals. Side effects and contraindications to use, they practically do not have, so treatment for the body will be safer.

One of the popular Chinese remedies is the "King of Skin" ointment.

Homogeneous product of white color gives a moderate cooling effect, fights against fungi and bacteria, tones up the skin and improves its appearance.

Nano-gel is a wound-healing product that increases local immunity. It can be applied to the body and scalp. The gel is quickly absorbed and does not spoil clothes. It saturates the skin with vitamins and disinfects the skin. The drug softens cornified skin particles and facilitates their removal.

Fufang is a Chinese lotion, known as the "Pure Body."

A liquid preparation with herbal aroma is sealed in a 50 ml bottle. To it is applied a brush to apply lotion to the skin. Fufan regulates blood circulation and prevents secondary infection, reduces peeling and relieves itching.

Video:Chinese ointment for psoriasis.

P.S. Both Russian and Chinese drugs can not be used without medical advice. The patient can not know for sure if his psoriasis is complicated or not, what means are suitable for him, etc. Therefore, self-medication can be ineffective or dangerous.


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