Secrets of Oriental Medicine in Thai Face Makeup



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Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia, striking with its sandy clean beaches, azure sea and a warm tropical climate. It is famous for its cheap rice, bustling bazaars, exotic fruits, smiles and the magnificent White Temple.

But women love this country not only for this: Thai cosmetics for the face has truly wonderful properties. It does not just rejuvenate, but as if giving the skin the radiance of its warm, affectionate sun. It's time to reveal the secrets of its extraordinary effectiveness.


Among the exquisite European brands, American promoted companies and bright Japanese logos, Thai cosmetics can get lost. She does not have screaming slogans and chic packages. But those who have at least once discovered the entire charm of these modest means for the face, will not be able to give it up. And there are serious reasons for this. This is what attracts her so much:

  • natural composition: local plants (reed, bamboo, perilla, rice, sesame, turmeric, centella), exotic flowers, green tea, fruits (coconut, mango, dates, bananas, pineapple, tamarind) and tropical tree oils, healing mud, sea salt, seaweed and other Thai hidden treasures;
  • hypoallergenic, despite such exotic ingredients;
  • a variety of aromas: essential oils - a highlight of Thai cosmetics;
  • light texture;
  • always positive after application;
  • a wide range of;
  • reasonable prices.

These are the features of Thai cosmetics, which can be used for applying makeup, and for regular facial care. It is a pleasure to enjoy it. Especially if there is an opportunity to try elite products of premium class, rather than mass-market. The breadth of the assortment will not disappoint - you can not doubt it.

It is interesting.Perilla is a medicinal Asian plant, which is often found in Thai cosmetics. It has wound-healing properties.

Decorative products

One of the features of Thai cosmetics - most manufacturers are focused on means for facial skin care. Decorative cosmetics Thailand can not boast. And still, if you want, you can find something. We will show you several brands that offer good quality products in this niche. Prices can be seen on the example of lipstick.

  1. Oriental Princess (for the famous bright red lipstick of this company will have to pay , 00 rubles). Decorative cosmetics of premium class.
  2. Tenshi (a palette with 6 shades of lipstick for 700 rubles).
  3. Mistine (a liquid pigment for lips for 300 rubles).
  4. Natriv (lipstick for 140 rubles).

Brands that produce funds for makeup, not so much, but so demand their products. They have a rich assortment, the prices are quite acceptable. So there is something to choose from. And still, the best face make-up from Thailand is the one that is designed for skin care.

For your information.Thailand - the world's largest exporter of rice. Therefore, many cosmetic companies have lines of funds from this product.

Cosmetics for face care

Thai cosmetics for face care is recognizable by such brands as Bynature, Khao Kho Talaypu, Scentio and others. It can be purchased in online stores and directly in the markets in Thailand itself. You will be surprised by a lot of lines, a huge number of sachets and jars, an incredible train of exotic smells, and most importantly - the gentle effect that they have on the skin.


  1. Tamarind and honey - a bleaching gel from Bynature. 650 rubles.
  2. Dewy Rose Gel - a clarifying gel with a rose extract from Pond's. 650 rubles.
  3. Whitening whey against pigmentation with hyaluronic acid from Scentio. 500 rubles.
  4. Lighhtening and Spot Control Gel - a whitening gel from the pigment spots from Facy. 300 rubles.
  5. Whitening foam for a face from Pond's. 300 rubles.


  1. Rejuvenating and restoring serum for the face from Tropicana oil. 1 900 rubles.
  2. Anti-Wrinkle cream - cream from wrinkles from Placenta Ornic. 1 300 rubles.
  3. Rejuvenating mask with black sesame Khao Kho Talaypu. 1 100 rubles.
  4. Centella Asiatic - anti-aging gel from Bynature. 650 rubles.
  5. Anti Wrinkle Treatment - face cream from wrinkles from Facy. 300 rubles.

For problem skin

  1. Blue chamomile is a cleansing cream for sensitive and problematic skin from Lemongrass House. 1 100 rubles.
  2. Scrub with avocado from Bynature. 700 rubles.
  3. Acne Gel - gel for washing from acne from Dr. Somchai. 700 rubles.
  4. Acne Control Gel - gel for acne treatment from Facy. 300 rubles.
  5. Longa powder - a mask of powder with turmeric to cleanse the face of Isme. 100 rubles.

For the area around the eyes

  1. Jasmine rice is a nourishing cream for the skin around the eyes from Sabai-Arom. 1 300 rubles.
  2. Nutritional serum for the skin around the eyes from Vincere. 1 000 rubles.
  3. A cream that bleaches the skin around the eyes, from Pond's. 900 rubles.
  4. Facytox The Wrinkle Control is a cream for wrinkles around the eyes of Facy. 300 rubles.
  5. Orange Dark Circle Fede Away Eye Mask - a mask from bruises under the eyes of 300 rubles.

Decide which problem bothers you more than others - and buy the appropriate means of Thai cosmetics. It is guaranteed to fulfill its task: the pigment spots will lighten, wrinkles will smooth, from acne will save, the sight will make it radiant and attractive.

Well, if you want to get the most pleasure and enjoy the exotic of Thailand in full, use the services of beauty salons. In their arsenal you can find professional series of Thai cosmetics.

A curious fact.Thailand is often called a country of smiles, as it is considered the norm to smile at everyone. Perhaps, therefore, whitening toothpastes on herbs from this country are so popular.

Professional Series

Professional Thai cosmetics are trusted by a few beauty salons, but if you find one, you can enjoy its action. Among the most successful lines are the following.


  • Aromatic Wood - aromatic cosmetics;
  • Oriental Essence - eastern essence;
  • Rice Collection - creams and face masks with rice extract;
  • Sea Foam - sea foam;
  • Shiso Collection - cosmetics with perilla.

Lemongrass House

  • Lip balms;
  • creams;
  • masks;
  • oil;
  • spray-tonics;
  • Foams for washing;
  • scrubs;
  • aroma-sprays.

Oriental Princess

  • Natural Power C - lightening;
  • Natural Intensive C - restoring and soothing complex for tired skin;
  • Acnemise - for problem skin;
  • Age Renewal - anti-aging series;
  • Botanical Lip Therapy - for the lips;
  • Prima Eye Therapy - eye care.

Each brand has its own peculiarity, its own peculiarities, its potential, which combines the secrets of the East and the novelties of rapidly developing biotechnologies. The main task is to find something of its own in this infinite variety. To orientate will help a small rating, collected stellar brands of Thai cosmetics.

From the history of the brand.Abhibhubejhr is not only a brand of quality Thai cosmetics, but also a hospital of the same name, which is the most authoritative medical institution in this country. Here is the Center for Herbal Medicine and the Museum of Oriental Medicine.

Brand rating

In this list - the most popular and popular all over the world cosmetics from Thailand - brands, whose products are checked not only by laboratory research, but also by time.

  1. Abhibhubejhr.
  2. Bath & Bloom.
  3. Bella Nina.
  4. Boots.
  5. Bynature.
  6. Cute Press.
  7. Donna Chang.
  8. Dr. Somchai.
  9. Facy.
  10. Harnn.
  11. Herbal-One.
  12. Isme.
  13. Khaokho Talaypu.
  14. Lemongrass House.
  15. Nature's Series.
  16. Odinric.
  17. Oriental Princess.
  18. Placenta Ornic.
  19. Pond's.
  20. Sabai Arom.
  21. Satira.
  22. Scentio.
  23. SenSpa.
  24. Sukhita.
  25. Supaporn.
  26. Thann.
  27. Tropicana oil.
  28. Vincere.

Want to try cosmetics, born in the rays of the tropical sun and washed by the waters of the warm sea? Then look among Thai brands - quality and price will pleasantly surprise, and the result will be a long time to please. Going to the shores of the magic of Thailand, do not forget to bring your family and friends the most wonderful gift - a cream of pearl rice or a tonic with a rose extract.

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