Whether it is possible to do the hardware medical pedicure at a fingernail fungus

Medical pedicure with nail fungus is a curative and prophylactic procedure, which, despite the onychomycosis disease, allows to maintain a pleasant kind of feet. For a cure, you may need to be patient for a long time. In combination with drug therapy, matched by a dermatologist, the effect will be greater and more stable. If you still have several sessions of laser therapy, then the chances of surviving mycosis will not remain.



  • 1Indications for use
  • 2Stages of treatment
  • 3Home care

Indications for use


Therapeutic pedicure with nail fungus is recommended in case of foot defect:

  • presence of mycosis;
  • ingrown nail;
  • weak growth of nail plates;
  • violation of blood circulation;
  • increased sweating;
  • corns, calluses.

The medical medical pedicure has proven advantages in comparison with the usual procedure:

  • treatment of the infected focus excludes the risk of spreading the fungal infection to healthy areas;
  • Use special equipment, grinding tools;
  • prevents the possibility of ingrowth of plates in the foci of infection;
  • organization at the request of the patient consultation of specialists in the field of fungal diseases: mycologist, phlebologist, orthopedist, endocrinologist.

Disinfection of the used tools is made by the method of heat sterilization by the heat ovens. One-time tools are used. The treatment process is carried out by a specialist who uses sterile hygiene means: gloves, a protective mask, a special gown, closed shoes.

After the client it is necessary to carry out disinfection of the place of work. This all speaks of high requirements for indoor hygiene, disinfection of devices and instruments at the level of medical institutions.

Stages of treatment

Going to the medical and cosmetic salon begins with a doctor's examination - podogoga.

If you are sure that you want to try onychomycosis treatment with medical procedures, the following steps are performed:

  • Preliminary. The statement of complaints about the disease, examination of the feet by the doctor, if there is - then the analysis to make decisions about upcoming events and their number.
  • Disinfection. To prevent the spread of infection, the feet are treated with a broad-spectrum composition that has an antimycotic function.
  • Preparation. The surface of the foot is treated with emollients or formulations.
  • Care of foot. The foot is cleaned by grinding the cornified epithelium. If grinding has not given the desired effect, then the cleaning continues with special tools.
  • Care for the nail bed. The edges of the plate are trimmed, giving a beautiful shape, the edges of the cut are gently ground, and the shine is induced.
  • Massage. The event contributes to the restoration of blood circulation. It is necessary among certain types of pathology.
  • Additional courtship. After completion of manipulation, the feet are treated with antimycotic drugs, selected according to the type of fungus infection.

Thus, the answer to the question is asked whether a pedicure is done with a nail fungus. Professional treatment gives a tangible effect in both prevention and treatment of mycosis.

Home care

If a person cares about the question of whether it is possible to do a pedicure with a nail fungus yourself, then it is worth consulting in a dermatologist.

He will recommend medicines and rules of procedure that are suitable for the revealed pathology:

  • use of loose, rare lacquer - the answer to the question of whether it is possible to paint nails with a fungus;
  • Having a nail fungus, it is forbidden to build plates;
  • replace, if possible, the procedure for circumcision for acid removal of cornified and cuticle;
  • do a pedicure with a fungus of nails should be neat, not damaging the skin, not creating pockets of risk;
  • tools must be individual;
  • after the procedure it is necessary to disinfect the work place.

All sorts of foot pathologies: corns, corns, cracks, thorns create not only a neglected appearance, but also are an excellent medium for the penetration of pathogens. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to do a pedicure with a fungus, the answer is unequivocal: it is simply necessary.

Do not forget about hygiene of shoes. In order not to become infected again, it is necessary to process shoes with recommended solutions for this purpose, for example, Formidron, Miramistin. Put the processed shoes in a dense cellophane bag and hold for a couple of days.

I must say that the pedicure on the nails with a fungus is feasible both in beauty salons and at home.

But you can not disregard the advice that all procedures must be agreed with the doctor. The doctor will select a set of medicines to accelerate the treatment of fungal pathology, assess the progress of treatment, advise additional procedures from the funds of home therapy. All this contributes to the eradication of a harmful infection.

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