Cottage cheese in women


Cottage cheese in women are different in both color and symptoms. They give a signal about current problems with the flora and the genitourinary system.

Women without vydeleny does not happen. Their presence may be the norm and deviation. It all depends on the manifestations, color and accompanying symptoms. Additional manifestations indicate problems with the reproductive system, a violation of microflora. It is important to know which symptom should be alerted to stop the inflammatory process in time.



  • Causes
    • With smell
    • Without smell
    • With itching and burning
    • With a sour smell
    • Greenish
  • Treatment
    • Preparations
  • Folk remedies
  • Prevention
  • Conclusion


The main culprit curd vydeleny is a violation of the microflora of the vagina. Against this background there is a candidiasis associated with bacteria, Candida fungi. Fungi are present in the female body, this is the norm. At the slightest deviation, their activity increases, which leads to the development of undesirable consequences. The reasons for the development of diseases are extensive.

The figures for thrush statistics are growing every year. More than a third of the female population complain of candidiasis.

With smell

Photo of cheesy discharge with odor

With the development of curd vydeleny with a smell from the vagina, there is a need to pay a visit to the gynecologist. Traces on the underwear in this case may indicate an infection. The smell can resemble a fish or fermented milk product. There is an "aroma" due to the activity of pathogens. They destroy useful components, emitting gases that contribute to the appearance of odor.

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These discharges can be observed without itching and with it. Also possible are pink, when it comes to endometriosis. In any case, the final diagnosis will put the doctor. It is recommended that you do not take any action yourself.

Without smell

That's what looks like in the photo cheesy discharge without odor

White curdled vaginal discharge with the appearance of curds mass should alarm the woman. Their manifestation is not the norm, indicates some deviations in the work of the genito-urinary system. More often the problem is thrush, it's candidiasis. This pathology is not terrible, there is no serious threat to health. The main thing is to cure it in time.

Thrush without odor and itching is often the reason for refusing to be intimate with a partner. This is caused by severe discomfort in the genital area. As a rule, the itching does not subside, but only increases after sexual intercourse.


Curd extracts without a smell happen at a mycoplasmosis, a ureaplasmosis. In this case, a gray tint is observed.


With itching and burning

Itching and burning can appear already in the presence of an infectious disease - urogenital trichomoniasis. Vaginitis promotes the appearance of foamy discharge with an unpleasant odor. If the pathology is chronic, then the abundant discharge will be yellow or light. Consistency is thick. In this case, the woman is troubled by the unbearable itch in the perineum.

Urogenital candidiasis. It is an inflammatory process, in which there is also burning, itching. The culprit of the development of these signs is Candida fungus. Allocations for women will be thick, white. The disease causes pain and sensation of rubbing when the bladder is emptied.

With a sour smell

Beli with the smell of sour milk - an occasion to consult a gynecologist. The appearance of white precipitations with an unpleasant odor is accompanied by itching, a change in shade. The amount of "sour cream" with a sour smell on your underwear can be abundant.

A similar process signals an inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. Sour leucorrhoea is an occasion for testing the female genitourinary system.

If leucorrhoea with a smell arose during pregnancy, this is the reason to visit the doctor, so as not to harm the fetus.


Cottage cheese greenish discharge indicates a purulent infection. They are also green with a yellow tinge. In this case, the microbial environment affects the vaginal mucosa. All the symptoms indicate the development of a sexual infection - trichomoniasis. In addition to it, other, mixed etiologies are possible.


Thrush does not pose a serious danger to the body. But its presence causes discomfort.

  • Nocturnal itching
  • Wash with warm water
  • Allocations
  • Smell
  • Dirty laundry

The above symptoms lead to neuroses, nervous system disorders. In addition, the usefulness of intimate life is violated.


How to treat the secretions that have arisen against the backdrop of the "work" of candida fungi, the gynecologist will say. At the heart of drug therapy are antifungal drugs. Their task - to connect the right substance with fungi, which will build into their membrane and destroy it.

The first degree of severity. The mild form of the yeast is treated with local remedies. For this we use:

  • cream;
  • capsules;
  • ointments;
  • suppositories.

If the composition is Nystatin, Miconazole, then the disease will be gone in a week. Modern preparations, such as: Betadine; Pimafucin, get rid of candidiasis in a couple of days.

With a propensity for dysbiosis, funds are prescribed that do not affect the flora of the vagina. For example, Clion-D, Pimafucin. Violate the vaginal environment may Terzhinan, Polizhinaks. Prescribed cautiously, taking into account anamnesis.

Candles are put after waking, before going to sleep. It should be inserted as deep as possible. After the procedure, it is recommended to lie for 15-20 minutes to allow the suppository to dissolve. In the course of treatment, one can not live an intimate life.

The second degree of severity. With a more neglected disease, leucorrhoea will be abundant. Therapy with oral antifungal agents.


  • Flucostat;
  • Forkan;
  • Mikomaks.

The first option is adopted once. If there is a relapse on the background of the chronicle of the disease, then the drugs are prescribed 1 rub. / Week. The therapy lasts more than 60 days. During this time it is important to observe the gynecologist.

Modern preparations have a composition of echinocandin. It is about the following means:

  • Mikafungin;
  • Anidulafungin;
  • Caspofungin.

The latter form is administered intravenously with a severe course of the pathological process.

Treatment of thrush and elimination of cheesy discharge is carried out in a complex manner.

Before taking the pill, a woman should be washed using hypoallergenic soap. Do not use conventional means, they will aggravate the situation. The linen must be made of cotton. Drink capsule is recommended only after hygienic procedures. On the same day, in the evening, it is desirable to enter a suppository. He should also be appointed by the doctor.

If the curdled discharge arose again after treatment, then we can say that the disease will be chronic. A repeated course of therapy and prevention is prescribed.

After repeated taking medication, as a preventive measure to take pills and use candles will need to be at the same time. In addition, you must follow a diet - less sweet, flour.


It is necessary to treat candidiasis both as a woman and her partner.


Folk remedies

Any method of treatment from the people is recommended to be applied after the approval of a specialist. An inadequate approach to pathological processes in the body often leads to a chronic disease. This factor is sometimes responsible for female secondary infertility.

If a woman decides to get rid of cheesy whites herself, there are several options. At the same time, it is necessary to know and understand that the action from people's treatment will be local and ineffective. Especially, if candidiasis has passed on a chronic stage.

In severe cases it is better to resort to medical therapy:

  • In pharmacies for such treatment, you can get a gynecological fee. Drink before eating twice a day. Douching once every 24 hours. To get the decoction, you need to dissolve 3 tablespoons of the mass with a liter of warm liquid.
  • For syringing, the chamomile and calendula are suitable. Together they remove inflammation, disinfect. 4 large spoons of herbs pour hot water, boil a minute. Insist for about 2 hours. Cool it down. Douching is carried out in the morning and evening hours.
  • To make a local bath, you need 1 mal. spoon of alum, boric acid, copper sulfate. It is sold in pharmacies. The mass is poured with boiling water, it is infused in the dark, dry for 2 days. Use once every 24 hours. To conduct a "bath exercise" it is necessary to fill a 5-liter basin with warm water, add to it 5 teaspoons of a solution. Sit for a few minutes.
  • For medical bathing, you need bark of oak, nettle, string, lavender in the ratio 1. A large collection spoon is poured into a glass of boiling water, it is infused for 5-6 hours. At the end of the time, another 200 grams of water is added. The broth should cool down.
  • No less popular are the tampons created to restore the vaginal microflora. To prepare a tampon, you will need gauze, kefir, thread. The gauze forms an accordion, is moistened in kefir. Before this, a string is sewn to the fabric. The tampon is administered before bedtime, remains inside until the morning awakening.
  • It is also useful to drink broths. For example, from juniper, eucalyptus, chamomile, sage. It is necessary to take 1 part of the herbs, lower them into boiling water. The proportion of proportions is 2 large spoons of plants per liter of water. Insist, use 40 ml three times a day. Such a decoction is suitable for baths.


To reduce the risk of infections and inflammatory processes, a woman should monitor immunity, maintain a vaginal flora, and not have sex with different partners.

Medicines should be taken as prescribed by the doctor, avoiding self-treatment. In addition to the main recommendations, you need to eat right. You should give up sweets and baking.


Diagnosis with cheesy discharge can and only puts a gynecologist. Self-medication can provoke uncontrolled serious consequences that develop female infertility. In case of untimely treatment or its delay, a concomitant disease may develop. It will significantly exacerbate the treatment of candidiasis.

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With the slightest discharge from the vagina, you should pay a visit to the doctor for testing. According to the results of the smear, the specialist will establish the character of the leucorrhoea, prescribe the treatment.

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