Methods of treatment of psoriasis at home

According to dermatological records, the number of people with psoriasis is increasing every year. And from pathology suffer as mature people, and youth, and even babies, a few weeks ago appeared.


  • How to achieve efficiency from public funds
  • Treatment of psoriasis with herbs
  • Antipsoriasis baths
  • How to use soap in treatment
  • Home therapy of psoriasis on the head
  • Folk remedies against psoriasis of the head

How to cure psoriasis forever at home? This question sets the sick, tired to fight with pathology. Experts are trying to develop effective schemes for the treatment of an insidious disease, but all favorable predictions boil down to the fact that compliance with recommendations will lead to a prolonged remission.

How to achieve efficiency from public funds

The fight against psoriasis involves an integrated approach, so getting rid of the disease by some external means of traditional medicine is unlikely to succeed, especially in advanced stages. But if you really want to get a good result from psoriasis treatment at home, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Minimizing the influence of all external factors that can trigger the psoriasis mechanism or aggravate the course of pathology.
  2. Elimination of the problem not only at the local level, but also improving the body from within. An integrated approach is welcomed in both official and non-traditional medicine. Therefore, for the therapy should be prepared means of external processing of the skin and for internal reception. Some cleanse the body, others - improve the immune status and the work of important organs.
  3. Continuous and long-term passage of the chosen course, since it is impossible to calculate the exact concentration of useful substances of phytocoagulant at home.
  4. Collection of herbs in a timely manner and compliance with the rules of processing and storage. Otherwise, the effort will be in vain.

It should also be taken into account that phytopreparations are processed by pharmacists before they reach pharmacy shelves so that only specific ingredients remain in them.

At home, a person can dry a plant, and in this form it will retain properties, sometimes unnecessary to the body. For example, celandine has long been used as a bactericidal anti-inflammatory drug, which allows it to be successfully used in the treatment of psoriasis.

But oral intake of its liquid forms (tinctures, infusions) can cause a toxic effect, which is manifested by cramps, delayed heartbeat and a violation of respiratory functions.


Monitor your emotions, because exacerbation of psoriasis often happens against a background of stress. Take a relaxing bath and do not concentrate on the problem.


Treatment of psoriasis with herbs

How to treat psoriasis at home with phytocoagulant? Herbal infusions can wipe the skin and take the funds inside, do with them baths and use for washing.

  • The finely chopped baskets of a young sunflower are insisted for 2 days in white wine. The filtered liquid is used for wetting psoriatic plaques. By means of it is possible abundantly to irrigate bandages and pribintovyvat them to the body for 2 hours. If the face is damaged by psoriasis, wash with the drug.
  • 20 g of the roots of the plant sassaparel (other names - smilaks, sarsaparrel) are insisted in 1 liter of water for about 10 hours. Then the raw materials are cooked for 20 minutes and filtered. One part of the broth is drunk immediately, while it is hot, the other is taken until the end of the day. Treatment is conducted for 21 consecutive days.
  • With nail psoriasis, the hands are arranged with warm baths with infusions of string, calamus, nettle, St. John's wort, celandine, elecampane.
  • Elder black in the amount of 2 spoons insist in 5 liters of water and take, a glass of 3 r. in a day. Similarly, they prepare and drink fir water.
  • Psoriasis-stricken parts of the body rubbed with ashes, obtained as a result of the burning of wild rose branches, and combined with petroleum jelly in equal parts.
  • For 50 g of elecampane and celandine grind with a grinder and combine with acetylsalicylic acid powder (50 tablets). The mixture is poured with unrefined sunflower oil to the top and insist for 1 month. Twice a week the product is heated. After the expiration of the infusion, it is filtered and combined with Vaseline 3: 1. Ointment quickly removes inflammation with exacerbation of psoriasis.
  • Calanchoe juice, eucalyptus oil and honey are combined in a ratio of 1: 3: 1 and insist 72 hours. Medium gently rub on the skin.

Consider the prescription of a multicomponent medication for psoriasis, which can be prepared at home. Its ingredients are:

  1. rose petals;
  2. flowers of calendula;
  3. grass horsetail;
  4. stems of celandine with leaves and flowers;
  5. Dried rhizome of burdock;
  6. oak leaves;
  7. walnut foliage.

Flowers and grass are taken in the amount of ½ st. l., roots and leaves - 1 large spoon. Grinded coffee grinder ingredients are combined and poured a mixture of olive or almond oil (amount - half a liter). The composition is kept on a quiet fire for 25 minutes, then transferred to a warm room and waiting for 5 days.

Next, the infusion is filtered and removed to cool conditions. Apply it for daily lubrication of psoriasis areas.


If there is no possibility to visit the sea resort, try to get out of the city more often. Walking, eating properly and giving up bad habits strengthen the immune system and promote the health of the body as a whole.


Antipsoriasis baths

At home, any kind of treatment for psoriasis is useful to reinforce the baths. Before performing a pleasant procedure, take a shower, then dive into a warm bath for 15 minutes.

Remains of water at the end of the session with a towel are not wiped, the skin is allowed to dry naturally.

Patients with psoriasis are recommended different types of baths.

  • With blue clay and sea salt. Natural substances soothe and soften the hyperemic irritated cover. To perform one procedure in water, mix, kg of salt and 50 grams of clay.
  • With herbs. Dermatological problems are perfectly solved by St. John's wort, string, horsetail, sage, celandine. Raw materials can be used separately, alternated and combined into collections. The number of ingredients is arbitrary.
  • Starch baths - the best option for exacerbation. 500 g of the product is diluted in cold water and poured into a prepared warm bath.
  • Turpentine. Reception of such baths is allowed only on indications, since the substance is dangerous for some patients. If the dermatologist approves the treatment with turpentine, the emulsion for the bath is prepared this way: 500 g of turpentine, 30 g of baby or tar soap, 600 ml of water and 8 g of salicylic acid are combined and thoroughly kneaded. In the bath emulsion is introduced at the rate of 1 ml per 1 liter of water.

How to use soap to treat psoriasis

Considering the methods of treatment of psoriasis at home, do not skip the application of soap. If medicines treat the disease from the inside, then soap helps to achieve external improvement of the integument. The most affordable option is a laundry soap.

A bar of brown color does not contain bleaches and flavors. To improve skin, it is advisable to buy a product with a marking of 72%. The figure shows the fatty acid content. Do not rub your skin with soap. From it, prepare a foam solution, which gently wash the inflamed tissues.

In order to improve the look of the skin, tar tar is used, which contains birch tar. The substance removes inflammation from psoriatic affected tissues and accelerates their healing. It is more convenient and effective to use the liquid form of the product supplemented with extracts of different medicinal herbs.

Serone soap for the treatment of psoriasis at home should be taken with a substance concentration of at least 10%. A natural element is often found in dermatological pathology therapy programs. Wash daily with sulfur soap is not recommended, because it dries the skin.


To mask the foci of psoriasis on open areas of the body will help a mixture of powdered sugar and starch (1: 1). Problem areas are treated daily. But before applying the means take a shower and drain the body.


Home therapy of psoriasis on the head

You can release the scalp from psoriasis with the help of pharmacy shampoos and ointments and folk remedies. But there are certain rules, adherence to which will make independent therapy more effective. So, experts advise to treat not the scalp, but the scalp itself. In the process of care, it is important not to injure psoriasis surfaces.

You can not force scales off. It is allowed to remove only those particles that have become soft from the shampoo and have moved away at the edges from the skin. During the treatment of scalp, conducted at home, care should be beaten until the formation of a lush foam and be in the "cap" 10 minutes. Then the head is rinsed.

What shampoos are offered for home therapy of psoriasis by pharmacists and cosmetologists? Groups of antipsoriatic drugs for washing their head a few.

  1. Shampoos with tar of coal - Zetar, Polytar, Neutrogena Gel. The smell is specific, not everyone likes it. Also, the products lightly color the hair. In the instructions of some drugs it is indicated that the product should be kept on the head for several hours and then washed off.
  2. Products with zinc-pyrithione. Means Libriderm Zinc, Dinex, Head and Sholders quickly cope with a mild form of psoriasis. Due to zinc, hair loss is reduced and the number of dead particles decreases. Allantoin - another useful substance, is responsible for the healing of wounds.
  3. Shampoos with ketoconazole. Nizoral of them stands in 1 place. The drug removes the itching, eliminates the problem of peeling and neutralizes the harmful effects of fungi.
  4. Shampoos with chloroksin and selenium sulphide - Capitrol, Exsel, Selsun. They effectively clean the scalp at the initial stage of psoriasis.

For external treatment in the treatment of psoriasis on the head at home, they buy ointments with anthralin and solutions with corticosteroids - Lasan, Synalar, Dritho-Scalp. Substances of these drugs regulate cell division and reduce the severity of symptoms.

The corticosteroid drug Sinalar is effective in treating severe forms of psoriasis, but in some cases worsens the course of psoriasis. The expediency of its use should be discussed with the doctor. According to the indications the drug is used no more than 2 weeks.


Advice to young people suffering from psoriasis. Choose for the future a kind of activity that will not cause a worsening of the disease. Contact with allergens and aggressive substances reduce to a minimum, try not to undergo significant temperature changes.


Folk remedies against psoriasis of the head

The medicine for psoriasis, which struck the scalp, at home is prepared from 2 tbsp. l. phytomixes, obtained from herbs celandine, three-parted and horsetail field (ratio 2: 4: 1). Collect the pour a glass of boiling water and torment half an hour over the steam bath water. The drug is cooled and filtered. Apply it to rubbing in sore skin. The procedures are performed every other day.

The second variant of treatment of psoriasis on the head: crushed roots of ayr, burdock and celandine are combined with calendula flowers, nettle leaves and hop cones so that the roots are twice as large. Collect 1 liter of steep boiling water in a convenient container and set on a water bath for half an hour. Cooled filtered product is used for washing the head not more than 3 r. in Week.

To soften the plaques on the head, use oils:

  • olive;
  • almond;
  • peanut;
  • cypress;
  • rosemary;
  • a product of a tea tree.

For the purpose of treating the scalp at home, they are rubbed at bedtime and put on a plastic bag, warmed with a thick towel. In the morning, the head is washed with a medical shampoo. Useful are the rubbing of the juice of onions and nettle broth, masks with red and white clay.

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In the recipes of folk treatment of psoriasis there is such a good recipe. Grape and almond oil take 1 tbsp. l. and mixed with 2 tbsp. l. coconut. The composition is added cognac and liquid honey (1 h. l. each) and droplets of eucalyptus and lavender ether are introduced. The mixture is warmed up to a pleasant temperature and applied to the scalp for 2 hours. The rests are washed off with shampoo.


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