Tea tree oil from nail fungus


Nail fungus on legs and hands is an unpleasant disease. Nails become brittle, dull, begin to fade, the appearance loses appeal. One of the effective ways to combat onychomycosis is the use of essential oil of tea tree.

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  • Useful properties of tea tree oil
  • Preparation for the procedures
  • Method of use
  • Benefits
  • Conclusion

Useful properties of tea tree oil

Tea tree belongs to the Myrtle family. Also called Melaleuca. The first essential oil from the plant was obtained in Australia. The country drew attention to the useful properties of the drug, which cured various viral and infectious diseases. Gradually it began to be used in cosmetology and medicine, including. and with a fungus of nails.


Tea tree essential oil is a liquid of yellowish or olive color with a pronounced aroma of camphor. The composition contains a large number of useful substances: terpineol, terpenes, pinenas, etc. Terpenes penetrate into the cells of microorganisms, acting on their vital functions. Therefore, tea tree oil helps in the fight against viruses, fungal and yeast infections, bacteria.

Also, the drug promotes the renewal of tissue cells, accelerates the growth of healthy nail plates, improves immunity. With regular use of oil, it is possible to get rid of the nail fungus on legs and hands for a couple of months, to restore a healthy and beautiful appearance.

The oil has antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. The composition also acts soothing, which facilitates the treatment process and reduces painful symptoms, itching and burning.

The product is a highly concentrated liquid, so it does not apply to the skin in its pure form. It causes a burn. When treating fungus on nails, the drug is used undiluted.

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To improve efficiency, it is recommended to revise your diet. The diet should include food that increases immunity.


Before using the product, it is necessary to check for an allergic reaction. A small amount of substance is dripping onto the elbow. If half an hour later on the site there is redness, itching or burning, then apply tea tree oil against the fungus legs and hands is prohibited. Do not use the product for children under 3 years old. The possibility of use during pregnancy and during lactation is discussed with the attending physician.

It is allowed to dilute the preparation with vegetable oil. It is best to use olive.

Preparation for the procedures

To improve the effectiveness of treatment requires pre-training.

It consists in the following manipulations:

  • previously the nail plates are thoroughly cleaned (except for the intake of medicinal trays). To do this, it is enough to wash your feet or hands with laundry soap;
  • improves the efficiency of preliminary nails rasping. Especially recommended bath before bed;
  • after washing or baths, the limbs are thoroughly dried;
  • The affected plate is cut to the maximum. Thickened areas are removed with a file.

After the preparation, they proceed directly to treatment procedures. Tea tree oil from the nail fungus on the hands and feet is pipetted, with a cotton swab or a stick. Sticks and swabs must be discarded after each use.

Method of use

How to treat the fungus with tea tree oil? There are the following ways:

  • Rubbing. The oil is rubbed into the nails, previously washed and dried. For each plate, 1 drop of the drug is applied, gently rubbed into the surface. After treatment, the fingers are sealed with a disinfectant patch, kept for about 1 hour. Do not touch the skin during application, as the concentrate causes a burn. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day, the duration of the course is 10-15 weeks.

The procedure is recommended not only for treatment, but also for prevention. The agent treats the nails, dilute the composition - interdigital intervals.

  • Baths. To get the composition in 2 liters of water, dilute for 2 hours. spoons of salt and soda (you can make honey), 30-35 drops of tea tree oil from the nail fungus on the hands and feet. For steaming add food or sea salt. The extremities with diseased areas are kept in the bath for a quarter of an hour. At the end of the procedure, the feet are thoroughly dried. The session is conducted once a day, the duration of the course is up to 3 months. There are other recipes of medicinal trays. For example, in 2 liters of water stir for 4 hours. spoons of liquid soap, 10 drops of essential oil. Or in a half liter of water, dissolve 2 hours. spoons of hydrogen peroxide, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of lemon juice and 5 drops of essential oil. Withstands limbs in the bath 20-25 minutes. The components of the solution have a powerful antiseptic effect, which has a fatal effect on the fungal infection.
  • Compresses. Affected by onychomycosis, the nails are washed and dried, they are put on cotton swabs, previously moistened in the preparation. Compresses can withstand 15-20 minutes. When burning or itching, the bandages are immediately removed. The procedure is carried out 2 times a day for 2-4 months.
  • Ointments. To obtain a therapeutic ointment, an antifungal preparation prescribed by a specialist is mixed with a couple of drops of essential oil. The obtained composition is smeared with nail plates. You can use a normal cosmetic cream, which adds essential oils from the fungus of the nails.

Tea tree oil acts gently compared to pharmacological agents. Therefore, a complete cure requires at least 2 months, and the likelihood of a relapse exists within 1 year.


Combination of the above methods is allowed. For example, to make a bath, and then - massage. Or the first day to do the rubbing, in the second - compresses.

The next method of getting rid of the nail fungus on the legs and hands is to use the composition of the essential oil of tea tree and thyme with the addition of olive oil. With a ready solution, each fingernail is smeared, carefully rubbing the liquid. Withstand the composition for a quarter of an hour. Instead of olive oil, use sunflower, corn, linseed, etc. Such mixtures have a mild effect, do not damage the skin. Essential oils from the fungus of nails have antiviral and antiseptic effects.

Tea tree oil is recommended for the prevention and relapse of the disease. You can periodically perform the procedures mentioned above, or use the following method. Legs for the night are washed, thoroughly dried, then put on them socks made from 100% cotton. They are applied in different places drops of essential oil. Sleep in such socks all night. In the morning, rinse your feet with cool water.


Treatment of the nail fungus with tea tree oil refers to popular methods.

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This is explained by a number of advantages of the method:

  • efficiency. Regular procedures with the drug relieve onychomycosis on the hands and feet for 2-4 months;
  • universality. The composition has minimal contraindications to use;
  • convenience and ease of use;
  • availability. Essential oil is sold in any pharmacy and in a number of cosmetic shops;
  • compatibility with other drugs. Essential oil from nail fungus is combined with treatment with other means against the fungus at various stages of the disease. The use of the drug eliminates the infection at any stage. The difference lies in the duration of the course.


Treatment of the nail fungus with tea tree oil completely eliminates the infection, eliminates itching, burning. Also, the drug eliminates the unpleasant odor that occurs when the fungus develops. Positive reviews prove the effectiveness of treatment with essential oils. Availability and minimal contraindications allow the drug to be used for every person suffering from onychomycosis.

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The use of essential oils from nail fungus is safe. Natural substances do not have a toxic effect on the body.

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