Onychogriphosis - diagnosis and treatment


Onihogrifoz on the nails of the feet

Under the diagnosis of "onychography an unpleasant nail disease is concealed due to their deformation on the background of various factors. The healthy plate has a smooth surface or a small bulge. When a pathology occurs, it thickens noticeably, the natural form and shade changes. Such a nail resembles a claw of a bird of prey. In addition to a non-aesthetic appearance, it delivers a painful sensation when it grows into the skin, twisting in a spiral.


  • Symptoms of pathology
  • Main reasons
  • Diagnosis of pathology
  • Onychogrphosis treatment
    • Onihogrifoz treatment with folk remedies
  • Preventive measures
  • Onihogrifous reviews
  • Nail removal with onychriphysis (+18)

Symptoms of pathology

Started onychography


Most often, deformation occurs on the nails of the big toes. The first sign is pain in soft tissues under the nail plate, severe discomfort during wearing any shoes. Unpleasant sensations amplify at the slightest pressure.

Gradually, the plate thickens and begins to resemble an unnatural horny growth. The density becomes so strong that it can be shortened only after preliminary treatment and softening. The color changes to yellow-brown, sometimes becomes gray, it can even be pus under the nails.

Experts define two main stages of onychography:

  • Early: the symptomatology is expressed in the elevation of the nail above the soft bed, darkening. Patients note the curvature of the plate, often face a painful ingrowth into the skin.
  • Late: nails are twisted and resemble a claw of a bird with its non-standard form. The naked eye can be seen the appearance of deep longitudinal or transverse strips. At home, it becomes difficult to remove the length of such a build-up, so it is difficult for a person to move even in comfortable shoes, the quality of life deteriorates.
Referring to a specialist for complete treatment at an early stage, many problems and complications can be prevented.

Main reasons

Onihogrifoz on the nail of the big toe

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With the development of onihriphosis on the nails often encounter older people, but with certain factors it occurs in children and youth. At risk are fans of fashionable sharp-pointed shoes, professional athletes.

Specialists identify several main reasons for this deformation:

  1. Severe finger injury that caused damage.
  2. Infringement of blood supply of soft tissues and nourishment of a nail plate owing to squeezing tight shoes, non-professionally conducted pedicure.
  3. Disorder of the endocrine system.
  4. Heredity.
  5. Fungal infection.

Often, the pathology is a direct consequence of psoriasis, frostbite of the fingers, varicose veins. Experts are still studying possible factors that affect its occurrence. The only established fact is the obligatory interrelation of the violation of the process of feeding the nail, which leads to an abnormal growth of the cells forming the plate.

Diagnosis of pathology

Regardless of the cause, onychography of the nails of the hands requires systematic treatment. Noticing the first signs of changing the shape of the nails, you should consult a doctor-podologu or dermatologist, who initially conducts a thorough visual inspection, clarifies the possible injury.

In addition, the patient is assigned such tests:

  • Blood sampling for identifying the causative agent of syphilis (Wasserman's reaction), which can provoke a modification of the plate.
  • Measurement of the sugar level, showing the presence of diabetes mellitus (deformation of the nails is not uncommon in this serious illness).
  • Scraping the surface of the nail and the skin around it. This helps determine the fungal component in the cause of the disease, since onihogrifoz on the nails of the legs can be the last stage of mycosis disease.
If the main factor is heredity, then it is almost impossible to cure it.

Onychogrphosis treatment

Onihogrifosis pictures

With onihogrifosa on the nails, many patients turn to specialists already in a neglected state, which is difficult to cure. Many people simply ignore the primary changes in form and color, doing self-medication without a clear diagnosis.

In the treatment of onychography, the actions of the doctor are aimed at alleviating the patient's condition, reducing the thickness of the build-up and giving the nail a regular shape. For this, a partial or complete removal of the damaged stratum corneum after special treatment is performed. This facilitates soreness and promotes an early cure. The choice of method depends entirely on the cause of the disease.

To soften the damaged nail is used a special medical composition - onycholysin. It is based on sulfur barium and talc in the ratio of 15% and 85% respectively, and the method of application is quite simple:

  • the powdered drug is diluted with water to the state of cereal;
  • cover with a layer of a plate, leave for 30 - 40 minutes;
  • the product is washed off with warm water, gradually scraping the softened part.

To completely remove the problem nail, it takes up to 3 such procedures. For the period of therapy is mandatory to use a vitamin complex with a high content of calcium, selenium, zinc, vitamins E and A. This helps to increase the content of nutrients and nutrients that promote the accelerated growth of smooth marigolds. As external agents, ointments can be recommended:

  • retinol;
  • ichthyol;
  • with the content of gelatin.

In severe cases of onychography on the arms and legs, the doctor completely removes the nails along with the matrix. On the fingers of the hands try to keep the foundation, so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the appearance.

A good option for painless and high-quality removal is the use of a laser. The procedure itself under local anesthesia and takes several minutes. Given the minimal surgical intervention, complete healing is possible in two weeks.

Onihogrifoz treatment with folk remedies

It is impossible to completely cure onychography on the nails with the help of simple methods of traditional medicine, but it can alleviate the patient's condition, speed up healing. The most effective methods are:

  1. Compresses with a tea mushroom: previously the legs are steamed in hot water with the addition of iodine or sea salt. The peeled and washed piece of the tea fungus is applied to the nail, fixed with a bandage and left overnight. This procedure should be carried out every night for four weeks.
  2. Use of essential oils: mix in equal amounts of tea tree oil and fragrant lavender. After preliminary steaming, a few drops of the mixture are applied to the nail plate and covered with a thin patch. Such treatment is carried out at least 2 months and is more effective in case of a fungus pathogen.

Preventive measures

The disease is hard to treat, therefore, the podogi are advised to follow the rules for the prevention of onychriphosis:

  • wear only comfortable shoes of good quality;
  • be sure to treat diabetes, vascular changes and trophic ulcers;
  • do not run during fungal infections.
Experts advise to apply for advice at the slightest change in shape or thickening of nails, so as not to miss serious complications.

Onihogrifous reviews

Елена, 42 years, Krasnograd


My mother has this unpleasant disease, which she does not want to treat because of her character and senile age. Nails in such a terrible and frightened state that she really can not wear shoes. Everything is nothing, now it's summer and you can walk around in slippers, frightening your grandchildren, but the cold, and in shoes you really can not climb. She persistently does not want to go to the doctor, the argument is one - "what can they do there?". In short, climbed in the Internet, read the tips and decided to get my feet in soda and anointed with fir oil. Onihogrifoz on the nails of the legs began to gradually pass. Nails became softer and more comfortable to process them. Then, a familiar doctor advised ichthyol ointment, which really helped. Smeared for months six-seven and already as 2 years my mother's fingernails are in normal (as for her age) condition. It was advised to do an operation to remove the sick nails from the root, but was afraid that the mother would not suffer this nightmare. Thank God that everything is all right. All good and health.


Lika, 23 years old


My mother has similar nails as in the photos above. She is 53 years old and she categorically refuses to go to a specialist. And I really see that the nails are like the claws of a terrible bird. Really, the nails on the thumbs became a length of two centimeters from the edge of the finger and are strongly twisted. Friends / girlfriends advise antifungal ointments, but they are expensive and not sure that this will really help. Two weeks in a row made ether basins based on fir. After processing the nails became similar to normal, but I'm afraid that the problem is deeper and the disease will return.


Григорий, 36 years


Once Bati had a similar infection. The real advice is how to treat this onychography, so that it: Take the same proportions of fir tree oil and lavender oil (everything is freely sold in pharmacies). Then, all this is mixed and rubbed into the affected nail plate. In advance, you need to soak your feet in soda or manganese. All manipulations are carried out until the healthy nail plate grows. Do not thank.


Nail removal with onychriphysis (+18)

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