Genital Candidiasis


Genital candidiasis is an infectious disease caused by excessive activity of Candida fungi. With candidiasis, the genital organs suffer: the vagina and vulva in women, the foreskin andglans penis, scrotumin men. The disease does not belong to venereal infections, but it is similar in many ways to them. The disease is also called vulvovaginal candidiasis.


  • Causes of development
  • Clinical picture of genital candidiasis
  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment of the disease
    • Than treats folk medicine
      • Baking soda
      • Rock salt
      • Herbs
    • Lifestyle during treatment
  • Possible complications
  • Methods of prevention
  • Conclusion

Causes of development

The disease occurs due to a decrease in the protective properties of immunity. The main mode of transmission is unprotected sexual intercourse. The main reasons contributing to the disease include the following:

  • Long use of contraceptives - taking any oral contraceptives over 2 - 3 years lowers immunity, provokes the development of thrush.
  • Accepting a number of medications - this includes antibiotics, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants. A long course of treatment with such drugs should be prescribed by a doctor. To avoid
    chronic thrush, should be in parallel with strong drugs to take medications that normalize the microflora in the body.
  • Stressful situations - prolonged nervous tension depletes the human body, contributes to the development of candidiasis in the first possible case.
  • Pregnancy - expectant mothers often suffer from thrush. This is due to the fact that when the child is pregnant, the hormonal balance changes. Thrush is especially pronounced in the third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Genital candidiasis occurs in the vast majority of people with AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes and other chronic diseases.
  • It develops after the previous chemotherapy in patients with oncological diseases.

Candidiasis promotes spring and autumn hypovitaminosis, a sharp change in climatic conditions (for example: moving from one climatic zone to another). There are also possible mechanical causes of thrush development: first sexual intercourse, wearing of narrow underwear made of synthetic materials, long use of intrauterine device.


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Clinical picture of genital candidiasis

Genital candidiasis is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • At the beginning of the disease, a woman feels an itch, localized in the labia, vagina. Over time, the burning sensation intensifies. It is especially felt at night, interfering with sleep, and during the menstrual cycle.
  • Swelling of the mucosa. On examination, you can see swelling and redness of the vagina, clitoris, small labia.
  • Typical discharge - they can be abundant and sparse. Usually it is white discharge, in texture similar to cottage cheese. But the shade can vary from yellow to brownish. Allocations can also be liquid, but they will show white, single inclusions similar to grains of mango or cottage cheese. Unpleasant odor is possible.
  • Mucous membranes are covered with a coating (gray or white). The form of the plaque depends on the degree of the disease. Often, the mucosa appears cracks, they can bleed.
  • When the disease is neglected, all the mucous membrane becomes covered with a coating, under which are visible sores and erosion;
  • If the patient is ill with the primary-erased form of genital candidiasis, then the signs are practically absent. Women do not even suspect that this is a thrush.

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In menthrush on the peniscan be asymptomatic. This case is dangerous because the patient does not suspect the disease and is its carrier. After unprotected sexual contact, he will certainly infect his partner. If candidiasis occurs with symptoms, then on the head of the penis and foreskin you can see small red sores or pimples, possible rare discharge from the penis.

Candidiasis is characterized by painful sexual intercourse, especially from painful feelings, women suffer. As a result of this factor, both partners have decreased sexual desire.

A few photos:


Usually, the doctor makes a preliminary diagnosis after examining and analyzing the patient's complaints. Symptoms of candidiasis are pronounced, which makes it easy to establish the presence of the disease. The final diagnosis of the gynecologist will be after the results of the tests.

In women, a swab is taken from the walls of the vagina, in men - from the head of the penis. The material taken is examined and the presence of mycelial fungus is revealed. Sometimes doctors prescribe serological studies of biological materials.

If, as a result of the research, the presence of Candida fungi is higher than the norm, patients are diagnosed with thrush.


Candidiasis is not a venereal disease, so it is observed even in children. This is due to non-compliance with personal hygiene against a background of low immunity.


Treatment of the disease

Thrush brings a lot of trouble, bringing discomfort to both women and men. But this disease is quite amenable to therapy. In pharmacology there are many tablets, suppositories, ointments and other drugs that are actively fighting the disease. In cases where the thrush is chronic or acute, the therapy is aimed at lowering the level of fungi and restoring normal microflora.

In the treatment of thrush medicines of the following series are used:

  • Antibiotics of a number of triazoles are effective agents, the symptoms go away after the first dose, but doctors recommend that you take a repeat capsule after 5 days to avoid repeat thrush. The main drugs of this series are Flucostat, Diflucan, Mycosyst. Usually, the tablets are dispensed at a dosage of 150 milligrams.
  • Antibiotics polyene series - the course of treatment with the drug is 10 days. The main representatives: "Nystatin "Bifonazole".
  • Antibiotics of a number of macrolides - these medical products have a wide spectrum of action. They can be taken orally, based on a doctor's recommendation. The course of treatment is 10 days. The most famous drugs are "Pimafucin" and "Natamycin".
  • Combined medicinal substances are the most popular drugs, they combine several types of antibiotics. They can go in the form of ointments or candles. Often, their composition includes glucocorticosteroids - substances that have a rapid anti-inflammatory effect. This category is represented by "Terzhinan "Octycil Polizhinax ".

The dosage of the drug depends on each case and is prescribed by the doctor individually.

Most drugs, destroying fungi, suppress the normal microflora of the vagina. Therefore, in treatment should take funds that restore the normal level of lactobacilli. Often thrush affects not only the reproductive organs, but also the intestines. The doctor can recommend to drink a course of multivitamins, improving the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

When a thrush is found, you should undergo treatment for both sexual partners. Therapy of one partner is meaningless, since after unprotected intercourse the second person will again become infected with thrush.

Than treats folk medicine

Grandmother's recipes also help patients. But they should be combined with medicines.

Baking soda

Dissolve a teaspoon of soda in a liter of warm water. Use this solution for washing or syringing. Unpleasant symptoms (itching and burning in the anus) will quickly disappear, and the mucous membrane will fully recover.

Rock salt

Take two tablespoons of salt, dilute them in a liter of water. Boil the solution for three minutes. Add to it a tablespoon of soda and ten dropsiodine. Do syringing for five days.


Pour a liter of boiling water mixture of chamomile and marigold (mix two tablespoons of each dried flower). Infuse for a day, then strain through cheesecloth and use for douching, well helps ifscaly skin on the head.

Treatment with folk remedies shows effective results. But before using any prescription, you should consult your doctor.

Lifestyle during treatment

People who are treated for thrush should adhere to certain rules that will help to quickly recover and come to a normal state.

During treatment, one should abstain from any sexual contact in order to avoid re-infection. It is necessary to observe the thorough hygiene of the genitals. Women are encouraged to wash with warm water twice a day. During the menstrual cycle - after each change of the gasket or tampon.

Daily pads create an excellent environment for the reproduction of fungus and bacteria. It is worth not to use them. Synthetic underwear replaced with cotton.

Possible complications

Genital candidiasis increases the risk of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs in the female half of the population. In the case when the pregnant woman suffers from the milkwoman, the risk of premature birth increases, the birth of a baby with a small body weight. In addition, while passing through the birth canal, a newborn can become infected with thrush.

Candidiasis in men leads to the development of prostatitis. Perhaps appearancecandidiasis urethritisand balanoposthitis.

Methods of prevention

Genital candidiasis is much easier to prevent. For this, a number of specific measures must be followed. Prevention never guarantees 100% protection against any disease, but significantly reduces the risks of its development.

The basis of prevention is the following principles:

  • careful observance of all rules of personal hygiene;
  • safe sexual relations - in case of promiscuity, condoms should be used;
  • women need to use douche as rarely as possible. This procedure flushes out of the body all useful microflora;
  • timely treatment of any diseases;
  • in the case of antibiotic treatment should be simultaneously drink a course of drugs that normalize the microflora in the intestine;
  • revision of the diet, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweet and flour.


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Thrush- an unpleasant disease, but it gives in to treatment. At the first signs of the disease, you should see a doctor, take the necessary tests to make an accurate diagnosis. After a full course of therapy, all symptoms of genital candidiasis will disappear, and patients will forget about thrush.

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