Than to process footwear from a fungus of legs or foots and stops?


If you or someone from your family isfungal foot disease, it is worth considering how to handle shoes from the fungus. Handling things is not only an obligatory stage in the treatment of mycosis, but also a reliable way to prevent infection.

You are at risk if you visit swimming pools, bathhouses, solariums or put on shoes that someone wore before you.


  • Preparations for shoes against fungus
    • Spray "Mikostop"
    • Chlorhexidine
    • Miramistine
    • Concentrated Vinegar
    • Antifungal dryer Timson
    • Ozonerr Ozone Shoe Drying Oven
  • Conclusion

Preparations for shoes against fungus


Pharmacies and stores offer the following remedies for fungus and odor:

  • shoe sprays with disinfecting effect;
  • antiseptic solutions;
  • antifungal devices for drying shoes;
  • means of traditional medicine.

Let us dwell on each of them.

Spray "Mikostop"

The manufacturer of the drug spray "Mikostop" promises not only to disinfect your shoes, but also to solve the problem of sweating of feet and unpleasant odor.

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How to process shoes with this drug? "Mycostop" is sprayed on the entire inner space of shoes. Do this before bedtime, for several days (three to five). The product should also be applied to the feet, paying special attention to the nails and skin between the fingers.

Reviews about this spray are mostly positive. Everyone who used "Mikostop" in combination with other antifungal drugs, cured legs. The drug has no smell, does not spoil hosiery.

The authors of the reviews emphasize that for maximum effect, it is necessary to sprinkle the shoes of all family members with a spray. Do not forget about the home slippers. The processed things should be dried carefully, having exposed on a balcony or having taken advantage of a shoe dryer.

Offer and this option of applying the drug: in the boot or boot, put a cotton pad, moistened with a spray, then pack the thing in a plastic bag and leave it overnight. In the morning, do not rush to put on shoes, wind it on the balcony for a couple of hours.

You can wipe the "Mikostop" surface, which are in contact with the feet of a sick person (for example, a bath, the bottom of the shower, the bathroom floor).

The only negative of this drug is unreasonable packaging. The atomizer is inconvenient to use, since it does not work at an inclination. People complain about dirty hands and uneconomical spray consumption.


itinexpensive medicine, which is recommended to disinfect the skin of the legs, nails and all surfaces that come into contact with them.

With mycosis it makes sense to use only 1% chlorhexidine solution, from, 5% there will be no effect. Unfortunately, the concentrated form of the solution is rarely found on the market.

To destroy the fungus, moisten with a cotton pad and thoroughly wipe the insole and the inside of the shoe. Then pack the thing in a plastic bag and close it tightly so that the air does not get inside. After a few hours (or in the morning, if treatment was done at night), open the package. Do not forget to ventilate processed things on the balcony.

Concentrated chlorhexidine irritates the skin, as it breaks the protective fatty film and but some patients make baths with him, immersing their toes in the solution, and remain are satisfied with the result.

If you are looking for ways to treat surfaces and skin from a fungal infection at the lowest price, stop for chlorhexidine.


Another onepharmacy solution, which is used as a mild alternative to chlorhexidine. It costs more, but it has fewer contraindications, since it affects the skin sparingly.

One of the responses to this solution: I have been treating the fungus for many years on nails and feet. Tried Exoderil,tea tree oil, Chlorhexidine and other drugs. I still can not destroy this byaka, but there is improvement, it is especially noticeable in the summer, and in winter the fungus again makes itself felt. Now I began to daily process miramistin socks, pantyhose, shoes. It helps to maintain the nails in a normal way.

Miramistin is produced in vials with a nebulizer, so it is more convenient for them to wet the surface than chlorhexidine. To apply on the feet and nails, use Miramistin in the form of an ointment.

Concentrated Vinegar

This remedy for mycosis refers to folk. Do not try to disinfect things with ordinary table vinegar, you need40% acetic essence. Be careful with it, since this solution can easily burn the skin.

Use vinegar only for handling shoes for the night. Disadvantages of the remedy: a sharp vinegar smell, a risk of getting burns.

Make sure that the shoes you put on are completely dried after disinfection.

Antifungal dryer Timson

The device from the company "Timson" not only dries shoes, but also disinfects it due to ultraviolet radiation.

The instructions say that the device heats the air when drying to 60-70 degrees Celsius. The disinfecting effect is based on a combination of thermal and ultraviolet effects. The operating drier brightly glows blue-violet. On sale there is an adult and children's version of the dryer. "Timson" should be kept in shoes for at least 6-8 hours.

Judging by the reviews, the Timson dryer does not spoil things, warms them delicately, is not dangerous for any kind of skin and fur. However, some owners of the dryer have doubts whether it is effective in treating the fungus.

Ozonerr Ozone Shoe Drying Oven

Another technical tool for the disinfection of shoes at home is the "Ozonerr" dryer. It destroys moisture in 15 minutes, automatically shuts down, kills bacteria and fungi, relieves shoes of unpleasant odor. Such a miracle effect is achieved thanks to ozone generators.

Ozone dryer is more expensive than conventional and ultraviolet. You have to spend on it from a half thousand rubles. The minus of this invention - it is unknown how effective it is in the treatment of fungal infections. There are few reviews on Ozonerr and they are contradictory.


All these methods of decontamination will bring a 100% result in the case when they are used in combination with drugs prescribed by a doctor.

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When your feet and nails again become clean and beautiful, do not forget about the prevention of re-infection. After the fungus, continue to clean the feet and shoes with antifungal agents. First of all, this advice concerns those people who regularly visit public places "rich" with fungus.

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