Cracks in the anus


Fracture of the anus is a damage to the integrity of the opening of the rectum. This disease is equally common in children, older people and the elderly. Transition of the disease in a protracted stage is excluded when the anal fissure treatment is performed by folk remedies with drug therapy.


  • Main features
  • Background
  • Treatment
    • Rectal mode
    • Ointments
    • Surgical intervention
    • The application and action of traditional medicine
    • Diet
    • Evaluation of the results of surgical treatment
  • Reviews
    • Conclusion

Main features

The disease brings a lot of discomfort, sometimes the wound bleeds.


The main symptoms look like this:

  • sharp pain;
  • blood from the anus, which remains on paper, linen, feces;
  • irritation when sitting, walking.

Most patients are interested in the answer, how long does the affected area heal? With proper treatment, recovery comes in two days. However, patients can start the problem and a chronic crack will appear. Since the disease is serious, the Fissure and fistula of the anus and rectum are "entered in the registry - the code of μb 10 (K60).

At the child the illness sometimes passes without medicines, thanks to usual normalization of a chair. Symptoms are similar to the manifestation of a disorder as in adults, but the psychological health of the baby is significantly impaired. Parents are frightened by frequent mood changes, constant tears before the act of defecation, refusal of the pot.


The fissure of the anus in the child is formed as a result of constipation. Carefully follow the nutrition of the baby.



The ailment often appears in preschool children. Constipation and other pathologies of digestion in 2/3 of cases appear after the introduction of the first complementary foods.

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!When the rupture of the rectum is diagnosed, one should think about proper nutrition and adjust the diet. Sometimes even medications for treatment do not provide a predictable result in the event that the main factor is not eliminated.

Causes of initiating pathology in adults:

  1. The predominance of a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Mechanical damage to the intestinal tract.
  3. Developmentgenital candidiasis.
  4. Problems with the nervous system incite prolonged spasms of the sphincter.
  5. Features of the anatomical structure. For example, in women, the anus muscles near the anterior wall are weaker.
  6. Strong physiological stress on the body.
  7. Aftermath of childbirth. The enlarged uterus presses on the rectum, disrupting the blood circulation.
  8. Diarrhea induces mucosal irritation and bacterial infections.


How to treat problems with the rectum? In acute illness without severe bleeding, immediately begin treatment with ointments and suppositories with public facilities. Therapy simplifies the signs of the disease, promotes the normalization of the stool, relieves inflammation, removes irritation and painful sensations.

Rectal mode

The most effective candles from cracks in the anus are inserted directly into the area of ​​damage, so the action is instantaneous.

Consider the best suppositories that are used at home:

  • Natalsid is suitable for curing various anal bleedings, it is safe for women in the position.
  • Sea-buckthorn suppositories remove inflammation, scratches and eliminate infection.
  • Posterizan restores injured tissue, removes itching and inflammation.
  • Suppositories with propolis are effective for constipation.
  • Glycerin candles are effective as a laxative. Are sold with a dosage separately for children and adults.
  • Relief is appointed after 12 years.
  • Alginatol - anti-inflammatory suppositories, which are massively used to cure cracks, intestinal infections in a child of different ages.

When curing the disease in children, suppositories are combined with laxatives (for example Dufalac) to restore the intestinal tract, to simplify the excretion of stool.


Also, there are many creams, ointments and gels for healing anal wounds that are aimed at removing the inflammatory process, eliminate pain, itching.

To such substances, doctors attribute the ointment to cracks for rapid healing:

  • Heparin gel is prescribed for the treatment of a damaged anus, but only in the absence of bleeding. Appointed to the child, women in position.
  • Ointment Vishnevsky quickly heals and restores intestinal microflora. Applicable even in chronic form.
  • Ichthyol ointment disinfects.

Surgical intervention

Surgical therapy is performed exclusively if other options for 6 weeks did not help. In other words, if healing does not come. In medicine, there are a couple of types of surgical intervention. The final choice is made by the surgeon on the basis of examination, well-being and the stage of the disease.

Surgery for excision - the elimination of coarsened edges of the intestine with subsequent suturing. After the operation, wounds can reappear, as they are eliminated themselves, and not the prerequisites for appearance. Excision is performed with a scalpel or laser.

But protracted lesions in the anus can cause complications and scarring. A serious complication is purulent paraproctitis.

The application and action of traditional medicine

Eliminate the lesions of the anus with folk remedies probably when you apply low-cost recipes for making candles, preparing baths from plants, and also using infusions from plants for reinforcement result.

Let's analyze how quickly to cure violations of the rectum by washing with herbs:

  1. Folk remedy for aloe and fish oil. Take the aloe juice (3 years) and fat, on a tablespoon of each ingredient. Add the egg to the contents, stir and pour into the syringe. The course of treatment is up to 10 procedures by the way of insertion into the anus of the means (morning and evening).
  2. The crack of the rectum is treated in a different way: pour leaves of motherwort, plantain, chamomile on a teaspoon pour into a container with already prepared beeswax (150 g in liquid form). Mix and form suppositories (10 pieces). The agent is used daily three times a day.
  3. The following method, which has an excellent effect, looks like this: the plant contains celandine (one share), 3 shares of yarrow medicinal plants, common St. John's wort, chamomile pharmaceutical. Stir the contents and take from the mixture two tablespoons, fill with 250 ml of hot water. The product should be infused in the warmth for up to 3 hours (it is better to wrap the container). Drink 4 times a day for 125 ml.
  4. Healing Trayseliminate itching and cracks. You can apply a potassium salt solution of manganese acid, but it is advisable to use boiled onions in milk. It takes a half liter of liquid for four bulbs of small size. We put the vegetables in warm milk, cover the container and turn on a weak fire. Bring to a boil and pour the contents into a bowl. Adopt the position, sitting over a bowl, so that the steam could reach a painful place. Apply this option to therapy once every 7 days (4 times a month).
  5. Folk remedybased on propolis. It is necessary to initially cut the propolis into tiny parts and mix with butter one to three. We use a water bath, heating the mixture. Watch for wax to lie on the bottom. After the operation, the oil will darken, in comparison with the traditional white tone. Then the oil is drained without sediment. Lubricate the mucosa of the anus regularly up to a couple of times a week. It can be used by a child and an adult for prevention and treatment.


To cope with the disease associated with the digestive system and to avoid the occurrence of an illness, a strict diet is prescribed. Dairy and vegetable products are added to the nutrition menu. Excludes spicy, salty, fried, alcohol and bakery products.

The correct diet will restore the intestinal tract and release from constipation or diarrhea. The organism needs substances to restore the internal microflora of the intestinal tract.

Evaluation of the results of surgical treatment

After surgery, complications sometimes occur:

  • formation of an acute infectious process as a consequence of illiterate care;
  • if the operation is performed incorrectly, the doctor may accidentally damage the anus muscles performing the functions of a closing rectal valve.

When the doctor's recommendations before and after the operation are carried out, then one should not be afraid of the consequences. In most cases, the infection appears due to incorrect courtship of the hole, ignoring the doctor's advice.


Consider the reviews of patients after surgical treatment.

Anna:disturbed pain in the anus a couple of years ago. After the examination, the doctor determined an urgent operation, because the medications did not help, like traditional medicine. The stage was discovered neglected, and the pains were unbearable, and the anesthetic did not help as before.

After the operation, it took several months to recover, I could not normally sit down at first. However, after healing the anal opening felt relief, and was glad of the results (the doctor took a photo before and after the operation a month later, and I was surprised at such changes).

Elena:decided on the operation, because all the time worried painful pain. I tried all the traditional ways of life, but it did not help. I went to the doctor for an examination and also faced a big problem. The operation was performed under anesthesia, the pain was not felt. She recovered after a month, but she could not normally sit still.

The result is noticeable, since there are no such terrible pains, gradually the state began to improve. I do not regret the operation and thank the doctor. It is better to go to the hospital at the first sign of illness to avoid surgery.


The back passage as a result of frequent constipation or changes in the work of the intestinal tract is injured.

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Preventive measures and the use of traditional medicine recipes give their results. With timely access for help, you can avoid surgery and quickly restore lost health.

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