Thrush on the penis


Thrush in men on the head

Many representatives of the strong half mistakenly believe that such an intimate disease asthrush- this is purely "female" inflammation. Therefore, the appearance of white spots on the penis is not always associated with fungal infection and immunity problems. The disease has long been studied by specialists, it is well treatable. But, given the "special" location of the inflammatory process, men postpone the visit to the doctor, endangering their genito-urinary system.


  • The causes of thrush
  • Factors affecting the appearance of the disease
  • Symptomatology of the disease
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Method of treatment
  • Prevention
  • Thrush in men reviews

The causes of thrush

Thrush on the penis


Contrary to popular belief, the appearance of a male thrush on a penis is not always associated with sexual intercourse. The main cause of the disease is any decrease in local or general immunity, which can be caused by different reasons.

In 85-90% of cases, laboratory tests determine the fungus of the genus Candida albicans as the main pathogen. This type accounts for 9 out of 10 diagnosed cases of a male form of thrush. The fungus is conditionally pathogenic, which occurs on the skin or mucous membranes of almost every person. In the minimum amount of its colonies are contained in the intestine, from birth or younger age.

There are several main ways of infection with fungus candida, which affect its prevalence:

  • when using personal items of a sick person;
  • when visiting public bathing places;
  • during sexual intercourse with an infected partner's thrush.
Infection with a fungus in the sauna, shower or using underwear is associated with the physiological characteristics of the male body.

Factors affecting the appearance of the disease

Photo of a yeast infection on the penis

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A physically healthy man can never encounter the appearance of white spots on the penis and other symptoms of thrush. Candidial fungus is very common and easily suppressed by the immune system of men. But under the influence of some external or internal factors, the defensive forces can weaken and fail.

To the internal problems experts include:

  • inflammatory diseases of internal organs;
  • thyroid disease;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • dysbiosis;
  • severe leakage of ARVI or influenza with antibiotics;
  • anemia and other disorders of the process of hematopoiesis.

White spots on the penis photo

The greatest number of cases of manifestation of thrush in men on the head falls on patients suffering from diabetes at any stage. They have a strong disruption in the functions of the endocrine system, which significantly weakens immunity, can not withstand fungi and viruses.

Among the external factors influencing the reproduction of candida microorganisms, the following are especially prominent:

  • stressful situations and emotional shocks;
  • protracted depression;
  • increased fatigue, insufficient amount of rest;
  • heavy physical labor;
  • microtraumas of the genitals with poor-quality linen;
  • poor hand hygiene after visiting the toilet room.

Of great importance is the increased love of a man for taking water procedures with various detergents: often their aggressive the composition overcomes the thin skin on the penis, which leads to microcracks and the creation of ideal conditions for the onset thrush.

Symptomatology of the disease

Thrush on the penis photo

At the first stage, a man may be bothered by the appearance of several white spots on the head or the entire surface of the penis. They can itch and deliver great discomfort. After their single appearance, the redness can expand and lead to swelling of all the genitals.

The following external signs and symptoms should become the reason for immediate contact with a doctor:

  • presence of strong redness around the foreskin;
  • problems and pain when urinating;
  • burning even when touched by the penis;
  • feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin.

The main feature of male thrush on the penis is the appearance of whitish plaque. In its consistency, it resembles curdled milk or curds. In the first days of the disease, the plaque is easily removed during hygiene, leaving only white spots on the penis of a man.

The male form of thrush is characterized by the rapid growth of candidiasis colonies, which heavily cover the penis with a dense film. When it is removed, the inflamed skin is exposed with open erosions and wound marks. They can be painful, itchy and produce a clear purulent fluid. The surface of the genitals is highly swollen, which leads to pain during urination and sexual intercourse.

During a visit to the toilet, most men notice the fluid emerging from the urinary canal, which pushes them into thinking about the venereal nature of the disease. Incorrect treatment can lead to chronic form, frequent relapses and even the development of prostatitis at a young age.

Diagnosis of the disease

Men's thrush on the penis will not pass independently without the use of antifungal drugs. Therefore, the initial stage of treatment is a comprehensive diagnosis.

It includes:

  • blood tests for the presence of sexual infections;
  • a smear for bacterial inoculation;
  • Smears on the microflora and the presence of pathogenic bacteria;
  • visual research.

According to some external signs, the manifestation of thrush in men head may resemble chlamydia, gonorrhea or mycoplasmosis, so qualitative diagnosis will help identify the main type of pathogen.

Without fail, the expert should establish the latent factors influencing the occurrence of the male thrush. With exacerbation of internal diseases or dysbacteriosis, an additional examination may be required from a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist or urologist.

Method of treatment

If you find the primary signs in the form of white spots on the penis and the initial stage of the yeast infection, you can quickly and effectively get rid of the fungus with the help of local drugs. The most convenient are creams and ointments with a light consistency, which have a wide range of action:

  • Clotrimazole;
  • Miconazole;
  • Butoconazole;
  • Terconazole;
  • Pimafucin.

Clotrimazole ointment for treatment of thrush

Any cream or ointment should be applied at least 2 times a day immediately after taking a shower. A small amount of the product is squeezed out onto clean hands and gently rubbed into the head, rubbed over the entire surface of the penis. In addition, the effect can be enhanced by trays with antiseptics, decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort, or marigold flowers.

Men rarely consult a specialist in the appearance of primary symptoms, delaying to more serious complications. Therefore, treatment is supplemented by complex systemic drugs in the form of tablets or soft capsules:

  • Fluconazole;
  • Diflucan;
  • Flucostat;
  • Itraconazole.

Such compounds are taken according to a certain scheme, based on the degree of defeat of the genitals and the severity of the symptoms. Usually the therapeutic course does not exceed two weeks.

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A more complicated scheme of treatment is necessary for the chronic form of thrush: it should be carried out with short-term pulse courses with interruptions for several weeks.


The basis for the prevention of thrush in men on the head is the maintenance of general health. Constant exercise, a full diet will help strengthen the body and the immune system. Additional measures of prevention can be:

  • prevention of sexual contact;
  • treatment of all chronic diseases;
  • vitamin therapy;
  • observance of a quiet mode of work and rest.
At the initial stage, the thrush of the penis in a man can easily be treated, so timely the reference to the specialized specialist will help to avoid costly treatment of more complex inflammations.

Thrush in men reviews

Egor, 30 years old


I met the girl four years. As it turned out later, it was from her that I contracted the milkwoman, and she did not have any symptoms at all, and I constantly climbed something. Tried to be treated independently by folk methods: a tablespoon of potassium permanganate in warm water and cotton wool processed his farm. The effect was, but not for long, and they do not sell manganese nowhere. I did not want to go to the doctor for a long time, but when the symptoms came back with a new force I had to turn to a specialist. I handed over all the tests and examined them. As I suspected, I had a thrush on my penis. The doctor immediately said that it is impossible to cure completely the milkwoman, such a feature of the organism is this. I did not believe and persistently planted my liver with various antibiotics and smeared with all sorts of clotrimalols.

If they helped, then literally for a week, then again all for a new one. As a result, we parted with the girl, and my tortures continued. The solution to the problem came by accident. At work, my colleague advised me to treat the places affected by the fungus with a tincture of chamomile and chlorhexidine. The tincture is usually done: the flowers of chamomile are taken as usual. Fill with water and alcohol, insist. Before applying a compress of tincture, the penis head was treated with chlorhexidione. Fungus was only 10-12 days, and I suffered six months. Something like this. Maybe someone will not help, but it helped me, all the more it costs a penny.


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