Trichophytosis on the face of children


Trichophytosis on the face of a child

Different types of dermatomycosis are fungal diseases that affect the smooth skin. They bring a lot of problems, provoke complications on internal organs and systems. Among all the causes that cause lichen formations on the face or body, in 90% of dermatologists identify trichophytosis in different forms. One of the most common is ringworm on the face of a child, which often affects the delicate baby skin.


  • General information about the disease
  • The main causes of the disease
  • Indirect causes of inflammation
  • Clinical manifestations
  • Chronic form
  • Treatment of trichophytosis on the face in children
  • Trichophytics on the face of folk methods
  • Preventive measures
  • Trichophytia reviews

General information about the disease

Trichophytiaon the face of the child - the most common form of fungal diseases. It is expressed in the formation of lichens of different sizes. There are several main variations:

  • superficial on smooth skin;
  • chronic;
  • infiltrative-suppuration.

Each presented form may appear on a specific area of ​​the skin. Quite often there are mixed variants, when in one zone the disease can have signs of several species. The process may involve nails or hair.

The main causes of the disease

Trichophytia photo in children

The main pathogens are common anthropophilic fungi. They multiply only in the cells and pores of the skin. They can be located in the tubers of hair follicles, feeding on useful substances that the body delivers to the surface of the epidermis. Gradually infected area changes shape, it can appear purulent places with secretions.

There are two main types of trichophytosis according to the source of infection:

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  • anthropophilic;
  • zoophilic.

In the first case, the source of the disease is a person. Children easily "share" with each other disputes. Often, such problems arise after a rest in a summer camp or when a child visits an educational institution. This is possible with the use of common personal effects, bed linen, towels or combs, poor hygiene of hands or face.

With the second zoophilic form, the main source of occurrence is contact with the diseased animal. Many children, despite the prohibition of parents, play with stray cats, can iron the neighbor's dogs. Numerous cases of transfer of trichophytosis externally by healthy domestic rodents or other animals.

Most often, lichen appears on the face, since the skin of the child in this area is particularly thin and sensitive. Any scratch or scratch can lead to microcracks or almost unnoticeable injuries. When a spore or thread of a fungus enters the damaged area, their active reproduction and colony formation begins.

Indirect causes of inflammation

With lichen education on the skin most often occur in children aged 5 to 12 years. In most cases, the immunity after contact with spores of the fungus confronts them and destroys them.

But some categories of kids are in the risk zone for certain reasons:

  • weakening of immunity against respiratory diseases;
  • ARVI;
  • diabetes;
  • blood diseases;
  • disruption of the normal functioning of the intestinal tract;
  • malnutrition of the child, devoid of vitamins and useful components.

Sometimes, the lichen manifests itself after a stressful situation, which the child experienced. Weaken the body can a long and uncontrolled intake of strong antibiotics that destroy healthy bacteria in the intestines, disrupt the imbalance.

Clinical manifestations

Diarrhea on the face of the baby photo

Trichophytosis on the face of a child or lichen shows itself differently depending on the sex of the child:

  • In boys during puberty, it can completely disappear under the influence of the production of specific organic acids and growth hormones.
  • In girls, the disease can flow into a chronic form and cause damage to the blood vessels on the face.

The disease begins with the appearance on the cheek of a clear patch of pink color, which has a rounded shape. It gradually increases in size and slightly rises above the epidermis. On its edge are the smallest bubbles, filled with a white turbid liquid.

In the second stage, the stain begins to flake and itch appears. In the center there is a peculiar pattern and crust after bursting of bubbles.

Chronic form

Ringworm on the neck photo

If trichophytosis on the face of a child was not treated qualitatively in childhood, it can develop into a chronic form and go to other parts of the skin. The spots acquire a cyanotic color, appear on the limbs, cover the back and chest, large folds of the skin. The sole becomes thickened with multiple painful cracks.

Deep form can manifest purulent discharge and the formation of large furuncle nodes. Infection passes to internal organs, lymph nodes become inflamed, and serious long-term treatment in a hospital is required.

Treatment of trichophytosis on the face in children

Exoderil cream from lichen on the face

If the parents in time suspected trichophytosis in their child, treatment can be limited to the use of local products of sparing effects. The dermatologist selects the drug on the basis of a carefully conducted laboratory study of scraping from the surface of the skin of the face.

Given the age of a small patient, the main means of therapy are light ointments and solutions:

  • Exoderyl;
  • Thermic;
  • Ketoconazole;
  • Lamisyl;
  • Clotrimazole.

Application must be done according to the instructions. The usual course of treatment with such compounds is at least one month. It is carried out not only to complete visual cleansing of the skin on the cheeks or chin, but also to the confirmed disappearance of the fungus pathogen.

As effective aids, experts advise daily treatment of trichophyton-affected areas with the help of:

  • iodine solution;
  • sulfuric or sulfuric-zinc ointment.

If the surface of the fungal formation is covered with oozing crusts, you can make compresses with furatsilinom or ichthyol, rinse with potassium permanganate. At the time of treatment, special attention should be paid to hand hygiene, constantly wash them after touching the focus of infection. Parents should pay much attention to strengthening immunity and proper nutrition of the ill child.

Trichophytics on the face of folk methods

Tincture of calendula from fungus

Treatment of trichophytosis in children should be carried out only with special antimycotics, but the use of folk recipes can speed up the treatment process, relieve inflammation and unpleasant symptoms. A good effect is the use of medicinal herbs and plants in the form of a decoction: chamomile, bay leaf, marigold or string.

It is possible to remove the possible itching and cope with mycosis by treating the skin with tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil. The old methods speak of the use of various ointments based on birch tar, propolis, which additionally contribute to the healing of the skin.

Preventive measures

The main prevention is to isolate the sick child and maximize the hygiene of the rest of the family. Reduces the risk of infection:

  • use of individual towels and linen;
  • exclusion of contact with street animals;
  • control over the health of the child and his immune system;
  • constant inspection by parents of pets.

Observance of simple rules and security measures will help to avoid the occurrence of this unpleasant disease.

Trichophytia reviews

Юля, 29 years


We bought our forage for the birthday (11 years) of the shepherd puppy, very much requested. After a couple of months, a red stain appeared on his face. At first I thought of an allergy or irritation, but after a week the spot became more and I took him to the pediatrician. The doctor examined his son and diagnosed - trichophytosis on his face or ringworm. I was frightened, but the doctor calmed me down, saying that such a fungus is affected by almost all active children at this age. Has registered ointment and tablets Termikon on 150 mg on one in day after meal. But from the tablets, I shave refused, but the cream very much helped. Smeared about a week (7-8 days) for two or three times a day and as a result, the lichen was gone. Girlfriends advised Ointment Lamizil type European quality, but the price is very high. My mother advised me to make compresses based on acetic acid, but I was afraid that the children's skin would not survive.


Cyril, 30 years old


Hello. I want to share an unusual way how to cure ringworm. I used to have several times on my head, and for a long time could not cure... until our grandmother learned from her friend an old and simple recipe: take two tablespoons of ordinary soda, dilute in warm water (, liter), add 20 drops of iodine 5%, mix with a cotton swab or a swab to coat the affected a place. Personally, my mother smeared 5 times a day every three hours. Until this method was tried, no funds at that time did not help. Because of the stains on the face and head, they did not want to let him into school. Such creams as Lamizil and Terbinoks were not then, so it was necessary to get out of people's methods, which turned out to be workers. Thank you for attention)


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