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Asbestine or asbestos-shaped lichen is a disease around which dermatologists are constantly debating. It affects the skin on the scalp and has several different medical names:keratosis follicular,Pitiriasis asbestos. The disease is characterized by the development of a serious inflammation, which can be caused by various causes.


  • The main causes of the disease
  • Asbestos-like lichen symptoms
  • Diagnostic features
  • Asbestos-free lichen treatment
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Asbestine lichen reviews

The main causes of the disease

The first mention of the asbestos-shaped lishy occurs since 1806, when this form was completely separated from the shearing variety of fungal disease. According to experts, inflammation can begin because of:

  • manifestations of the initial stage of psoriasis;
  • complications in the backgroundseborrheiceczema;
  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • atypical course of streptococcal infection;
  • individual manifestations of allergies to various diseases;
  • trauma to the head or skin.
In some cases, even serious laboratory tests do not help to establish the root cause of this disease with 100% accuracy. Sometimes asbestos-shaped lichen can develop as a complication after simplefungal inflammation. Most often it affects children and adolescents, as well as people who have weakened immunity.

Asbestos-like lichen symptoms

Asbestos-shaped lichen on the head

Its unusual name asbestos-shaped lichen was received for characteristic peeling of the damaged area of ​​the head. It resembles the externally white fibers of an asbestos chemical.

In addition, the main symptoms are:

  • localization in the forehead and crown area, much less often on the back of the patient;
  • peeling has a light gray or silver hue;
  • scales cover not only the inflamed skin depriving, but also the hair itself;
  • The hairs do not break off, but they look lifeless and dull;
  • there is a constant itch.

The foci do not have a distinct shape, resembling blurred spots. Almost always the scalp in this place is inflamed and slightly swollen. At this type of disease, the scarred scales strongly adhere to the hair and skin surface, creating a thin white film. They disrupt the normal blood supply and nourishment of the hair follicles, as a result of which the onset of the inflammatory process is possible. When removing this plaque, the damaged skin of bright pink color may be exposed.

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Asbestos-shaped lichen on the head - a disease that is often chronic and manifested with a sharp decrease in immunity, against a background of stress or inflammatory processes in the body patient. Hair can actively fall out in the area of ​​education depriving, and with improper treatment it develops into a real psoriasis. At a later stage, the histological picture can be supplemented with:

  • dystrophic changes in hair roots and sebaceous glands secreting subcutaneous fat;
  • a small infiltration in places of lichen formation, which is expressed in purulent translucent secretions.

Asbestos-shaped lichen on the baby's head

When developing in girls, the disease can go from the hair to the thin skin behind the ears. This is fraught with the formation of cracks, microtrauma, which can secrete fluid. In adult women, asbestos deprivation is often a response to prolonged drug treatment for various chronic diseases. In this case, the head is covered with a large number of small foci that do not have a specific localization.

One of the unpleasant symptoms is itching. Given that most of the sick are children, some parents mistakenly take asbestos-shaped lice for lice, and peeling for dying nits. Sometimes the itching sensations are so strong that it is necessary to treat the whole wounds that the patients are causing themselves.

Diagnostic features

If suspected of asbestos-shaped lichen, a thorough and comprehensive diagnosis is performed in a modern laboratory. This is due to a strong similarity with eczema, psoriasis or other dermatitis. Therefore, an important component is an additional examination by profile doctors: a surgeon, a dermatologist, a neuropathologist.

When taking a biological scraping or scaling particles, fungi can be detected for analysis. Their detection helps to determine correctly the treatment and prevention of the disease.

Asbestos-free lichen treatment

When an asbestos-shaped lichen occurs, only complex treatment gives a good effect. The most common cause of formations are spores of various fungi:trichophytons, epidermophytonor mycospores. To eliminate them, experts recommend using antimycotic drugs:

  • Clotrimazole;
  • Solution Exoderm;
  • Lamisil;
  • Itraconazole;
  • Griseofulvin.

The solution of the Exoderm from the lichen on the head

Such compounds are better to choose in the form of a cream or ointment, but they are applied to the previously cleaned skin. This procedure is the main difficulty, since the smallest scales are deprived of a close fit to the epidermis. For easy removal of these horny lamina it is necessary to pre-apply the wrap with salicylic oil for 12 hours (at night). After that, the hair is washed with a mild baby shampoo and gently combed with a thick crest. Sometimes such antifungal treatment is delayed for several months.

In addition, the patient is prescribed the following medications:

  • Antihistamines (anti-allergens), which are good for removing unpleasant itching.
  • Complexes containing a large amount of sulfur and B vitamins (especially B6 and B12).

With positive dynamics, this course of treatment persists for several weeks until all signs of the disease disappear completely.

Traditional methods of treatment

When an asbestos-shaped lichen occurs, the main treatment can be supplemented with effective recipes from traditional medicine. For them it is recommended to use herbs with pronounced antiseptic and disinfecting properties:

  1. Rubbing of the juice that stands out from the vine.
  2. Preparation of a useful product from calendula and castor oil. The products are mixed in equal proportions, slightly insisted and applied once a day. This helps to soften the crusts and heal the inflamed skin area.
  3. Treatment depriving qualityapple cider vinegarseveral times a day.

As an immunity-strengthening method, you can take broths that stimulate the body to fight the disease:

  • take an empty bowl of sea buckthorn oil on an empty stomach;
  • to use three times a day brewed linseed (1 tsp for a glass of boiling water);
  • for several weeks to drink infusion of echinacea purple.

Seabuckthorn oil

At the time of treatment, you must comply with hygiene, constantly change bed linen and handle the comb. Parents should pay more attention to the prevention of any disease, strengthen immunity, so as not to encounter a relapse of asbestos deprivation in their children.

Asbestine lichen reviews

Katya, 35 years old


My son 8 years on vacation there was an incomprehensible ecdysis on his head. At first we thought about dandruff and treated with anti-dandruff shampoos, but nothing helped. Then they decided to go to a pediatrician who diagnosed pediculosis. We treated pediculosis, but the peeling did not pass, and the head was itched at the son very strongly. Two weeks later he went to the dermatologist, he diagnosed asbestos-like lichen on his head and prescribed a solution (drops) for Lamisil and Itraconazole cream. Hardly had time to get rid of depriving by the beginning of the academic year. I advise you to address such problems to the experts.


Maxim, 31 years old, Poltava


Hello. I want to share my experience of rapid treatment of asbestos-like lichen. He was ill with this kind of fungus about 15 years ago, but the way of treatment is still effective. I picked up the lichen in the village, accordingly, my grandmother treated me. Recipe for lichen: Grandmother took ordinary alcohol (you can salicylic or boric), wetted cotton wool or gauze and wiped her head. After the alcohol dries, she applied birch tar to the affected places. Above, neatly put on a plastic bag and in this form I walked 1-1.5, then everything was washed off with warm water. It was scary, but after 5-6 of these procedures, there was no trace of the fungus. The method is simple, cheap, safe, and most importantly, effective. All health and well))


Juliana, 26 years old


At my daughter in 5 years on a head in hair the skin has begun to be shelled. I googled, the symptoms were very similar to mypes. She did not take risks and threw away the variant of folk medicine and immediately went to the doctor. He looked, said that this is asbestos-shaped lichen... not dangerous and at the first stages is easily treated. They bought a cream of lamizil and smeared them for eight days. The cream, though expensive, but the result justified itself. Now the daughter does not have a fungus, and the cream still has almost a whole tube.


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