Treatment of nail fungus in children of different ages


Nail fungus in children

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Fungus on the nails oronychomycosis- An unpleasant disease that requires compulsory treatment. It threatens not only spoiled nails, but also serious complications in the work of internal organs. Particularly affected by the problem of children whose immune system can not cope with harmful fungi.


  • Causes of the disease in children
  • Why does onychomycosis occur in children?
  • Symptoms of the disease
  • Features of onychomycosis diagnostics in children
  • Treatment of nail fungus in infants
  • Features of treatment of onychomycosis in children

Causes of the disease in children

Onychomycosis in a child 4 years old


All lesions of nail fungi in medical terminology are called "onychomycosis". The vast majority is easily transmitted by contact and is an infectious disease. The child often "gets" it from relatives or friends, in contact with contaminated things or toys.

Calling different forms of nail inflammation can:

  • fungi of the yeast genus;
  • dermatophytes;
  • epidermophytes.

Many of them are part of the microflora, for a long time are on the skin or mucous in a passive "sleeping" state. With adverse factors, the fungus begins to actively multiply and affect the marigold of the baby on the hands or feet.

Experts unequivocally assert that the main reasononychomycosisin children - a strong weakening of immunity. This can be a consequence of chronic or colds, unbalanced nutrition or microflora disorders in the intestine. Fungus often affects a child after suffering stress in the family or school, with non-compliance with basic hygiene.

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Why does onychomycosis occur in children?

Fungus on the nails of the girl 7 years old

The appearance of a fungus on the nails of a child is possible at any age. But it will be different ways of getting the pathogen in the children's body:

  • For infants, contact with parents becomes the main source of infection. This may be a consequence of improper care for crumbs, in the presence of illness in one of the parents. Fungi penetrate from the mother's skin through microcracks on the nail.
  • Kids of the first year of life actively explore the room, using for the game any interesting things. Many fungi with microscopic particles of epithelium fall on clothes, furniture or toys, where they remain active.
  • Preschoolers and adolescents often "get acquainted" with pathogenic fungi when visiting the school pool, sports sections or using personal belongings of family members. Parents hard to keep track of the child did not try on someone else's shoes or used to wipe only his own towel.

Especially at risk children who have increased sweating of the palms or feet. Their skin represents an ideal environment for the reproduction of fungus, the onychomycosis. Most often, the problem occurs in school-age children who have reduced immunity, poor nutrition, or a sedentary lifestyle.

Symptoms of the disease

Onychomycosis in children photo

In most cases, parents notice the fungus infected by the fungus not immediately. Onychomycosis in children does not cause pain, so babies do not complain about discomfort. Regardless of age, the symptoms are almost always the same:

  • the nail becomes thin, easily breaks and falls apart;
  • dimples, furrows and other irregularities appear;
  • natural pink shade brightens or turns yellow, can become whitish;
  • on the nail can be detectedwhite spots or stripes;
  • the free edge crumbles, departs from the skin.

In neglected condition, the cuticle around the baby's nail strongly reddens and swells, burning or itching appears. Adults often take it for an inflamed abscess or a hangnail, are engaged in self-medication.

Features of onychomycosis diagnostics in children

At least once a month, perform a full inspection of the child's nails and if symptoms appear, contact the mycologist

If parents suspected a nail fungus in a one-year-old child, they should seek advice from a dermatologist or a mycologist. Usually, the diagnosis begins with a small patient and a detailed survey of his parents. In 70-80% of cases it turns out that one of the close family members is an active carrier of the fungus. In addition to onychomycosis, often the doctor reveals the trauma of the nail, its ingrowth or curvature.

Additionally, a specialist can prescribe blood and urine tests that will help determine the cause of immunosuppression. If the child has an irregular stool or problems with indigestion, the study of microflora for dysbiosis is also included in the diagnostic plan.

The main analysis is scrapings and examination under a microscope of particles of nails. This is necessary to identify the type and subspecies of the fungus, the choice of the drug with the most effective composition and components. If onychomycosis in a child is started and there are already pustules on the skin around the nail, an additional analysis for the presence of harmful bacteria may be required.

Treatment of nail fungus in infants

Practically 100% of kids receive onychomycosis from infected parents. The latter have no idea of ​​the correct structure of the plate and are often surprised when the pediatrician on a routine examination reports the presence of the disease. They write off uneven layering marigolds for lack of vitamins in breast milk or hereditary characteristics.

Experts warn that the reason to apply to a dermatologist should be:

  • the appearance of peeling between the fingers of the newborn, which does not disappear after treatment with cosmetic oil;
  • cracks and atypical keratinization on the sole of a baby who does not know how to walk alone.

Treatment of infants of the first year of life should proceed only under the supervision of a doctor who determines the medications, calculates the dosage. Experts try to limit themselves to the use of creams and ointments of local action. This allows you to reduce the risk of complications of internal organs.

Griseofulvin tablets 150 mg with onychomycosis

Kids are recommended to useGriseofulvinorFluconazole. They are daily rubbed into the marigolds and the skin around, lubricate the sole or palms if necessary. The main problem is not to give the newborn a lick of fingers covered with antifungal cream. To do this, you can use blouses with mittens "anti-scratch sew up the sleeves for the time of treatment.

Periodically lubricate the nails with iodine solution, wipe with Miramistin. Steps can be washed with decoctions of useful herbs: oak bark, chamomile or cowberry leaves. Support the immune system and improve the functioning of the intestines by adding a vitamin complex. If the baby is breastfed, the nursing woman takes the vitamins.

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Features of treatment of onychomycosis in children

Clotrimazole ointment from fungus

Diagnosis of nail fungus in a preschooler or adolescent differs little from an adult's examination. The doctor should not only determine the type of pathogen, but also identify the diseases of the internal organs, which led to the development of infection.

The method of treatment depends on the age of the child and the type of fungus. Nails on the hands or feet are recommended to handle:

  • Clotrimazole;
  • Itraconazole;
  • Nystatin;
  • LeVoron.

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They are released in the form of a light spray or cream. In the initial form of onychomycosis in children, you can limit yourself to special therapeutic varnishes: Batrofen,Exoderilor Loceril. Antimycotics in the form of tablets are used only with a complicated form of the disease, which threatens inflammation of the internal organs.

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