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Ringworm on the head of a child

Ringworm type is a fungal disease, most commonly found in children under 14 years old. It is characterized by a high risk of infectiousness and is characterized by the formation of scaly foci on the scalp. Knowledge of the nature and external signs of the disease will help parents to recognize the problem in time and prevent complications. In this review, we will discuss in detail how to treat ringworm on the head of a child, what medicines to use and preventive methods.


  • Main reasons
  • The main symptoms of the disease
  • Features of diagnosis of the disease in children
  • Treatment of fungal disease
  • Prevention within the family
  • Ringworm responses

Main reasons

Ringworm on the head in a child is a fairly common form of fungal skin lesions. Its pathogens may be fungi or some types of viruses. Among all types of mycosis, two main fungi show the greatest activity in ringworm infestation:

  • microsporium;
  • trichophytosis.

The main cause of the disease in all cases is a sharp weakening of immunity in the child due to certain reasons:

  • overwork after intensive school hours;
  • transferred colds or viral diseases;
  • exacerbation of allergies;
  • scratches and abrasions on the skin;
  • excessive allocation of sweat.
Often, lichen manifests itself against the background of chickenpox, exacerbation of the herpes virus or acute imbalance of vitamins in the child's body. There are children at risk who have severe chronic diseases of the intestinal tract and immunity.

Mycosis is divided into two main types depending on the factor provoking it:

  • Zoonotic: a widespread form of infection, in which spores of the fungus enter the children's body after contact with the infected animal. In addition to stray cats or dogs, the carriers of ringworm are some species of rodents, horses or cows. Infection can occur even after the hair of a diseased animal hits the baby's skin, damaged by scratching.
  • Anthropogenic: in this form, infection occurs from a person who is the carrier of a contagious fungal spore. In addition to direct communication, a child can get dangerous particles through the use of personal belongings and household items.

Dermatologists warn of possible infection with ringworm infants after visiting public hairdressing salons, kindergarten or school camps.

The main symptoms of the disease

Ringworm on the head of a baby photo

Advice from a dermatologist ...Itching, rash and peeling of the skin signals that the body at all screams about the problems. What do these symptoms say, we asked the chief doctor Rykov Sergey Vladimirovich ...Read more...

The first characteristic feature that should alert parents is the appearance of small-sized pink and reddish spots on the scalp with a diameter of no more than, cm. Sometimes they can appear on the eyebrows of a child or affect the line of eyelash growth. A few days later, the redness in these places is falling, active peeling of the skin surface begins.

Hair in the places of formation of ringworm become lifeless and easily break off in a few millimeters from the surface. This creates the impression of a short cut area, which gave the name to this type of fungal disease. You can identify the main symptoms:

  • all the spots have a practically regular rounded shape;
  • The area of ​​lichen is covered with small whitish scales resembling flour;
  • The lichen is surrounded by a roller of bubbly peel, which looks like a double ring.

Ringworm in children on head photo

Many mothers do not know what ringworm looks like, confusing it with other skin diseases. In a mild form, the dermatophytosis on the child's head may look like a strong manifestation of dandruff, which appeared suddenly without a specific cause. Foci cause mild or unbearable itching, giving the child discomfort and unpleasant sensations. If the fungus of the genus Microsporum was involved in the infection, the disease may be accompanied by fever, fever, and a marked increase in lymph nodes. This form of the disease is called scab and is the most serious type of complication.

In children who are naturally prone to the manifestation of allergies, often there is a complex erythematous-edematic form of lichen. It is characterized by severe burning, suppuration and swelling of the infected areas. Their surface is covered with small bubbles and a rash with discharge of liquid, crusts, the child becomes whimsical and practically does not sleep from itching.

Features of diagnosis of the disease in children

At the first suspicion of the formation of ringworm parents should show the child to a specialized specialist. The treatment is handled by a pediatrician in conjunction with an infectious disease specialist or dermatologist.

The main purpose of the diagnosis is to determine the type of fungus that caused the disease. Ringworm on the head of a child strongly resembles eczema, spots of vitiligo or exacerbation of psoriasis. The exact information can give:

  • Study of lichen spots under a special Wood lamp, which give a special kind of glow;
  • the study in the laboratory of scrapings and debris of the peeling epithelium.

In addition, hair follicles are taken for analysis, and the surface is inspected with a microscope.

Treatment of fungal disease

Complex therapy with ringworm can last from a month to two. If ringworm is found only on the head, the basis is local treatment. It consists in the multiple treatment of the affected area with antifungal agents:

  • Nitrofungin;
  • Terbinafine;
  • Ketoconazole;
  • Exodermil.

In addition to such medicinal ointments, daily it is necessary to lubricate lichen with various formulations on the basis of iodine, which disinfects the surface well and destroys spores of fungi: Joddicerin or Vokadin. This procedure is carried out several times a day.

A good effect is the addition of treatment with sulfuric or tar ointment, treatment with salicylic powder. It is recommended to shortly cut the child once a week to improve the treatment. The head needs to be washed using special anti-fungal shampoos such as Exoderyl.

Nitrofungin solution from fungus

With a more severe course of ringworm (scab or erythematous form), a specialist strongly recommends supplementing local treatment with a course of tablets such as Griseovulfin or a more gentle Lamisil. This helps to completely get rid of the fungus in the skin and hair follicles. As an auxiliary therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures, UV or electrophoresis, the use of vitamin complexes and immunostimulants can be prescribed.

Prevention within the family

For the period of treatment from the manifestation of ringworm the child is forbidden to visit children's and educational institutions. Given the possibility of infection, all family members must adhere to safety rules:

  • to allocate to the sick child separate sleeping and personal accessories;
  • carefully handle the bathroom after disinfection with a disinfectant solution;
  • all clothing and linen ironed with a hot iron;
  • wipe furniture and other items with antiseptic compounds.

Parents should remember about the high risk of the disease, so you need to teach the baby not to touch the animals on the street, thoroughly wash his hands even after playing with a pet. Attention to the health of crumbs and care for its immunity will help a small organism cope with the fungus and suppress its development.

Ringworm responses

Angela, 34 years old


One of these days has found out at our kid (the boy of 6 years) two hearths depriving behind an ear. I was very frightened that the lichen did not go over to my face. Sore, I think, was passed from a kitten, whom we gave a month ago. The hosts are clean people, they take care of the animals, but apparently they did not follow this moment. In general, went to the doctor, he prescribed the ointment Clotrimazole. At first I was afraid to smear the baby's cream so that there was no allergic reaction, but when the lichen became spread to the neck, there was nothing to do - applied ointment twice a day (after breakfast and before sleep). And luck, literally in 10 days, ringworm is completely gone. Foci of lesion quickly became crusted and pootpadali.


Pavel, 25 years old, programmer


At my brother (11 years) on a neck there was a large red stain the size of a matchbox. My mother sent me to the polyclinic. The doctor looked at the magnifying glass, read something, grumbled and diagnosed - ringworm of the scalp. I prescribed Terbinafine tablets 150 mg not more than once a day and the same cream. They wanted to buy an advertised cream Lamizil, but it was very expensive. Smeared two or three a day. For a week from depriving nothing remained, but it took another two weeks to drink tablets to avoid a recurrence of the fungus. Our grandmother advised us to buy acetic acid, but my mother did not allow me, I was afraid that the vinegar would leave burns. All of health.


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Elena, 29 years old, lawyer


Hello, I decided to share my story about ringworm. My child had a bald, reddish stain on the back of his head. I did not think much and went to the dermatologist. The doctor without looking called the diagnosis - ringworm. The doctor caught a normal, immediately reassured that the infection is not terrible, that deprive in childhood 50% of all children are ill, so do not worry. Treated we deprive as follows: tablets Thermicon 250 mg one per day for an hour before meals for two weeks. Salicylic ointment (Tatkhimpharm) - twice a day, once a day smeared with iodine. Five days later changed the ointment for tar - once before bed. The place of the defeat of the fungus was periodically shaved, every day the kerchief was changed to clean. Almost every day in the apartment was wet cleaning, all toys were processed. The treatment took 28 days. After that, we went to the pediatrician for an examination, and he gave permission to go to school. Maybe someone can use this information. Thank you.


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