Kegel Gymnastics for Women

In the 40s of the XX century, a gynecologist from the United States Arnold Kegel developed a group of exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscle tissue for the treatment of urinary incontinence in patients after childbirth. Over time, gymnastics Kegel showed its effectiveness in the treatment of other diseases in women and men.

The essence of Kegel's gymnastics


The pelvic floor (perineum) is a group of fasciae and muscles located between the hips from the coccyx to the pubis.

The main function of the perineal muscles is to hold the pelvic organs (OMT) in the abdominal cavity. On this depends the health of the intestines, urogenital system, the course of pregnancy and childbirth, the general well-being of a person.

With age, and also because of heavy physical exertion, the elasticity of the muscle fibers of the pelvic floor is reduced. Gymnastics, created by Kegel, is aimed at restoring and maintaining their elasticity.

Who can use Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises were originally developed for the birthing women as a way to train the pubic-coccygeal muscles in urinary incontinence.

The positive effect on all muscle fibers of the pelvic floor makes it possible to effectively apply Kegel's method for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the rectum and urogenital organs in women and men.


Men are recommended to perform kegel gymnastics to improve erectile function.

Gymnastics Kegel is necessary for women planning a pregnancy or already preparing for childbirth, to improve blood flow in the reproductive organs, acceleration of labor and pain during this process.

Indications for implementation

Long-term studies have confirmed that the complex of exercises developed by Kegel is an effective way to combat age-related changes in pelvic tissues and gynecological diseases.

When to perform Kegel exercises


  1. Exercises for Kegel perform when the uterus and its neck are lowered. Regular gymnastics is necessary for a woman's OMT to prevent their loss.
  2. Especially important is the kegel gymnastics for women after 50 years, as the elasticity of muscles deteriorates with age.
  3. Training on Kegel at the lowering of the vagina helps strengthen his muscles. This allows you to increase the sexual activity of women and the quality of sex.
  4. Improvement of blood circulation during gymnastics in the small pelvis favorably affects the work of the reproductive organs, including the normalization of the menstrual cycle, increases the likelihood of conception.
  5. Treatment and prevention of enuresis in women and men.
  6. Pregnant women to strengthen the muscles of the perineum are necessary to prevent birth trauma and facilitate labor.
  7. After delivery, LFK is prescribed according to Kegel's method for tightening the uterus, increasing the elasticity of the perineal muscles.
  8. Gymnastics, performed by the method of Kegel, helps men and women avoid problems with digestion, prevents the inflammation of hemorrhoids.
  9. Exercises Kegel contribute to the normalization of erection in men, increase potency.


For women, gymnastics is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. Severe pregnancy. Physical stress can threaten pregnancy or provoke premature birth.
  2. Do not exercise for the first 3 days after natural delivery and 3 months after cesarean section.
  3. The acute stage of development of oncological processes. Any physical activity should be consistent with the observing specialist.

Men can perform Kegel exercises without restrictions.

Women's technique of performance

Exercises from the Kegel technique are based on the ability to stretch, relax and push out the pubic-coccygeal muscles.

Training the muscles of the perineum should start with simple exercises, gradually moving to more complex ones.

A complex of Kegel exercises for raising the uterus, vagina, and also to increase the elasticity and tone of intimate muscles:

Exercises (from simple to complex) Result Technique of execution
Stop Helps beginners to feel where the intimate muscles are located and learn how to control them. In the process of urination, you must consciously stop and re-empty the urine stream. Perform at least 4 times.

Identify where the intimate muscles are located, you can two more ways:

  • during sex, squeeze the partner's intimate muscles;
  • insert a finger into the vagina and squeeze it with muscles.
Slow Compression Exercising muscles that stop urinating. At the initial stages, the muscles are strained and held in this position for 5-20 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Complicated version of the exercise:

  • muscles tense up and smoothly decompressed for 5 seconds (repeat 5-7 times with a break of 10 seconds);
  • increase the time of smooth tension and relaxation to 30 seconds, repeat 3 times with an interval of 10 seconds.
Elevator Increase the tone of the muscles of the vagina. Strain the intimate muscles for 3 seconds, then, without relaxing, squeeze harder for another 3 seconds. The number of "floors" is not limited. At the last level, when the muscles are stretched to the maximum, you should stay for 5 seconds.

Relax muscles need to "floor" to complete relaxation.

Abbreviations Strengthening of all the muscles of the perineum. Compression and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum are carried out at a rapid pace.

Observe the even breathing: on the inspiration of the muscles strain, on exhalation - relax.

Flashing Strengthening the muscles of the sphincter of the rectum and vagina. The muscles of the vagina and anus are alternately strained and relaxed for 2-5 seconds. Repeat exercise 10-15 times.
Pushing Training of the lower muscles of the perineum. The task of the muscles of the pelvic floor is to push out an imaginary foreign object. To do this in the sitting position, you need to push, as during a tie or bowel movement. Repeat 10 times.

Initially, the vaginal gymnastics for the lowered uterus is best performed in the home lying on the back. At the same time, the legs need to be bent at the knees and placed slightly. Buttocks should lie on the floor, you can put palms under them.

Pregnant women are not recommended to perform the "push" exercise in full force, because excessive tension of the pelvic muscles can provoke premature birth.

Men's technique of performance

Intimate muscles of men that require training, are located between the anus and the scrotum. To increase their tone, it is recommended to perform Kegel gymnastics:

Exercises (by degree of complexity) Appointment Technique of execution
Voluntary stop Detection of the lower pelvic floor muscles. In the process of urinating several times abruptly stop and resume the flow of urine, not allowing leakage.

At the time of performing, breathe smoothly: on inhalation - strain muscles, on exhalation - relax.

Compression Training the muscles of the perineum. Slowly strain muscles, stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and smoothly relax. Repeat 10 times.
Elevator With a small force squeeze for 10 seconds of intimate muscles, without relaxing to increase the tension for 10 seconds. Then strain your muscles as much as possible and hold for as long as possible.

Relaxation of the muscles is carried out in stages.

Supercompression Maximize the muscles of the perineum, and keep as much as you can. Make at least 10 approaches.
Vibration Within a minute, quickly stretch and relax the intimate muscles.

Additional exercises for the abdominal

How to strengthen the walls of the uterus and the abdominal press at the same time? For this, you need to perform strengthening exercises for the vagina by Yunusov.

This kind of gymnastics includes the following exercises:

  1. "Mill". Put your feet to the width of your shoulders, bending down to touch the left hand of your right foot, and then the right hand of your left foot.
  2. Rotations by the pelvis, performed with a maximum amplitude.
  3. Torso rotations.
  4. Spring squats.
  5. Lying with your back on the floor, bend your knees and spread them apart. Kneel, straining the muscles of the perineum.
  6. Sitting on the floor to make straight legs, sliding on the surface, the muscles of the crotch squeeze. When the legs are diluted, relax the muscles.
  7. "Gluteal bridge". Lying on his back to bend his knees in the knees, pushing them as much as possible to the buttocks. Raise the buttocks without lifting the shoulder blades off the floor.
  8. "A bike". Imitation of the rotation of the pedals lying on the floor.

Features of exercises

Gymnastic exercises Kegel recommended to do at least 3 times a day.

Training should be regular, before the beginning it is necessary to empty the bladder.

During the exercise, you need to keep even breathing. The muscles of the thighs, buttocks and the press should be relaxed.

For training, you can use special Kegel simulators.

As you gain experience in doing Kegel exercises for training, you can choose any convenient posture.

Implementation of Kegel exercises is invisible to others, so gynecological gymnastics with the lowering of the cervix and the walls of the uterus, the vagina can be carried out outside the house.

Correct execution

The lack of results from training for a month indicates a mistake in the performance of Kegel exercises. The most common:

  • holding your breath;
  • performance of gymnastics due to tension and relaxation of the muscles of the press, buttocks and thighs;
  • irregular workouts;
  • occupations with a complete bladder;
  • excessive strain on the muscles of the perineum, worsening the condition.

Results of gymnastics

80% of people engaged in the method of kegel, there is a positive dynamics in the treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system, increased sexual desire and intimate life becomes brighter.

Kegel exercises after removal of the uterus and childbirth reduce the rehabilitation period, prevent the formation of adhesions and flabbiness of the muscles of the perineum.

With a daily charge with the performance of Kegel exercises, a positive result is noticeable after 3 weeks. However, with serious pathologies, the desired effect can be achieved more than 2 months.

After achieving the result, to maintain the tone of the perineal tissues it is recommended to do 60-90 approaches within a day.