Trichophytosis - where to run and what to treat?


Trichophytosis - ringworm on the head of a girl 4 years old

Trichophytosis is one of the namesringworm. This disease caused by fungi is one of the most common in practical dermatology. Highly infectious skin lesions, scalp or nails have several basic forms. They manifest themselves with different symptoms depending on the place of origin and stage, they have peculiarities in treatment.


  • The main causes of the disease
  • Superficial trichophytosis of the scalp
  • Superficial trichophytosis of smooth skin
  • Chronic trichophytosis
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • Treatment of trichophytosis
  • Trichophytia reviews

The main causes of the disease

The causative agent of trichophytosis in any form is the microscopic fungi of the genus Trichophytons. Their disputes retain a long activity and are easily transmitted from the infected person or animal. Depending on the source of the disease is divided by dermatologists into two types:

  1. Anthropophilic: characterized by the receipt of an infectious agent from an infected person. The basis is immediate tactile contact or use of personal belongings with particles of the epidermis, hair remains.
  2. Zoophilic: transmitted from an animal that has lichen. With such a problem, owners of domestic cats, dogs, who are on free-roam, may face. You can get sick even when touching the hair or the unseen eye with scales.

The main factors that indirectly affect susceptibility to mycosis are weak human immunity, some chronic diseases or microcracks on the skin.

Superficial trichophytosis of the scalp

Superficial trichophytosis of the scalp

One common form is the localization of the focus among the hair on the head andfaces. The disease begins with the appearance of a small pinkish spot, which can appear in any part. Most lichen formations are diagnosed on the vertex or occiput. Later, the head is covered with several foci, which do not merge with each other.

The main symptoms of this form are:

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  • small spots up to 2 cm in diameter;
  • foci do not have a clear boundary, they look vague;
  • hair break off at the root, creating the impression of black dots or hemp.

It is this last feature that helps distinguish trichophytosis from other similar forms of lichen (neglectedand etc). In addition, there is a pronounced peeling of the skin, which resembles the usual dandruff in seborrhea. In most cases, itching or burning is not observed, but there may be a slight swelling. Superficial trichophytosis of the scalp causes only anthropophilic form of the fungus, and infection occurs through specific care items: a clipper, a comb or a scarf.

In the absence of complex therapy, this form of mycosisof the haircan be transformed into infiltrative-suppuration. In this case, lichen can become covered with small abscesses, which are located at the edges of the focus, secrete infiltrate and scar.

Superficial trichophytosis of smooth skin

Superficial trichophytosis of smooth skin photo

With this form of ringworm or trichophytosis, the disease manifests itself only in the open areas of the skin. More often than otherslichen fociappear on the arms, legs, cheeks, neck or lower body, affecting the epidermis on the buttocks, moving to the inner surface of the thighs. In rare cases, the occurrence of lichen formations on the whole body occurs.

Experts consider the following distinctive symptoms of the disease:

  • multiple inflamed foci that rise above the surface of the epidermis;
  • mycosis formationhas a kind of roller of many bubbles and ulcers;
  • in the center depriving there is an increase in peeling.

Sometimes the smallest spots can form large inflamed patches that disturb the patient with a slight itch. Often, the fungus affects the roots of the hair, causing folliculitis and complicating the process of treatment.

Disease is most often affected by people of different ages with weakened immunity, experiencing stressful situations. But most of the cases are children, and the peak of infection occurs during the warm season. Trichophytosis of smooth skin affects the adult less often because of the presence in the body of undecylenic acid. The enzyme actively suppresses fungi when it hits the surface of the epidermis and suppresses their development.

Trichophytosis of this species is often combined with inflammation on the scalp or the scalp, involves the processtoenailsor hands. For this form of depriving is also a little characteristic of the appearance of pruritus.

Chronic trichophytosis

The chronic form of trichophytosis is mainly diagnosed in women. It can develop with improper treatment in the childhood period and again reminds oneself of a slow flow after revitalization of puberty. Most men experience self-healing, which experts attribute to another hormonal background and amino acid content.

Chronic trichophytosis has a number of differences from the usual forms of symptoms:

  • manifested in the region of the knee, elbow joints,on the skin of the buttocks(inguinal dermatomycosis) or forearm;
  • The spots have a dark pink color with a characteristic violet hue;
  • there is peeling on the inflamed areas;
  • stains can fuse, recalling the manifestation of psoriasis;
  • in some cases, purulent fluid is released, skin erosion begins.

Chronic trichophytosis on the neck of a girl

The chronic form almost always affects the nails, which begin to crumble strongly, to separate and acquire a gray lifeless shade. Deformation damages the smooth surface of the feet, causes thickening, painful cracks and marked redness.

The disease is rarely marked with puffiness, and when appearing on the head it may take a long time to remain unnoticed among the mass of hair. It requires careful diagnosis, as it resembles the acute manifestation of seborrheic eczema. In most cases, this form can be detected by chance, when it detects depriving young children and searching for a carrier within the family.

Diagnosis of the disease

At the first sign of ringworm, you need to contact a dermatologist. The greatest problem in diagnosis is the chronic form, so the patient can be assigned the following procedures:

  • analysis of biological material (nails, hair and scrapes);
  • visual inspection under the ultraviolet lamp;
  • clinical blood test;
  • biopsy in neglected cases.

This is necessary to identify the type of trichophytons that provoked the disease, and the selection of the most effective drugs.

Treatment of trichophytosis

In complex hair loss therapy on smooth skin, experts recommend the use of local antifungal agents in the form of a cream or ointment:

  • Lamisil;
  • Exodermil;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Mycospores.

Cream Clotrimazole from the fungus is able to remove ringworm

Before lubricating with antimycotics, carefully treat the inflamed focus with iodine solution, conducting this procedure several times a day. Widely used medical ointments based on sulfur or with the addition of hormones.

When involved in the process of follicles, treatment should be supplemented with stronger antifungal agents of the typeGriseofulvin. It takes at least 2 weeks to monitor the process of killing the fungus with concomitant analyzes. Infected hair roots are removed with tweezers, and the skin is additionally treated with disinfectant solutions.

For the period of therapy, the patient is recommended to take vitamin and immunostimulating complexes, monitor the worsening of chronic diseases and strictly observe personal hygiene.

Trichophytia reviews

Pavel, 35 years old, Perm


Hello. I want to share my experience of treating this unpleasant misfortune. We have a son. This year he went to first grade, but the school could be covered with a copper basin due to the fact that in the summer he contracted a lichen in the village. Trichophytosis was on the hands and head. What he touched there, cats, dogs or goats, we never found out. Having discovered the first symptoms, we began to treat with improvised means. The wife and her mother flatly refused to use all sorts of pills and creams, arguing that they are terribly expensive and incomprehensible of what they made... .The first five days of small smeared with birch tar. I am skeptical about such methods, but the result amazed me. After a week, all the spots and bald patches almost passed. Then the mother-in-law did decoction on burdock, moistened tampons and applied to a sore spot. So another 5 or 6 days. I will remind you: no pharmaceutical preparations. As a result, little more than two weeks, the little one was completely rid of ringworm, and he went to school normally. I wish everyone good health and good !!


Ира, 35 years, Astana


My grandmother against ringworm (trihofitiya) made a special tincture of celandine. After sunset, when the plant was preparing to rest, my grandmother broke off the leaves and flowers, put them in a dark dish (you can bottle), poured a little diluted alcohol and insisted 10-14 days, shaking periodically content. After, the tincture was filtered and the resulting solution lubricated the affected area. 10 days of daily procedures and any fungus passed. Like this. I hope our ancient recipe helped))


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