Treatment of colds on the face


Cold acne is a common problem in a lot of people in the cold season, when immunity becomes weak and can not withstand bacteria. It is at this time of year there are many unwanted diseases, including painful formations. And in order to eliminate it will take more time than for ordinary. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid hypothermia and constantly maintain the immune system.


  • Rashes on the face and back
  • Medication for remedying the problem
  • Preventive measures
  • Conclusion

Rashes on the face and back

The appearance of rashes on the body is a common problem of many people. Inflammatory processes appear regularly. Some people suffer from a profuse rash, some almost do not feel the painfulness of the inflammatory process.


Inflammation occurs with weakened immunity. Disregard of the rules of hygiene, self-removal entails the spread of the infectious process. Emerged complications, can leave scars. Subject to severe infection, scars can remain for life.

It is necessary to apply external, internal treatment. Independently to delete education is not necessary. Proper timely treatment will help to eliminate the problem without causing negative consequences. Elimination of the problem should begin after consultation with a qualified specialist, to prescribe the correct, effective treatment. Improper use of drugs provokes allergic inflammation, intoxication of the body.

Medication for remedying the problem

Treatment of catarrhal acne is effectively carried out with the help of medications that have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Effective agents are ointments. Used at the initial stage of eliminating catarrhal acne on the face, being an assistant to improve the skin. The appointment of antibiotics occurs at the advanced stage of the disease. Recovery lasts longer, there are scars.

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Elimination at the initial stage occurs with the help of drugs:

  • ichthyol ointment;
  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • antiseptics;
  • levomikol;
  • sintomycin ointment;
  • Travogen.

On photo Ichthyol ointment from acne

Elimination of colds on the face with the help of ichthyol ointment passes quickly, painlessly. The drug has a specific odor. Applying ointment it is necessary to protect the place of application with adhesive tape. Do not put the product close to the eyes. Contact may damage the eyes, impair vision. Suitable for application to the chin, back, arms, legs. The listed zones do not constitute a big risk for the application of the product.

Ointment should be applied to the cleansed skin to eliminate colds on the face quickly, effectively. You can use the baths of chamomile. Perfectly cleans the skin from bacteria, steam the face, opening the pores, stimulates the output of pus from the rash. The ointment used will have a better effect, bringing a great effect. Do not keep the remedy for too long. The bandage should be changed in a couple of hours. The previous ointment must be thoroughly rinsed with warm water.

Ointment Vishnevsky treat colds and on the back, positively affecting the condition of the skin. Do not put on the face, a pungent smell can be intolerable to human smell. It is necessary to apply ointment, eliminating catarrhal acne on the back bringing uncomfortable sensations. The principle of application does not differ from the above mentioned, it is based on a constant change of dressings.

Ointment Vishnevsky quickly eliminates catarrhal acne on the back without bringing painful sensations. Does not have the property to burn a wound. Application will not cause burning. It is necessary to cover the wound with adhesive plaster, try to limit the ingress of sweat, dust. Colds on the back require careful care. Having a disease, hygiene will be an excellent assistant in solving the problem.

It is often necessary to change the bandage. For more than three hours, pus begins to affect negatively. Colds on the back can inflame more, bringing a lot of painful sensations. It is worth remembering - colds on the back require no less careful care than on the face.

Using antiseptics, you can eliminate a cold pimple on your nose without danger to the eyes. Preparations are applied with the help of a cotton disc, with light massage movements. Apply to clean skin as with dry seborrheic dermatitis, avoiding additional infection. You can use antiseptic drugs at the initial stage, to disinfect the damaged skin area.

When filling with a large amount of pus should be used ointment. A cold pimple on the nose will disappear with timely medication. A running process may require surgical intervention.

You can treat catarrhal acne using Levomikol ointment. Eliminates catarrhal acne on the body without leaving scars. Has antibacterial action, eliminates the inflammatory process. Actively influences with a large abscess. Ointment acts immediately, eliminating redness, pulling pus, removing painful education.

The drug should be applied in a thin layer. Manipulation should be carried out several times a day. It will be effective at night. Damaged skin area can be covered with a bandage. Having matured education, it is necessary to apply a thick layer, four times a day. A few days of use, will give a noticeable result, getting rid of an unpleasant problem.

Synthomycin ointment will help eliminate pimple on the chin in a short time. Inflamed pimple on the chin brings a lot of discomfort, painful sensations. It is worth remembering, self-elimination is strictly prohibited.

The chin enters the area of ​​the triangle. Self-distant education can provoke a profuse rash. Recovery will last a large amount of time. Do not start a long process of recovery.

The best remedy are ointments, pills, non-traditional medicine. These methods will give a visible result, get rid of the problem. Ointment will eliminate existing bacteria, remove the inflammatory process. In addition, it is necessary to undergo examination to eliminate the possibility of various types of diseases.

It is worth taking vitamins, which help strengthen the immune system, improve the skin condition. Apply the tonic layer, massage movements, slowly rubbing into the damaged area, as additions you can use the tincture of calendula. Hands should be clean, the damaged area should be disinfected.

Preventive measures

Colds on the face of the face require the use of preventative measures to avoid further infection. Prevention can be used to avoid an inflammatory process.

It is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  1. Avoid hypothermia.
  2. Avoid abundant segregation of the port.
  3. Use cosmetics to cleanse the skin.
  4. Stick to proper nutrition.
  5. Refuse bad habits.
  6. Take a medical examination.
  7. Protect the nervous system.

Avoiding frequent hypothermia can avoid the popular question: how to get rid of a cold pimple quickly, effectively. In the cold, it is necessary to protect the skin with a scarf, warmly dress. Do not overcool the damaged skin area. There may be a complication of the inflamed process.

The effect of cold air significantly dehydrates the skin, causing coupyrosis, provoking an eruption of inflammatory nature. Weakened immunity speeds up the disease process.

Plentiful allocation of sweat provokes an inflammatory process. Toxins coming out of the body, restraining the body clog the pores, forming black dots, purulent inflammation. The presence of abundant sweat secretion, indicates a disease. It is often characterized by diabetes mellitus. Having a strong secretion of sweat, frequent occurrence of purulent rashes it is necessary to undergo examination. Diagnosis will show the presence of the disease. The solution of the problem will be implemented by another method.

You can get rid of using cosmetic means to cleanse the skin. Do not use cheap money. It is necessary to use proven drugs. Buying cheap, low-quality cosmetics, you risk provoking irritation of the epidermis. Treatment will be long, unpleasant.

Proper nutrition - a pledge of a healthy body, the absence of disease. Vitamins, which are part of the correct diet, benefit the body. A healthy lifestyle helps you get rid of the disease faster. Food saturated with vitamins helps to speed up the process of eliminating inflammatory education.

Refusal of bad habits, even at the time of treatment will play a big role. Smoking, alcohol are negative factors that affect the condition of the skin. Having abandoned bad habits at the time of elimination of the problem, you can accelerate the process of recovery, improve your health.

Appeared formations, inflammatory nature, require medical examination to avoid pathologies of various types. Having completed the examination, a person can be sure of the way of treatment, find out the true cause of inflammatory education.

Stopping wasting your nerves in vain, you can notice a significant improvement in health. In fact often the reason of rashes become stresses. Calming down the nervous system can speed up the process of recovery.


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Emerging education raises the question: how to get rid of colds on the body. The best answer, than the catarrhal rash will be treated by a qualified specialist. The doctor will prescribe catarrhal acne treatment and will advise additional ways that will help to speed up the recovery process.

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