What do blood tests mean for the HE4 marker and why is it done for women?

Blood test

Oncological diseases are practically incurable, because of them, mortality on the planet has doubled. Doing a surgical operation, oncologists can not give a 100% guarantee that the cancer will recede. To find out whether there is an oncology, whether the tumor progresses in the body, they give a special analysis of HE4, which is safe and helps to diagnose cancer cells and the reason they started develop. A woman should take the biomaterial to this marker if there are strange symptoms and a suspicion that the reproductive system is affected by cancerous tumors.


  • What does the marker mean?
  • Deviations and determination of the marker norm, preparation for the study
  • Is the examination necessary?

What does the marker mean?

Oncomarker HE4 started to be used in medicine recently, as they found out that it is reliable and reliable indicator, due to which it is possible to identify cancer diseases and the presence of cancer cells.


The structure of HE4 is considered a glycoprotein, which has a carbohydrate and protein portion. Its function is the blocking of proteinase, or the splitting of the protein into molecules.


The decoding is carried out in this way: the ovaries are examined initially, and if they contain special epithelial cells, it means that the reproductive system is not working properly and develops cancer.

Biomaterial sampling for research

Deviations and determination of the marker norm, preparation for the study

HE4 has its own indicators, the level of which is considered normal or pathological and dangerous for women's health. To be sure that there will be no false testimony, it is necessary to prepare for the study. The delivery of HE4 requires venous blood, which determines the presence of cancer cells. In order to take the biomaterial successfully, it is necessary:

  • refuse to eat food and carbonated liquids 7-8 hours before the study;
  • to refuse from carbonated drinks, juices, alcohol and smoking;
  • refuse to accept medical devices that can adversely affect blood circulation.
To obtain reliable results, it is necessary to take venous blood

If you follow these points, you can be sure that the sampling of the tests will be successful, and there will be no unnecessary suspicions and feelings. Excess oncomarker can in such cases:

  • cancer of the cervix and endometrium (seen in the last stages);
  • breast and breast cancer;
  • ovarian cancer and malignant formations in the appendages (seen in the second and last stages);
  • lung cancer (rare, but possible, since the cancer marker also identifies such cancer cells).

Usually the indicator HE4 rises due to the fact that inflammations begin, and the tumor grows on the ovaries and appendages. During the study, the blood circulation circulates more intensively, so the level of leukocytes and hemoglobin decreases, and the marker rises. When the level is raised, the girls may have strange and unpleasant symptoms:

  • violation of the menstrual cycle and ovulation;
  • pain in the pelvis and in the lower abdomen (with urination and during menstruation);
  • a sharp weight loss and loss of appetite (cancer cells begin to multiply, and the tumor - to grow rapidly).

Such symptoms indicate that the female reproductive system is unstable, there are violations and deviations.

The structure of the female reproductive system

It can begin with failures in the work of the ovaries, but if you do not give meaning to the symptoms, it can threaten the development of serious diseases, including cancer.


A woman should undergo a study when the symptoms become mild. In this case, go to the treating gynecologist, who will conduct an examination and assign an analysis of HE4. If the study of the marker in the blood does not detect antibodies and cancer cells, it means that the oncomarker is lower, which is considered normal.

Antibodies in the blood

The study is of great importance, therefore, if the marker H-four shows that its level is elevated, and that of cancer cells no, the specialists can prescribe the passage of ultrasound, X-ray or other procedures that will determine what is involved. Based only on the results of the study, the doctor can not make an accurate diagnosis and write a conclusion about whether there is oncology, and how the tumor progresses intensively in the reproductive system girls. After a woman undergoes further examinations and diagnostic procedures, it becomes clear whether it is cancer or other diseases.

Cytological smear for additional diagnosis

Is the examination necessary?

Some women are worried about the question: what is needed for HE4 blood test and what does it mean. The analysis is necessary for girls who have problems with the menstrual cycle and the stable functioning of the reproductive system. To pass a study a woman needs to:

  • in time to diagnose and determine whether there are cancer cells and intensive development of tumors;
  • in time to understand why the level of hemoglobin and leukocytes in the blood decreased (if they are concerned about such symptoms);
  • to diagnose how consistently the female reproductive system and the ovaries work, which can be affected by cancerous tumors and inflammations.
Study of the ovary biomaterial

First you need to contact your doctor-gynecologist for advice, which will conduct a screening and will determine whether it is necessary to take a blood test for the HE4 marker, what is its norm in women and whether there are any suspicions of cancer. In order for the analysis to be successful, the attending physician should thoroughly consult how to properly prepare and what to do so that it will be successful.

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