Ekado - an effective medicine for prostatitis


Table of contents

  • Causes of prostate diseases
  • Solving the problem of prostatitis
  • How the Ekado tool works
  • Use of ecado
  • The drug is clinically tested

Even 20-30 years ago, such expressions as prostatitis, prostate adenoma, were used extremely rarely. These male intimate diseases were bypassed by most of the population.

Now these phrases quite firmly settled in the everyday life of modern society. Indeed, the inflammation of the prostate gland increasingly began to occur in men who have a reproductive age. There are many medicines for prostatitis, we will consider one of them - Ekado.

Causes of prostate diseases

The prostate gland is an organ that is located inside the genitourinary system of a man. She develops a special secret that must be allocated during sexual intercourse or with urine. During the day should be allocated 5 ml of secretion.

What is the key of the problem? With irregular sexual life, sedentary work, alcohol abuse and smoking, failure occurs, and stagnation of this fluid begins. So a straight road to prostatitis is laid.


At first this is called stagnant prostatitis, the special symptoms a man may not feel. But the problem though is invisible, in due course it is only aggravated. From a stagnant state the prostatitis grows into an acute stage.

After 40 years, prostatitis can manifest in any man. Most of those suffering from this disease suffer until the symptoms are already depriving them of normal life. And it can be understood, it's not easy to talk to such a delicate topic.

And when the intimate life worsens, psychologically coping with this is quite difficult. And when the problem becomes known not only to the patient himself, but also to his chosen one, then men turn for help, but usually to This time the inflammatory process of the prostate gland is in an acute stage and requires an immediate complex, effective treatment.

Classification of prostatitis:

  • chronic bacterial;
  • acute bacterial;
  • non-bacterial;
  • gonococcal;
  • parasitic;
  • fungal.

Solving the problem of prostatitis

Medicine is rich in drugs that are used to treat prostatitis or prostate adenoma. Some are made on the basis of vegetable raw materials, others have a chemical composition. An appeal to a specialist will help determine the necessary therapy, which may include:

  1. Injections.
  2. Candles.
  3. Microclysters.
  4. Massage.
  5. Instillations.
  6. Pills.

But the usual therapy, appointed in such cases, is not always convenient. Men work at different times of the day, there is not always an opportunity to do microclysters, prostate massage or take the drug. Simply you can forget to go to work with a blister with pills. The solution to such difficulties could be a medicine that would be applied without special difficulties.


Twenty years ago, urologists developed a formulation for the treatment and prophylaxis of prostatitis called Ekado.But the production was suspended due to problems with the registration of this medication. For a patient with a problem, it does not matter how the drug will be referred to and how it will be registered, the main thing is that it should be tested and reliable in treatment.

But because of such nuances an excellent medicine has got on show-windows of drugstores not so recently. However, due to its effectiveness, the drug became known quite quickly. The patient's feedback shows that the Ekado gives a persistent therapeutic result. Its analogs have not yet been found.

Pharmacological raw material for ecado cream has become ordinary camphor. Since the 20th century camphor has been used in the treatment of various diseases. For example, it was used for cardiac asthma, pneumonia, infarcts, eliminated the consequences of strokes.

For 100 years, the camphor plant has undergone a thorough research and search for its medicinal properties. Over time, camphor was decided to test for the treatment and prevention of male diseases:

  • prostatitis;
  • prostate adenoma (benign prostatic hyperplasia);
  • rapid ejaculation;
  • poor sperm function.

As a result, a drug called ecadoes appeared on the market of pharmacology. The feedback from patients and doctors exceeded all expectations. The ecado emulsion gives an excellent result, and its application at home is not difficult.

This is an innovative drug that allows you to regulate the work of the male genitourinary system in the shortest possible time.

How the Ekado tool works

With prostatitis, the cream enters the prostate gland, after which the secretion of the gland begins, which contributes to its active secretion. This eliminates the pathogenic microflora of the genitourinary system. The drug has an analgesic, bactericidal function, which reduces pain. The blood flow improves, especially this is important with stagnant prostatitis.

With adenoma of the prostate, dilution of the secretion of the prostate gland also occurs, which allows reducing the edema of the tissues, thereby improving blood circulation. There is a decrease in the size of the adenoma within 50%, for a short period of application of the drug. Normal urination.

With rapid ejaculation, the cream has a persistent blocking function of nerve impulses transmitted from the ejaculation center to the central nervous system. Due to this effect, ejaculation does not occur prematurely, and the volume of sperm increases, which positively affects the psychological state of a man.

With poor sperm function, ecado cream improves sperm quality, increasing the motility of spermatozoa, making them more active. Thus, this drug is also applicable in the treatment of male infertility.

The medicine is perfectly absorbed through the walls of the rectum after 2 hours after the injection.

Use of ecado

As already mentioned, the cream can be used at home. This does not require any additional devices, encumbering the use of emulsion. The package includes:

  1. Detailed instructions.
  2. Tuba with a capacity of 70-80 ml, it usually lasts for 20 days.
  3. A special applicator that allows you to inject the cream rectally.

In some packages there is still a syringe, which can measure the dose of the cream. If the syringe is not included, buy it in the pharmacy. The drug is applied rectally, once a day, it is better to do it at night.

If there is no such possibility, it can be used in the daytime, but after that it is necessary to lie down for 30-40 minutes. Before using the cream, it is necessary to empty the intestine. This can be done naturally or with the help of an enema.


You need to take a syringe, draw in the necessary amount of cream, you need to dose 4-5 mg at a time. After that, install the applicator on the syringe and lubricate it with oil to facilitate entry.

For convenience, take the appropriate position and squeeze the contents of the syringe into the anus until it stops. After that, rinse the applicator and syringe with soap and water, disinfect by any available method.

To eliminate erectile dysfunction, the drug should be applied for 30-40 minutes before sexual intercourse.

The duration of the use of this medication depends on the disease itself and its degree. For example, with a chronic prostatitis drug is used for 2 months, with BPH - 3-4 months. For the treatment of infertility requires a longer use: from 2-6 months.

Since the drug is well tolerated and has a plant origin, there are no contraindications to it. The medicine does not give side effects. This is a huge plus in the treatment of older men. The body of older people reacts more strongly to various medications, and side effects manifest themselves more often. However, in the case of the Ekado, this is not a threat.

The drug is clinically tested

Although the ecado emulsion is innovative, this does not mean that its effect is not verified. Clinical trials were carefully conducted on men suffering from prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and other problems of male intimate health. Together with a group of men using the cream, the other group underwent conventional treatment prescribed according to the standard.

From the results of the study, it can be seen that the use of this agent contributed to a faster cure than standard therapy. For the indicators of the results was taken for the analysis of urine, a spermogram was made, the general condition of the patient, the quality of the intimate life, the prostate itself and its volume were examined.

After 2 months of regular ecado application, it became clear from the patients' reviews how effective and unique this drug is. In the experiment, the action of the cream on the body involved 363 people of different ages. Improvement of health was observed very quickly.

With the problem of erection, a group of men consisted of 271 people, of whom 256 people had a positive result after the correct use of the medicine. In addition to the treatment of various diseases of the genitourinary system of men, this drug can be prevented. Since after 40 years, men are at greater risk of acquiring prostatitis, impaired erectile function, infertility and other male diseases, then there is no need to wait for the manifestation of anxiety symptoms.



Prophylaxis of prostatitis, as well as treatment, is performed according to the doctor's prescription. Although the cream is well tolerated, has no side effects, it is convenient to use, nevertheless, consultation of a qualified specialist is necessary. This will establish an accurate diagnosis.

Incorrectly selected treatment can aggravate the course of diseases and cause certain complications. In addition, frank conversation with the doctor will help to avoid unnecessary difficulties and dispel fears. He can ask various questions without hesitation. The Ekado cream can become the key to a happy intimate life even after 40-50 years.