Thermolifting of the face: what is it, the types, contraindications, stages



  • The essence of the procedure
  • Overcome fears: stages of procedure
  • What to choose: Species
  • Indication for the procedure
  • Warning: contraindications!
  • And what will be the consequences?

Thermolifting (rf-lifting, radiolifting) is a popular procedure of aesthetic cosmetology, which involves the use of radio frequency or infrared radiation for various layers of facial skin. It is distinguished by a democratic price, a wide range of indications, a minimal list of contraindications and side effects.

To date, a large number of women have been able to appreciate all the delights of this procedure. To decide on such an effective and topical method of rejuvenation, it is worthwhile to find out more in detail why thermolifting of the face is needed and what results in the end can be expected after it.

The essence of the procedure

In essence, thermo-lifting of the face is an apparatus procedure that involves the use of a cosmetology device with various nozzles radiating radio waves or infrared rays. Electromagnetic pulses ranging from 300 MHz to 4 kHz affect different layers of the skin (depth is determined by the settings) as follows:

  • they actively stimulate intercellular membranes;
  • this leads to intensive production of elastin and collagen in cells;
  • it turns out that radiofrequency and infrared waves trigger natural mechanisms of skin rejuvenation;
  • after thermolifting the face, the production of collagen and the activation of intercellular processes last for several months, but then it stops anyway;
  • so this procedure requires mandatory repetition.

It's curious!In the cells of our skin there is a natural collagen, which contributes to their regeneration and recovery. The more it is - the more elastic and elastic your skin is. However, with age, cells cease to produce it, so it becomes wrinkled, dry, flabby.

Stimulate the production of natural collagen in cells - this is the task of this hardware procedure. This makes the skin not only on the face, but also on the whole body of a beautiful, smart, young, without an unpleasant "orange peel" and fatty deposits. Since no one has managed to escape from age, it becomes clear why more and more women are interested in the thermo-lifting of the face. To eliminate doubts and fears before going to the salon, let's consider what it is in terms of carrying out the procedure.

Overcome fears: stages of procedure

Some, turning to a beauty salon, are afraid of cosmetology, fearing pain or consequences in the form of defects. To overcome it, you just need to mentally go through the stages of the procedure, having studied all their nuances. So, thermolifting a person assumes the following scheme of actions:

  1. A medical examination that will allow the doctor to find out the individual characteristics of your body and check for contraindications.
  2. Discussion of the treated areas with a cosmetologist-consultant.
  3. Layout of zones.
  4. Setting appropriate settings on the unit.
  5. Treatment of targeted areas of the face with a special tool.
  6. Smooth and absolutely painless heating of problem zones with the aid of a nozzle. On average, the processing of a single site takes about 20 minutes.

The key word, which in this sequence of stages each woman should catch for herself, is painless. That is, you will not experience any unpleasant, tingling, pricking, etc. sensations during the whole procedure. If you overcome all your worries and fears, a specialist in the salon should discuss with you one more thing: what kind of thermolifting of the person you do.

What to choose: Species

Depending on the apparatus that is used in the cabin, and the nature of radiofrequency or infrared radiation (determined by the settings), there are several methods of thermolifting the face.


  • Monopolar

The most powerful thermo-lifting of the face, it gives tremendous results instantly. However, it has a large number of contraindications, is not suitable for everyone, it aggressively affects the deepest layers of the skin, it is expensive, and repeated holding of such radiolift is prohibited.

  • Bipolar

It has a soft and gentle effect on the dermis, it does not irritate it, the effect is noticeable after the cycle of procedures. In the framework of this technique, the most commonly used is needle-shaped thermolift of the face - treatment by instantaneous penetration of grouped gold microneedules without disrupting the integrity of the upper layer skin. The RF-micro-needle creates a puncture and at the same time generates a high-frequency radio pulse.

  • Tripolar

Innovative technique of face thermolifting, which involves the use of several electrodes at once. They provide a constant pole switching, so that RF energy affects the dermis at different depths.


Usually laser facelift is recommended for rejuvenation of mature, aging skin, as the effect occurs on the deepest layers of the dermis.

Infrared rays

Immediately two functions perform infrared thermolift of the face: it helps to rejuvenate and tighten tissues. From the cells harmful substances are released and various metabolic processes are activated.

The choice of methodology will depend on what kind of problem you asked for help in the salon, as well as on your financial capabilities. So who is shown the miraculous thermolift of the face, which promises to restore the youth, beauty and harmony of the figure in just a few sessions?

Indication for the procedure

Before and after thermolift

If there is a desire and financial possibilities, it is worth pampering your skin with thermo-lifting, if you have any age-related problems. Indications for this procedure can be as follows.

  • withering of the skin;
  • ptosis;
  • flew;
  • wrinkles;
  • "Crow's feet
  • double chin;
  • scars after acne, acne;
  • photoaging;
  • after surgical facelift.

Information for consideration. If you are afraid of salons or you do not have the means for such procedures, you can purchase a compact and convenient apparatus and carry out thermolifting of the face at home, independently, according to the attached instructions.

If you suffer from such cosmetic defects and dream of getting rid of them as quickly as possible, be sure to use thermolifting. The results of you are guaranteed to please. Unfortunately, this procedure is not available to everyone, and not only by its value, but also by contraindications.

Warning: contraindications!

As with any salon technique of rejuvenation, there are contra-indications in thermolifting, which in no case can not be ignored to prevent complications and side effects. These include:

  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • menstruation;
  • chronic and infectious diseases in the acute stage with an increase in temperature;
  • inflammatory skin diseases and oncology in places of influence;
  • presence of a pacemaker;
  • hypertension II and III stage;
  • a number of gynecological diseases (these contraindications are solved individually with the doctor-gynecologist);
  • up to 18 years (many are interested in the question of the age at which thermolifting can be done);
  • problems with the thyroid gland;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • diabetes;
  • epilepsy;
  • scleroderma;
  • lupus erythematosus.

If you have similar problems with health, you will have to give up face and body lifting. Electromagnetic waves can provoke the aggravation of existing diseases and lead to the most unfortunate consequences. Instead of solving your problems, you will only acquire new ones. And finally, the last question that can frighten some women who doubt whether to go to this procedure is what will be its consequences.

And what will be the consequences?

The undesirable consequences of thermolifting are extremely rare, and most often they are not accidental. Complications and side effects are the result of an unprofessional master or non-compliance with contraindications. Among them:

  • burns, atrophy of tissues arise due to thermal lifting on monopolar apparatus of the old sample;
  • absence of the promised effect: use of low-power or obsolete equipment;
  • the skin processed by thermolifting is too unpleasantly red for too long: this usually happens to those, who within 3 days after the procedure sunbathed or cleaned the face (even with an ordinary scrub in the home conditions).

And did you know that ...
... radiofrequency radiation can have an adverse effect on the sexual, nervous, immune systems of man? True, the saloons claim that thermolifting uses too small radio waves, which can not be fraught with such consequences.

If you do thermo-lifting the face in a solid salon, fulfill all the requirements of a specialist, eat right and lead an active lifestyle (this also depends on the results of the procedure), do not be afraid of any consequences and complications. The main thing is to achieve the goal: to understand that even after 40 years you can look beautiful and young, not thinking about age and caring for your skin with the help of the latest technologies of hardware cosmetology.