Panties - which do not leak at night during menstruation

During menstruation worried about the risk of soiling clothes and bad breath. Especially acute this problem is at night, when there is no possibility to often get up and monitor the cleanliness of the laundry. This week is always intense for women. Therefore, lately more and more talk about underwear, which will help not to worry once again at night, not to leak and calmly survive the critical days.

For a long time during menstruation, women were saved by tampons and pads, but now there are comfortable panties that effectively fight with leaks. In addition, even ordinary linen with a gasket will not make a girl worry about how not to get sloppy, but in this case, you need to choose the right panties, which the woman will wear during menstruation.

What panties to wear with monthly


In most cases, the desire to wear comfortable panties during menstruation is due to nocturnal problems, when a woman with difficulty chooses a pose for sleeping, in which blood does not leak onto bed linens.

Gaskets and tampons can provide a comfortable night, but only if you put on the right linen.

At monthly it is recommended to wear any linen with a high waist and a wide part in the area of ​​the perineum. Ideally during critical days will suit panties-boxers. They have a comfortable shape that tightly tightens the body of the woman from the waist down to the bottom of the buttocks, which does not allow the cushion to slide during sleep, no matter what position the woman takes. Often, free clothes do not hold tightly to the gasket, which can cause problems during movements.


An important criterion for choosing clothes is its density. In the event of a leak, it can not protect the woman completely, but will absorb more emissions than ordinary panties. Experts advise to give preference to that linen, which is made of three layers of fabric: such panties will not only absorb all the moisture, but also will allow a woman to feel comfortable and easy. Such underwear is considered temporary and after monthly discharges, and, despite the high price, is a necessary purchase.

Special panties for monthly THINX

To ensure that during the critical days, women have fewer problems, the manufacturers of underwear have released a new line of panties that protect the woman from unwanted leakage. THINX have appeared relatively recently and are not yet widespread, but women who They were lucky enough to have them already, they were filled with confidence in this laundry and consider them irreplaceable during month.

Experts advise wearing special panties for menstruation with a gasket, but in the event that a leak occurs, the laundry will absorb moisture and there will be no stains on the clothes. Manufacturers of underwear THINX declare that their panties are absolutely safe for a woman: the fabric inside is dense enough to hold secretion, and the outer side allows the skin to breathe, does not give rise to diaper rash, and blocks the possibility of multiplying harmful bacteria in a suitable them environment.

Gaskets should be changed every three hours to prevent harmful microorganisms from multiplying due to stagnant blood, but the founder of THINX assures that their underwear does not need to be replaced within days. The news that American underwear caused genital diseases does not exist.

THINX panties were produced by a group of enthusiasts from the USA. The idea of ​​creating a special menstrual underwear came to the mind of the founder of the brand, Miki Agrawal, when the woman went to Uganda. On the street, she met a girl who looked confused. Miki asked her why she was not in school, and learned from the girl that in their country the period of the months is considered "a week shame at this time, girls do not have the right to stay in public places because of the lack of opportunity to hide menstruation. With personal care products in Uganda, things are hard.

This story made a strong impression on Miki, so, together with her sister and girlfriend, she decided to produce menstrual panties. Outwardly, they almost do not differ from everyday linen, but their tissue is able to absorb more liquid than tampons that hardly absorb 30 ml of blood.

Underwear THINX is represented by two colors, black and beige, only six models, which are designed for a certain number of selections. Fabric panties thin, successfully resists infection and does not contribute to allergic reactions, glossy outside, and inside is soft. Women who have already purchased THINX claim that the underwear does not resemble a wet diaper, it comfortably tightens the body and neutralizes the unpleasant odor.

In case of heavy bleeding, THINX panties are recommended to be worn along with a gasket or swab, but if the discharge is small, the laundry can easily absorb moisture and without additional safety. Especially special panties are useful in the period of waiting for critical days, the girl does not have to often visit the toilet or use a gasket.

Menstrual panties are not disposable, after use they must be rinsed in cold water, then washed in a car, applying delicate washing. On average, THINX underwear costs about $ 35, and it serves no less than regular underpants.

Japanese underwear YORY

There is a Japanese version of the menstrual shorts YORY. Japanese underwear is represented by several models, for different times of the day. YORY have a classic form of panties, made of cotton, nylon and polyurethane, and a hygienic insert made of polyester. In the early days of menstruation, YORY should be used together with the gasket.

Underwear is made of a special hygienic fabric that retains moisture and does not allow it to leak. Like THINX, Japanese cowards have antibacterial properties and eliminate odors. The hygienic insert that absorbs blood is large, from 20 to 40 cm, which is convenient during sleep and with strong secretions.

Japanese panties are designed for reusable use, they are easy to wash after use.

Pros of menstrual underwear

There is no doubt that menstrual underwear will help you to survive without any problems critical days, and they have some advantages over gaskets and tampons:

  • reusable;
  • easy to wash;
  • are safe;
  • quickly absorb moisture;
  • Do not miss foreign smells;
  • practical do not have a negative effect on the microflora of the vagina.

And most importantly, special panties are comfortable, which will allow a woman to feel confident during menstruation.