Face masks with onions: action on the skin, application, best recipes

  • September 13, 2018
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  • What's the secret?
  • Cooking Rules
  • The best recipes

Having anti-inflammatory properties, home face masks with onions will help get rid of pimples, acne and other rashes. This is a unique natural cosmetic product that can improve the condition of almost any type of skin, if properly prepared and correctly used.

Everyone knows that onions are an effective and quick salvage from infections, a storehouse of all kinds of vitamins for the whole body, and in particular for the skin. It will effectively cope with age spots, wrinkles, pimples and other cosmetic deficiencies that prevent you from living. Get rid of your complexes with this unique vegetable.

What's the secret?

Sufficiently specific (from the point of view of smell) masks with a face onion, however, are very useful for the skin, since they contain the maximum amount of the most active substances. Penetrating to the cellular level through the upper layers of the epidermis, there they become participants in various metabolic processes. Each of them has certain properties:

  • famous for its antioxidant properties, vitamin C (all known ascorbic) acts rejuvenatingly, causing more intensive cells to produce collagen and elastin - as a result, the epidermis is smoothed, wrinkles become less noticeable, aging processes slow down;
  • much in onions and biotin (vitamin H), which helps damaged tissues to regenerate and regenerate - therefore Onion mask for the face is recommended for small wounds and scratches for their quick healing without infection;
  • Folic acid (also known as vitamin B9) effectively calms inflammation foci, i.e., thanks to it, such a tool is useful to use from acne;
  • potassium moisturizes, cures peeling;
  • cobalt has disinfectant and drying properties, which makes it possible to use onion masks for the face, even for a fatty skin type.

If you are not annoyed by the smell of this unique product, be sure to try making facial masks for facial skin at home. The effect will not only please you, but it will pleasantly surprise you. These funds have received a lot of positive feedback: the complexion after them noticeably improves, the foci of inflammation becomes less, bleaching occurs from a variety of pigment spots. It's time to learn how to make this miracle of home cosmetology with your own hands.

Cooking Rules

Of course, such unusual means cause a lot of questions on the application at home. In fact, to prepare onion masks for the face is simple enough, if you know only a few nuances.

  1. Onion in masks can be used in a variety of forms: fresh (but then limit its time action on the skin for up to 10 minutes), boiled and baked (excellent options for any type of skin), mashed potatoes, juice. If you decide to make no less useful masks from green onions for the face, do not hold them for long, or else get a greenish tinge.
  2. Rinse the skin before use to allow the pores to expand. Then clean them with a scrub, but not hard.
  3. Be wary of irritation after onion masks, which are so often written on the net. To avoid them, be sure to first try the prepared remedy on the supersensitive skin of the wrist. She will tell you what kind of reaction to expect after the mask.
  4. It is recommended to apply strictly on massage lines.
  5. The duration of action should be limited - no more than 10 minutes.
  6. If you are afraid that after such a mask your skin will exude a sharp and unpleasant smell of onions, wash after it with water with the addition of any essential oil.
  7. Home masks from onions (in any form) are not recommended to be applied more than once a week to avoid irritation and tissue damage.

If you are really interested in the effect of onion masks on the skin, be sure to use them to solve their cosmetic problems without visiting the salons. The results are worth it, and one should not be afraid of smells and irritation. If everything is done correctly, the side effects can be easily avoided. Choose a recipe - and forget about the troubles with the skin for a long time.

The best recipes

Recipes for cooking onion masks are a great variety. Among their diversity, be guided by your skin type, the problem being solved and the composition of the remedy that should be familiar to you and in which you must be 100% sure.

For dry skin

  • Anti-Aging

The medium-sized bulb should be baked in the oven, kneaded with a fork until mashed, beat in equal proportion with liquid, natural, melted honey. As a result, you will not only get a moisturizing mask for dry, aging, already flabby skin, but also a rejuvenating remedy for wrinkles - both mimetic and age-related.

  • Moisturizing

Boil in the milk a small potato (without the peel), cool, turn into a puree, mix (1 table. spoon) with onion juice and honey (1 teaspoonful).

For oily skin

  • Against Acne

Squeezed juice of onions, mixed with melted, natural honey in the ratio:. If after 2-3 procedures the amount of rashes does not decrease, try replacing honey in this mask with fresh aloe juice. Proportions leave the same.

  • From greasy luster

Dry yeast (tea spoon) diluted in low-fat milk (2 tablespoons), mix, add mashed potatoes from onions.

For normal / combination skin

  • Nutritious

Fresh, young onions are passed through a meat grinder, mixed in equal amounts with milk of medium fat content and melted, natural honey.

  • Toning

Chop the green onions until the juice is separated, mix with the cream in approximately equal proportions, add the strawberry puree.

Do you want to look amazing, forgetting about cosmetic problems? Believe me: this is quite real with the regular use of facial masks. Take in yourself the fear and uncertainty about the unpleasant odor and irritation after them. In fact, when used correctly, they are very effective and useful.