Egg mask for hair: collection of the best recipes and recommendations for use


If you do not have a shampoo at hand, and you need to rinse your head urgently and qualitatively, it can easily be replaced by an egg mask for hair. Surely everyone heard about it, but used mainly to feed the roots and restore the cuts. About its cleansing properties, few people know. And this is not the whole palette of its usefulness. It allows you to minimize the use of store tools and complement them with natural ones.


Correctly prepared and correctly used egg mask solves a lot of problems associated with the condition of the hair and roots:

  • is used from falling out, feeding the roots with all the necessary amino acids and vitamins: relieves this scourge and warns it;
  • cleans from dirt;
  • activates the production of collagen and elastin - as a result, the hair becomes elastic and elastic;
  • normalizes metabolic processes at the cellular level;
  • creates a protective barrier against external aggressive factors;
  • It is useful for dry and brittle hair, since it has moisturizing and restoring properties;
  • makes them strong and strong;
  • accelerates growth;
  • removes dandruff;
  • It is good for split ends, having a regenerating effect on the damaged tissues;
  • improves subcutaneous circulation.

The chemical composition of eggs explains the properties of masks from them, useful for hair:

  • vitamins: retinol (A), calciferol (D), tocopherol (E), pyridoxine, pantothene, riboflavin (group B);
  • normalize blood circulation and metabolism minerals: iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, zinc;
  • amino acids are necessary for normal cell activity;
  • lecithin - the building material necessary for the restoration of damaged cells, deeply penetrating into each hair and renewing it from the inside;
  • moisturize and improve the condition of dry hair fatty acids: linoleic, linolenic (polyunsaturated), palmitoleinic, oleic (monounsaturated), palmitic, stearic, myristic (saturated).

However, keep in mind that all these beneficial substances are concentrated mainly in the yolk. If you make masks only from it or from a single egg, they will have all of the above properties. But the means, prepared from protein, have nothing to do with them.

Indications and contraindications


  • dry hair;
  • brittle;
  • weakened, thinned;
  • dandruff;
  • prolapse (this disease can be read here);
  • split ends;
  • harmful working conditions (couples, heat, chemical production) or residence (an unfavorable ecological area).


  • greasy hair (for them you can use masks exclusively from egg white, because the yolk does not have drying properties and does not affect the work of the sebaceous glands);
  • curly - they become even more rigid and disobedient;
  • after lamination - the hair simply turns into a lifeless hanging patch.

Many sources contain information about the absence of contraindications for the use of egg masks. Do not trust her, because it is because of this that problems can arise after their use. In the cases listed, it is better to choose some other natural remedy: for fatty hair - from protein, for curly hair - store specialized, they are not needed for laminated ones.

As for curly hair, the reaction to the egg can be ambiguous. Someone in the reviews writes that the curls after such masks, on the contrary, become soft and obedient. But in most cases the situation is deplorable - their combing is very difficult.

Side effects:

  • an unpleasant egg odor that disappears when the hair dries up and reappears when they are wet (after a shower, rain or pool);
  • stiffness, disobedience;
  • allergic reactions: itching of the scalp, hyperemia, rashes, etc.

With the side effects of egg masks, too, not everything is so unambiguous. Someone before nausea feels the smell on their hair after them. Others argue that there is nothing like this. In any case, you can cope with this problem with the help of essential oils (the rinsing recipe will be given below).

How to make


Approximately one hour before cooking, the required number of eggs must be obtained from the refrigerator. It is undesirable to mix them cold with other products.

The dishes should not be metal or plastic. Beat with a whisk, mixer or submerged blender. This will ensure the necessary homogeneity of the mass without lumps, which can become entangled in the hair.

For the preparation of home cosmetics, everyone is accustomed to warming up oils and honey, but in this case you need to be extremely careful and make sure that they are hardly warm. High temperatures - a guarantee that the eggs (with the first protein) curdle and spoil the mixture with flakes. The same applies to any other liquids that make up its composition (milk, water, decoction of herbs, etc.).

For reference.Egg white folds at 60 ° C, yolk - at 65 ° C.

Test control

With external application of egg masks, allergic reactions are extremely rare, but this risk should be minimized. The prepared mixture is first applied to the most sensitive area with a thin skin: the wrist, the inner fold of the elbow, behind the ear. After 15 minutes it is washed off, and then the result is monitored. If within a day (it is better to wait not for a couple of hours, but longer) there will be no signs of allergy (rash, hyperemia, itching, etc.), you can carry out the procedure.

In doing so, remember that in this way, the allergenicity of the external application of not only egg masks, but all other ingredients that make up its composition is tested. For example, with cognac, it can not cause any side effects, and with a lemon - leave behind a vast irritation on the skin.

One more thing: the allergy may appear and much later than a day, as a result of a long and regular application of the mask, when the allergen in sufficient quantity will accumulate in the body. Therefore, this test-control does not give a 100% guarantee.


Egg masks have excellent cleaning properties and serve as shampoo. Therefore, they are recommended for dirty hair. Pre-wet them do not need.

First, the mixture is actively rubbed into the roots. Intensive scalp massage will strengthen the effect of the egg mask. After that, palms are wetted in it, with which the hair is ironed with a strand behind the strand. Separately, it can dip the tips, if they split. But be careful here: lemon and alcohol worsen their condition, so watch for the aggressiveness of the composition.

After that, the hair must be stuck on the vertex so that they do not crumble. To accelerate the recovery process, the insulation is made from a shower cap and a terry towel.

Long to keep the egg mask on the head is not worth it, because it has the property of withering and forming a hard to wash off crust. Therefore, 20 minutes will be enough.


A special skill requires the washing of egg masks, after which disappointment often occurs, if you do not know how to correctly do it.

The main task is to wash everything off without a trace. To do this, after shampoo in the water for the first rinse, add lemon juice (, glass per liter).

Another problem is to remove the unpleasant odor. With her, any essential oil, added to the water for the second rinse (10 drops per liter) will successfully cope.

And the last task is not to let the eggs curdle. To do this, you need to correctly choose the temperature of the water for rinsing: it should not be hot.

Shampoo is not necessary, as egg masks fulfill its role. But, if other components are poorly washed away, you can apply. However, it should be soft action and without silicone - this task is ideal for children.


To make the most effective mask from an egg at home, adhere to a number of recommendations.

About the choice of eggs

To prepare masks, it is better to take chicken eggs. Quail is too small, they need a lot, it is difficult to break, and recipes for them are not calculated. They have more amino acids, but chicken rich in fatty acids, which are necessary just for the care of dry hair. As for the rest (duck, turkey, etc.), in them the set of useful substances is not so diverse, therefore, it is better not to consider them as a suitable option.

Any eggs are considered to be most useful within 7 days after they have been demolished by a chicken. After that, most of the bioactive substances begin to evaporate through the fine pores on the shell. Therefore, in stores, you should look for a product labeled "D" (dietary), not "C" (canteens): their implementation period should not exceed a week.

It is even better to use for farming masks farmer's, domestic eggs, as which there are no doubts.

Experts advise to give preference to small-sized eggs: according to studies, in them the concentration of nutrients is maximal. But their color does not affect it.

And other tips

Do not exceed the dosage indicated in the recipes.


Use the prepared mixture immediately, do not store it for reuse. Throw away all that is left.

If the ingredients are aggressive ingredients (alcohol, mustard, pepper), try to prevent the mixture from getting into the eyes or nose, otherwise the mucous will be irritated. In this case they are washed with a large amount of cold water.

Procedures can be held a couple of times a week. Full course - 10-12 masks: everything will depend on how quickly the problem is resolved (stopping, stopping the treatment, dandruff will disappear, etc.). Then the hair should be given rest (change the composition of the means to care for them).

When choosing a recipe, be guided by what properties this or that egg mask has. Its purpose can be insignificant, but still vary due to inclusion in other ingredients.

Read also: "Masks from hair loss".


Dosages in recipes are given on medium length hair (up to the shoulders). If they are lower, the proportions increase; if higher - decrease. It will be enough to apply the mixture once on the head to see if it's enough for you or not.

If the consistency is too thick, dilute the mask with decoctions of herbs or kefir. If the liquid - wheat flour, but it forms lumps, so stir such mixtures will have to be carefully.

With egg yolk

Some of the best moisturizing masks are egg yolks. In addition, they are most nutritious, since bioactive substances are concentrated in them. The only negative - the smell on the hair after them is felt stronger.

  • With cosmetic oil

Moisturizing. 2 yolks to grind with 30 ml of cosmetic oil to choose from: castor, almond, coconut and jojoba will fit into this recipe.

  • With vegetable oil

For the treatment of incisions. 2 yolks whisk with 30 ml of vegetable oil to choose from: sunflower, olive, sesame.

  • With ethers

For shine. 2 yolks whisk with 20 ml of milk. Add by drop essential oils of lemon, orange and juniper.

  • Cognac

For shine and strengthening. 2 yolks whisk with 30 ml cognac, add 15 ml castor oil.

  • Kefir

Firming. 2 yolks whisk with 150 ml of yogurt.

  • Honey

Nutritious. 2 yolks to beat with 50 g of honey.

  • Mustard

To activate growth. 2 yolks whisk with 20 grams of mustard (already fried). Add 30 ml of any oil. Apply only to the scalp.

  • Yeast

To activate growth. 2 yolks mixed with 20 g of brewer's yeast, leave for a quarter of an hour. Apply only to the scalp.

From egg white

These masks are the exact opposite of the yolk. They are contraindicated for the care of dry hair, but ideal for fatty, because they have pronounced drying properties. However, washing them will be much more difficult, because they form a film and dry up quickly. Therefore, the main rule is not to keep them for more than 10 minutes.

Cons: quickly fold at high temperature, difficult to wash off.

General scheme of preparation:

  1. Separate the protein from the yolk.
  2. Beat it with whisk until foamy.
  3. Mix with the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Beat with a mixer or submersible blender.

Protein mask should be airy and light in consistency.

  • With glycerol

To repair the damage. 2 Whisk the protein with 5 ml of apple cider vinegar, 10 g of glycerin and 15 ml of olive oil.

  • With cream

Moisturizing. 2 Whip the protein with 30 ml of creamy cream.

  • With yeast

To activate growth. Pour 15 g of brewer's yeast with milk, leave for 15 minutes, add 1 protein.

  • With avocado

For shine. 2 Whisk the protein with 50 g of avocado pulp.

  • With coconut oil

For smoothness and silky. 2 protein whipped with 15 grams of honey and 20 ml of coconut oil.

  • With mayonnaise

Moisturizing. 2 whipped with 50 g of mayonnaise and 20 ml of yogurt.

  • With chamomile

For clarification. 50 grams of chamomile flowers pour 200 ml of boiling water, insist 4 hours, drain. Mix with 1 protein.

  • With herbs

For the treatment of incisions. Mix 20 g of marigolds and young nettles, brew 200 ml of boiling water, insist 2 hours, drain. Add 2 proteins.

  • Cognac

For shine. 50 g of chamomile to brew 200 ml of boiling water, to insist 4 hours, drain. Mix with 1 protein. Add 50 ml of cognac.

  • With lemon juice

Cleansing of contaminants and elimination of greasy shine. 1 protein mixed with 30 ml of lemon juice, add 100 ml of infusion from chamomile and 2 drops of essential oil of lavender.

From the whole egg

  • With egg and honey

One of the most nutritious and useful is the egg-honey mask. Hair after it becomes shiny and elastic, and also get additional protection from negative factors. Therefore, it is primarily recommended for those who suffer from harmful conditions of work or residence.

Minus: leaves behind a feeling of stickiness. To avoid this, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the head with water with the addition of lemon juice.

Mix 1 beaten egg with 50 g of honey. You can also add any cosmetic and vegetable oils and kefir.

  • With egg and lemon

Recommended for owners of normal and combination hair. Lemon slightly dries them. Minus: it is contraindicated for care of overdried hair - their condition can worsen.

Mix 1 beaten egg with 30 ml of lemon juice. For the density, you can add mayonnaise in an arbitrary amount.

  • With egg and mayonnaise

Recommended for moisturizing dry hair. Minus: you need to wash thoroughly, otherwise there is a feeling of greasiness, like after oil masks.

Mix 1 beaten egg with 50 ml of mayonnaise. For normal and combination hair it is recommended to add a little lemon juice.

  • With egg and yogurt

One of the best masks: stops falling out, suitable for care of any type of hair. For fatty - choose 1% kefir and protein, for normal and combination % kefir and whole egg, for dry % yogurt and yolk.

Of the minuses in the reviews most often sound complaints about the egg-sour smell. However, a couple of drops of essential oils, added to rinse water, solves this problem.

Mix 1 beaten egg with 50 ml of kefir. These masks are universal, so they can include any ingredients.

With oils

Excellent moisturize dry hair, treat cross-sections and brittle. However, they have several significant drawbacks. First, poorly washed, therefore, require the mandatory use of shampoo. Secondly, they can leave behind a feeling of greasiness and grease, which does not go away even after careful rinsing in several waters. Thirdly, it is recommended to heat oils in the composition of masks to increase their bioactivity, and when combined with eggs, it should be done with extreme caution, so that the latter do not curl up. Otherwise, the process of preparation will have to start from scratch.

  • With burdock oil

Recommended for those who suffer from seasonal loss. Mix 1 beaten egg with 20 ml of burdock oil. You can add a little honey and wheat flour to the density.

  • With castor oil

Recommended for over-dried hair. Suitable for those who often use a hair dryer, ironing or forceps. Appreciate it for its worth and those who have to work with high temperatures (in the kitchen, at the factory, etc.). Mix 1 beaten egg with 20 ml castor oil.

  • With olive oil

Has a mild effect, forms a protective film. Recommended after aggressive hairdressing procedures - waving, dyeing, etc. Mix 1 beaten egg with 50 ml of unrefined olive oil.

  • With coconut oil

Recommended for those who have a normal egg mask hair becomes too stiff. Mix 1 beaten egg with 20 ml of coconut oil. You can add 20 ml of kefir, cream of milk of maximum fat content.

With alcohol content

Unusual masks, since the egg has to be mixed with alcoholic beverages. This makes them universal, that is, they can be used to care for a normal, combination and even fatty type of hair. As for dry, the yolk will soften the aggressive effect of alcohol, so for them such masks are not contraindicated, but they still need to be used with caution.

  • With egg and beer

Hops, contained in beer, are a storehouse of female hormones of phytoestrogens that activate hair growth. Yeast in its composition performs the same function. Therefore, this egg mask is recommended first of all to those who suffer from loss and dreams of growing a thick, long braid.

Mix 1 beaten egg with 50 ml of dark unfiltered beer.

  • With egg and cognac

It gives the hair a chic shine and a light chestnut shade. Mix 1 beaten egg with 30 ml of cognac. You can add honey, any oils.

  • With vodka

The main function of such masks is to promote hair growth. Mix 1 beaten egg with 50 ml of vodka.

The effectiveness of egg masks should not be doubted: it is proved by time and a lot of positive feedback. The main thing is to do them correctly in order not to be disappointed in the results.

We also recommend other hair masks:

  • mustard;
  • kefir;
  • gelatinous.