Soothing means for depression, stress, neurosis: how to choose

Life situations often lead to a state where nerves are strained, it seems just about will not stand, and chamomile tea and the phrase "take yourself in hand" no longer help. It is necessary to survive stressful situations, resolve conflicts, and solve problems, but for this you must first calm down. At such a time, medication support may be required. It is not worth grabbing for the first bubble that comes across. We will understand what sedatives are used for different conditions and how they differ.

Herbs or "chemistry"?


Anxiety, suspiciousness, uncontrollable emotional outbursts, nervous tension, insomnia in and of itself prevent to live a full life, do not let you calmly deal with problems. If these symptoms persist for a long time, and the traumatic factor continues to "act on nerves, "the picture can worsen, develop into a neurosis or cause depressive states of different severity.

Folk remedies on herbs, tested by generations, are successfully used by modern medicine to help with anxiety conditions, stress. Valerian, motherwort, chamomile, mint softly soothe, not toxic, almost have no contraindications. They are part of the mild sedative drugs, freely sold in pharmacies.

Stronger properties are exhibited by St. John's wort, peony evading, wormwood. Their action is comparable to synthetic antidepressants, but the dose to observe is required more closely. Plants are poisonous, with an overdose or unreasonably prolonged reception cause a sharp exacerbation of symptoms, toxic poisoning.

Natural components have fewer side effects than synthetic ones, but they can not be forgotten. Here are some:

  • peony lowers blood pressure, is contraindicated to hypotension;
  • St. John's wort constricts blood vessels, is not used for hypertension;
  • wormwood with prolonged treatment or exceeding the dose causes convulsions, hallucinations.

In addition, these drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy, can provoke spontaneous abortion at any time. Any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract require careful attention to the selection of herbs.

Be careful! Any sedatives, including those of vegetable origin, with the wrong dosage or long treatment can return the symptoms and even strengthen them. When treating any anxious, nervous conditions by traditional medicine methods, you should consult a doctor.

In situations where assistance is required immediately, the people's means will not help. Their action is too soft and delayed, to achieve the effect requires a long reception (20 to 30 days). For urgent relief of panic attacks, anxiety, stress, stronger combined or synthetic drugs are used.

Sedative Pharmaceutical Products

Sedatives are made from plant or synthetic components, used to treat neurasthenia, with depression in uncomplicated form, small sleep disorders. Their task is to ease the emotional tension, allowing the psyche to recover from fatigue, an increased rhythm of life or stress.

Herbal products

Such drugs do not possess a hypnotic effect, but due to a soothing effect on the central nervous system, they make it easier to fall asleep, sleep becomes deeper.

Preparations of valerian, mint, motherwort, St. John's Wort are produced in various forms, these are inexpensive natural soothing agents that are not addictive. The most popular remedies for lung disorders:

  1. Valerian, motherwort. Produced in the form of dried ground raw materials, tea, collections, tinctures, capsules, tablets.
  2. Peony tincture. It alleviates symptoms in obsessive states, fears, relieves convulsive syndrome.
  3. Persen. A combination of extracts of mint, balm and valerian in the form of tablets, capsules.
  4. New Passit. Combined herbal preparation with the addition of guaifenesin (a light tranquilizer).

With the combination of several substances with a sedative effect, their action is greatly amplified, because the combined preparations are particularly effective. This should be taken into account when taking other soothing or hypnotic medicines at the same time.

Combined preparations

The sedatives in drops and tablets on the basis of ethanol with phenobarbital with the addition of essential oils are popular. These are cheap, traditionally used in the correction of the condition in elderly people with a weakened cardiovascular system:

  • Corvalol;
  • Valocordin;
  • Barbovan.

It is important to know! For all their popularity, drugs are considered obsolete, addictive, have many contraindications and side effects. An undesirable consequence with long-term administration is the need to increase the dose, which often leads to overdose, poisoning with bromide preparations that are part of the composition.

Bromides and barbiturates

Bromine preparations are used in the form of sodium and potassium salts. They have a braking effect on the brain and help with insomnia, hypertension in the initial stages, increased irritability, neuroses with overexcitation.

Prolonged reception is not prescribed because of the ability of bromine to accumulate in the body and the danger of poisoning.

Barbiturates (causing a hypnotic effect) in small doses are often used as urgent soothing agents. Prolonged use in such a quality is not recommended.


As antidepressants, antidepressants that act on serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine are used as sedatives. Their main goal is to improve mood, tone up, improve sleep and appetite, reduce anxiety, overcome apathy with moderate and severe depression. The same drugs with neuroses with obsessive states, phobias, and pains of nervous origin also give a positive result.

For the treatment of neurosis and depression most often used such antidepressants:

  • Prozac;
  • Amizole;
  • Cipralex;
  • Dopamine;
  • Zoloks.

Drugs of this group are prescribed only by a doctor. There is a huge range of antidepressants with different effects: soothing, stimulating or mixed. The choice of a medicine that can eliminate symptoms with different types of depression is strictly individual. Treatment of neurasthenia with the depletion of the nervous system may require the use of antidepressants, and with anxiety and phobias - tranquilizers.

Improperly applied medication can worsen the condition. In a number of cases it is required to change the medicine several times because of an individual reaction to the active substance.

Note! Antidepressants cause psychological and physical dependence, therefore their application should pass under the control of the doctor. In pharmacies, drugs are released strictly on prescription.

To relatively harmless natural antidepressants include such preparations on the basis of St. John's wort:

  • Nerustin is a preparation of soft accumulative action. Effective with neuroses, moderate and moderate depression.
  • Herbion Hypericum. Phytopreparation is prescribed for mild depressive conditions of various origins, panic attacks, sleep disturbances.
  • Deprim. Allows you to adjust the state even with depression with a propensity to suicide. It is acceptable to use in children 6 years of age under the supervision of a doctor.

To sedatives at depression on the basis of grasses there is no accustoming, but to accept them it is necessary cautiously. For example, severe forms of depression are a contraindication to the reception of St. John's wort. You should consult a psychotherapist or psychiatrist for advice and selection of medications.

It is worth noting that for a person who is not depressed, most antidepressants are useless, they usually do not improve their usual bad mood.


If antidepressants increase activity, then tranquilizers on the contrary muffle it. Therefore, a competent joint intake of such medications is achieved by equalizing the emotional state. Tranquilizers are medications that are effective in relieving anxiety, both prolonged and short-term. They prevent overexcitation, help the nervous system to rest.

Afobazol - a modern tranquilizer, not addictive, with no serious side effects. It successfully repairs seizures, removes physical manifestations of fear and panic: trembling, increased sweating, dizziness, intestinal cramps, lump in the throat, and others. In addition to soothing, increases the functionality of the brain, it is used in narcology.

Adaptol is an easy daytime tranquilizer, its use is not accompanied by inhibition of mental activity, thought processes are normalized, nervous tension, a sense of fear goes away. It is used for neurotic-like conditions, vegetovascular dystonia, neutralizes intoxication from taking neuroleptics, other tranquilizers, antidepressants in complex therapy. A mild action, like an antidepressant, is applicable to depressions of varying degrees, but does not cope with panic attacks. In such cases, prescribe additional drugs.

Not all tranquilizers are so harmless, most of the powerful drugs can be addictive and addictive. Drugs from this group are contraindicated in children, adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.

The scheme of tranquilizers is developed individually and involves a gradual increase in the dose at the beginning of the course with a gradual decrease at the end. The use of longer than 3 weeks is possible only with interruptions and under the constant supervision of a specialist to exclude withdrawal syndrome.


A group of drugs that stimulate brain function is effective in asthenic syndrome: constant fatigue, memory impairment, lowering of adaptive properties of the body. This condition often accompanies depression or neurosis. Nootropics improve microcirculation in brain tissues, restore connectivity of thinking and the ability to absorb information.

Most often used:

  • Tenoten. A popular sedative with stress, nervousness, excessive tension. Helps to cope with increased emotional stress, without causing drowsiness, inhibition. Refers to nootropics and has the effect of a mild tranquilizer. Improves sleep, memory, ability to learn, reduces anxiety, irritability.
  • Glycine. Assign as an auxiliary in the treatment of neuroses, neurasthenia, depressive disorders. It not only calms, but also increases efficiency, normalizes sleep, improves mood. Glycine enhances the effect of antidepressants, therefore it is used in the complex treatment of depression and neuroses only on the prescription of a doctor.
  • Phenibut. In addition to nootropic properties has an anticonvulsant effect, reduces anxiety, a sense of fear, regulates sleep, relieves nightmarish dreams. Applicable for children in the treatment of stuttering, enuresis. Well tolerated in old age. After application there is no sluggishness and relaxation, the functions of the vestibular apparatus improve.

The ability of nootropics to strengthen the nervous system and improve brain function is used in the correction of nervous disorders at any age. Basically, the drugs do not have an immediate soothing effect, require a long course of treatment.

Children's soothing

The use of sedatives for children is not exceptional today. Children grow up faster, they all fall under the pressure of information, they are also subject to stress and depression as adults. Hyperactivity, tearfulness, capriciousness or inhibition, apathy in a child require specialist attention for timely correction.

In the treatment of emotional disorders, behavioral disorders in children, drugs based on soothing herbs and doses in age-appropriate doses are applied. Herbal preparations up to 1 year are applied in the form of tea, syrup.

Ready herbal teas for children, which can be bought at the pharmacy:

  • Phytosedan;
  • Calm down;
  • Child restful;
  • Bayu-bye;

A good soothing result is given by a daily bath with infusion of herbs. Preparing infusions of mint, lavender, valerian, motherwort for babies yourself, you should use one herb. Multicomponent teas and baths are recommended to children after a year.

Good to know! Herbal preparations affect children in different ways. Soothing tea should be selected with caution. Individual reaction to components can be the reverse of what was expected. Frequent reactions to sedatives at an early age are gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, allergies.

At the expressed signs at different age the doctor can appoint medicamental treatment:

  • Glycine;
  • Fenibut;
  • Pantogam;
  • Tenoten.

Carefully selected medications (most often nootropics) are used to correct hyperactivity, delayed development, hysteria of children from 3 years.

In adolescence and for children from 6 years, sedatives are used to improve the adaptation in children's groups, normalize mood, relieve anxiety. It can be both phytopreparations and nootropics. Under special indications, tranquilizers can be used strictly under the supervision of a doctor: Sibazon, Phenazepam, Elenium.

It is unacceptable to prescribe sedative medications to children on their own, without conducting a survey with a specialist. Neurosis and anxiety in children can have different causes, for each case, appropriate treatment is selected.

It should be remembered that the medical treatment of nervous disorders at any age gives only a temporary result.

Completely cure neurosis or get rid of depression is possible only by eliminating the cause of their appearance. In the presence of an irritating factor, with constant stress or recurrence of a traumatic situation, the disease will return.

Taking strong sedatives, bought without prescriptions, hand-picked, can severely damage your mental and physical health. The goal of sedatives is only support of the nervous system. This makes it possible to calmly resolve the accumulated problems and to conduct adequate complex treatment if necessary.