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The last thing a woman can wish herself is problems on her face. If the body somehow can be hidden under clothes, then the person to hide is too problematic. It is always in sight. But not always mirrors can please us. That only does not threaten the purity of our skin. Acne, acne, irritation, peeling. One of the most dangerous ailments that we can face is a furuncle.

What is furunculosis

Furuncle(more known to us under the name "cheire") is a purulent inflammation of the necrotic follicle. In the pathological process, tissues adjacent to the hair follicle (follicles) are gradually involved. Acute inflammation leads to the necrosis of connective tissue.

The disease associated with the appearance of boils is called furunculosis. Inflammatory process can develop on any part of the body. But the most dangerous is furunculosis on the face. It is dangerous, first of all, by the fact that a deep necrotic infection can easily penetrate into small vesicles, go into veins.

The circulatory system on the face has some features. A large number of interlaced veins, which do not have internal valves. This contributes to the instant spread of any infection.

Infection easily arrives in the brain. What awaits us in this case? The onset of inflammation of the meninges (meningitis), then sepsis (generalized inflammation, which can lead to death or deep disability). What to do?

Symptoms and stages of development

The very beginning of the development of the boil can be confused with the usual pimple. But it only seems so. In fact, diagnosing the disease is easy enough, you just need to know some of its features and stages of development.

  • 1 st stage. We begin to feel a slight itch in the restricted area of ​​the face. There is an active multiplication of microorganisms caught in a favorable environment for them.
  • 2 stage. In this place there is redness of the skin, it swells a little and starts to hurt. The swelling becomes a cone. In its center there is an amazed follicle, which slowly begins to fill with purulent contents.
  • 3 stage. After 4-5 days, a necrotic stem forms at the very tip of the swelling. This is a black point, consisting of dead tissue with an environment of purulent masses. Now the painful condition of the skin is accompanied by headache, fatigue, weakness, and the temperature can also rise.
  • 4 th stage. Approximately a month later, the boil erupts, the tissues are cleansed, the formed wound grows.
  • 5 th stage. Swelling and painful sensations leave, the wound heals completely. Now on this place a scar of a bright shade is formed, which after a while becomes light and almost merges with the skin.

Do you think he's gone forever? Such single furuncles come with mild illness, and they visit the face 2-3 times a year. If you do not treat furunculosis on your face at this stage, you can immediately come to several furuncles that merge, form a vast purulent zone. Complicated process is accompanied by intoxication and weakening of the whole organism, and then passes into a chronic stage.

Causes of appearance

Almost 95% of cases are caused by Staphylococcus aureus. Occasionally, the cause is the activity of some other microorganisms (epidermal staphylococci, streptococci in groups B and A, etc.).

Staphylococcus aureusGram-positive bacteria of globular shape. Got its name because of the unique golden color for bacteria.

Almost 20% of the population are carriers of this pathogenic microorganism. In a healthy, strong body, staphylococci do not show themselves, calmly live on mucous membranes, on the skin and wait for their time.

Favorable time for staphylococcus aureus

If we want to know the real causes of boils, you need to dig much deeper. What pushes the activity of staphylococcal microflora. What conditions are needed to awaken the purulent-inflammatory process, which can spread through the entire body through blood flow (in especially severe cases) and provoke severe complications. For such reasons, doctors consider the following factors:

  • long-term, permanent skin contamination;
  • various injuries of the skin (abrasions, cracks, strong scratching), where the infection falls;
  • too thin, sensitive skin with a lack of acid-fat metabolism;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • the presence of diseases that lead to a decrease in immunity (diabetes mellitus, obesity, avitaminosis, problems with the nervous system, liver, hypovitaminosis, improper diet, metabolic disorders substances);
  • chronic ailments (tuberculosis, hepatitis, tonsillitis, pyelonephritis);
  • Some skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, fungal infections);
  • prolonged use of antibiotics.

Methods of treatment


What should I do if I have a furuncle on my face? Let's better say what one absolutely can not do. And it's trying to squeeze it out. To do this is quite difficult (a purulent focus is located in the deep layers of the dermis). Applying efforts to squeeze it out, you can achieve quite the opposite effect. To strengthen the infection even more and even deeper. If you still managed to squeeze out the boil - the consequences will still be (and not the best). And the infection still remains in the body.

You can not soften the tissue in the furuncle focus (compresses, wet wipes, steam). This will increase the spread of the infection.

What can I do? Visit a doctor. Treatment of boils on the face without the knowledge of the doctor leads to very sad consequences. In especially severe cases, the surgeon's assistance is also required. At the stage of maturation furuncle therapy is aimed at accelerating this process. Usually they use Vishnevsky's ointment or Ichthyolku. After rupturing the abscess, the wound is treated with antiseptics (iodine, zelenka, alcohol, betadine). And continue to "suck" pus with the help of ointments. With numerous boils, physiotherapy and antibiotics are added.

Useful advice from our readers


The problem with this illness was very serious. The period of the exacerbation of the disease lasted without interruption for two years. At times at the same time up to 10 chiruses. Has accumulated a good experience and I know what to do with furunculosis. This and share:

  • remove make-up and just wash yourself with kefir or slightly acidified milk;
  • categorically it is impossible to try to cover with cheeses a voice-frequency cream or powder;
  • twice a day after cleansing with kefir skin, apply Clindovit gel (pointwise), I alternated it with Levomecol;
  • forget about home scrubs, face cleansing, also do not use milk, lotions and soap at this time;
  • refuse to use any face creams.

Now a little more detail: milk (or kefir) has beneficial bacteria and at the same time has excellent cleansing abilities. Just put it on a cotton pad and treat the face. I used it constantly, several times a day. But do not rub the skin in places of chiri, but only slightly blot out these areas.

Tonal creams provoke the development of furunculosis - they tightly clog pores. A means for removing make-up (lotions, mousses, milk, tonics) completely kill the beneficial microflora. And it is vital in the case of furunculosis - immunity and so weakened. The same applies to cleansing and scrubbing procedures.

Clindovitis prescribed to me by a dermatologist. In addition to the gel, I took antibiotics, fizzy Tsinkit (dietary supplements, which compensates for the lack of zinc). I drank it for a month, then switched to dry brewer's yeast (it would be ideal to take live yeast, but I did not find it). Levomekol and Klindovit alternated. I put it on a boil, covered it with cotton wool and fixed it with adhesive tape. And also accompanied the treatment of the boil with folk remedies.


Folk Pharmacy

Treatment of boils on the face at home is possible only as accompanying methods to the main purposes of the doctor. Home remedies will help smooth out the external manifestations of furunculosis, enhance the effect of medications and accelerate the process of recovery.

Home Ointments

Of the mixtures, they make a kind of flat cake, which is applied to a purulent focus. Apply them regularly until the desired effect is obtained.

To quickly matured boil:

  • Mix the salt (5 g), honey (18 ml), flour (30 g) and egg. Change the cake twice a day.
  • A mixture of grated laundry soap (25 g) and mashed baked onion (30 g). Use every day.

At an initial stage of a furuncle nucleation:

  • Crumb of black bread (24 g), water (1/2 cup) and salt (1 h. l). Change the cake once every 4 hours.
  • Crushed leaves of marigold (20 gr) and Vaseline (18 ml). Change the mass on the face you need every 3 hours.

Herbal pickings and herbs

For a long time people knew how to treat the boil on the face with the help of herbs. Try these proven methods of our ancestors.

  • In a glass of water, add the grass of Kirkizon (20 g). Cook the mixture for 7 minutes and every night make compresses from the broth.
  • In a glass of milk, add flaxseed and chamomile flowers (10 grams each). Bring the mass to a boil. Compresses should be applied overnight to affected areas.
  • Make a mixture of an equal number of leaves of cranberries and herbaceous grass. Pour the herbal mass (10 g) with a glass of boiling water. Infuse for 1 hour and strain. Decoction take inside half an hour before meals 4 times daily for 16 ml.
  • We need marigold flowers, cornflower, walnut leaf, veronica grass, field horsetail and nettle (2 parts each), a string (3 parts), a tri-colored violet (4 parts). Mix the medicinal herbs (40 g) with water (1 liter). Let the night stand, then boil for 12 minutes. Take this broth inside daily (drink in 5 receptions).

Oils for furunculosis

Very effective are many aesthetics and cosmetic oils in the fight against boils. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the formula when making medicinal mixtures.

  • Mix olive oil (you can take almond or peach) with aloe juice in equal parts. Soak gauze in the mixture and apply to the purulent areas. Keep the compress constantly, changing twice a day.
  • To protect the adjacent tissue with an abscess from infection, 4 times a day, rinse these areas with a 2% solution of lavender ether in boiled water.
  • Good draw pus hot compresses from a mixture of aether lavender, bergamot, chamomile and melaleuka (5 drops each).

Be sure to stick to a diet that includes foods with a high content of various vitamins (especially B, A and C) and trace elements. In your diet should be a lot of cereals, fresh fruits, vegetable salads. At the time of treatment you will forget about fatty, spicy, sweet and salty foods. Meat should be steamed or boiled. Three times a day, take brewer's yeast 3 grams.

Be healthy!