How to remove bags under the eyes: salon, cosmetics, folk remedies



  • Causes
  • Salon procedures
  • Cosmetical tools
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Folk remedies
  • Useful recommendations

Women devote much time to the beauty of their eyes. But due to the confluence of some circumstances, because of the age and lifestyle in this sensitive and delicate area of ​​the face, unpleasant folds on the lower eyelid are formed. They pull the skin down, spoil the appearance, look unaesthetic and appear mainly in the mornings, when only an hour and a half should be released. What to do?

A full review of salon procedures, cosmetics and folk recipes, how to clean bags under the eyes, will help get rid of this scourge quickly and without problems. But all this will prove ineffective if you do not find out and do not eliminate from your life those factors that provoke the formation of these folds.


To find out the causes of bags under the eyes, you will need to carefully analyze the lifestyle in terms of health, nutrition and even peace of mind. The provoking factors may be internal, i.e., the processes that occur inside the body. They can be external, that is, blame for the appearance of bags under the eyes will have some circumstances from the outside, which somehow touched your health. What could it be?

Internal factors:

  • red bags under the eyes - almost always a symptom of some internal disease or infection that has got into the eye;
  • kidney failure;
  • food allergy;
  • heart problems;
  • impaired liver function.

External factors:

  • alcohol abuse;
  • from lack of sleep under the eyes appear blue bags and circles;
  • smoking;
  • malnutrition: abundance in the diet of fatty, fried, salted, pickled, smoked products, especially if the stomach is filled with them without failure before going to bed;
  • wrong way of life provokes black bags under the eyes (bad habits, insomnia, poor nutrition, lack of fresh air);
  • bad (substandard, overdue) decorative cosmetics: get a new mascara, shadows, cosmetic pencil;
  • yellow bags under the eyes indicate age;
  • stress and depression, constant emotional overload.

That's why bags under the eyes appear: each of these factors can provoke their formation in the morning. Any reason from this list should be timely identified and eliminated. This will require not only time, but also willpower. After all, it's not easy just to quit smoking right away, if it's a long-term habit. It is even harder to restore balance after stress. And yet, if a woman has set herself the goal of quickly removing bags under the eyes by any means, she will go for everything for the sake of it.

Salon procedures

The question what to do if under the eyes of bags, each woman decides because of their financial capabilities and individual preferences. If you want to get a noticeable and quick result, there are no gaps in the wallet, fear of hardware cosmetology is not there, it's worth to visit the beauty salon. They will propose a whole list of the most diverse procedures for the removal of this cosmetic defect.

  • Injections

Famous injections of beauty - one of the most popular methods for women to get rid of bags under the eyes. Using a thin needle under the skin, hyaluronic acid is introduced, which has excellent pulling properties. Pain can be avoided by agreeing to a local anesthetic.

  • Operations

A surgical operation to remove bags under the eyes is not prescribed to everyone. If the problem is aged and there are no contraindications for health reasons, the scalpel of the surgeon will return to you the former firmness of the skin in this area of ​​the face. Blepharoplasty here does not remove excess fat, but redistributes it so that there are no folds. However, in the cabin it is possible to remove bags under the eyes without surgery and without injections.

  • Microcurrent therapy

The area around the eyes is treated by the current of an ultra-small (predetermined) frequency and amplitude. Skin lift is carried out by means of cosmetic preparations enriched with vitamins, amino acids, collagen. Microcurrents in this procedure are effective conductors, delivering nutrients to the skin.

  • Lymphatic drainage

Lymph drainage provides removal of excess fluid from the intercellular space and thereby improves the circulation of lymph. This leads to vasodilation, muscle relaxation, a uniform distribution of lymph throughout the face.

An alternative to this procedure can serve as lymph drainage massage at home. More details about it here.

  • Laser biorevitalization

With the help of the laser, hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin. The result is the activation of metabolic processes, an increase in the number of collagen and elastin fibers produced, prolonged moisturizing, cell regeneration, and a powerful lifting effect. The procedure permanently eliminates bags, "crow's feet dark circles and wrinkles in the eye area.

  • Peeling

Peeling the face around the eyes suggests saturation of the cells with fruit acids. They remove toxins, excess liquid, harmful decomposition products. At the same time, skin particles are peeled off, pores are cleared. The procedure has pronounced rejuvenating and tightening properties.

Salon removal of bags under the eyes always guarantees a quick and effective result. But do not flatter yourself: all these procedures have significant drawbacks, which you must know in advance.

- Firstly, they are not expensive, and in fact to achieve the final effect, it will take To be written down on some procedures which not later than in half a year (and even earlier) it is necessary repeat again.

- Secondly, you can not get rid of bags under your eyes forever, even with the help of all this wonder technology, if you did not take care of eliminating the causes of this scourge.

- Thirdly, a rehabilitation period is required after each such procedure, which can result in the appearance of unexpected and not very pleasant side effects.

So before you decide on cosmetic procedures from bags under the eyes, it is worthwhile to consult a cosmetologist beforehand: maybe he will advise some less aggressive methods. In particular, now many brands offer very effective tools aimed at smoothing the skin around the eyes and eliminating bags.

Cosmetical tools

Correctly selected cosmetics from bags under the eyes - an excellent solution to this problem. The choice will help all sorts of ratings and reviews, in large numbers posted on the Internet. Take into account your age, individual characteristics, your health. What can be chosen from the proposed variety?


Store cream from bags under the eyes is suitable for daily use, so it serves simultaneously as a preventive tool. Pay attention to such brands as Premium (Russia), Skin Doctors (Australia), JabaLabs (USA).


Gel against bags under the eyes differs from the cream with a more pleasant consistency. As a rule, it is transparent and has a cooling effect, quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy, shiny circles on the skin. Here you can advise cosmetics from Teana (Japan), GIGI (Israel), Lierac (France).


Well, if in one line with the cream is also declared a mask against bags under the eyes. It strengthens its action. Once or twice a week, more fully nourishes sensitive, dehydrated skin, gives her turgor and elasticity. You can purchase goods from Twins Tek (Russia), Bailan (China), BelKosmex (Belarus).


Specially designed serums for fighting bags under the eyes are much more effective than all of the above listed products. They have not just a cosmetic, but also a curative effect. Normalize the work of the subcutaneous glands and metabolism, restore damaged cells, promote regeneration. Therefore, they can be found mainly in the pharmacy or specialized stores of a certain brand. You can advise Markell (Belarus), Dr. Brandt (USA), Dr. Sea (Israel).

Women should take into account that all the other cosmetics from bags under the eyes in the form of correctors, concealers, tonal creams and powder provides only an external masking problem, but does not solve it. Often using such means, you only exacerbate the situation. Cosmetologists strongly recommend the appearance of bags under the eyes to use a minimum of decorative and masking cosmetics, so that the skin breathes, and not clogged with harmful, very dense substances.


Pharmaceutical products

So bags under the eyes of women are often a symptom of a certain disease, it is necessary appropriate treatment, which should be comprehensive and proceed not only from the cosmetologist, but also therapist. After the examination, both of you may have to go to the pharmacy for medicines.

  1. Ointment troxevasin is an angioprotective agent intended for the normalization of blood vessels. Twice a day the drug is applied to the problem site within 10-14 days.
  2. Successfully used to remove bags under the eyes of heparin ointment, which expands the capillaries, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that enter the cells and tissues. The result is increased blood flow, resilience of the skin in this area of ​​the face is restored, the effect of smoothing the folds is achieved. Apply twice a day, but not more than a week.
  3. Well can help hyaluronic acid, which can be purchased at the pharmacy in a liquid form. To achieve the desired effect, it is enough to add to your usual cosmetic means: ointments, creams, masks, serums, etc.

The length of the course of therapy will largely depend on the disease, skin condition, and age of the woman. As a rule, to reduce bags under the eyes with the help of drugs is obtained quickly (for 1-2 weeks). However, this is not always possible without side effects, because the body does not always react positively and adequately to medicines. There is one more, the most popular way how to deal with bags under the eyes - this can be done with folk remedies that are so easy to cook at home on their own.

Folk remedies

Do not know how to quickly remove bags under the eyes at home, so as not to apply to any salons and not spend too much money on it? The secrets of grandmother's beauty recipes will come to the aid. Effective means are obtained from the most common products, which certainly exist in every kitchen.

  • Tea lotions

Perhaps the most effective remedy for bags under the eyes, available to everyone at home, is the tea bags that have already been used. Both black and green varieties of tea help. Cooled bags are applied for 10 minutes to both eyes. The rest of the tea is then removed with a cotton pad. This is a real "first aid" for women who in the morning find bags under their eyes, and in half an hour they already have to run to work.

  • Herbal compresses

Bags under the eyes are formed mainly due to the violation of subcutaneous microcirculation. Normalize it such well-known medicinal herbs as sage, turn, mint, oak, chamomile, eye, arnica, calendula, rosemary, linden. Of them, we first make a rich infusion (or a decoction), then - a herbal and cosmetic herbal compress from bags under the eyes. To prepare a miracle remedy 15 grams of crushed raw material (you can dry or fresh) pour a glass of steep boiling water, cover tightly with a lid. Filter through half an hour, we moisten in the infusion of gauze, folded into several layers, or ordinary wadded disks. Then apply to the eyes for 10 minutes.

  • Lotion of black tea and chemist's chamomile

The two previous recipes can be effectively combined within one national means. Grind 15 g of dried flowers of chamomile pharmacy, mixed with dry tea leaves of black tea (also 15 g). Pour the mixture with strong boiling water (200 ml), cover. Filter through half an hour, we moisten in the infusion of gauze, folded into several layers, or ordinary wadded disks. Then apply to the eyes for 10 minutes.

  • Birch lotions

Fresh, still in spring, young (it is better to harvest in May) birch leaves, directly whole, not crushing them, in the amount of 6-7 pieces, fill a glass of mineral water at room temperature, leave for 8-10 hours, filter, use as a lotion or for washing on mornings.

  • Potato applications

Boil the unclean potatoes (in a uniform), knead it with a fork, without peeling, cool to warm, not hot condition, we place the resulting puree in a two-layer gauze, apply in the mornings to eyes. If time is catastrophically small and is not enough to boil potatoes, cut the fresh tuber into round slices, apply them to the lower eyelid.

  • Potato mask

There is another effective and popular recipe for potato mask from bags under the eyes. Vegetables in raw form are rubbed on the grater, we add to it crushed fresh herbs of parsley and dill (in equal proportions), wrapped in a single-layer gauze, applied to the lower eyelids.

Read more about the benefits of masks from potatoes in our article.

  • Cucumber mask

Cucumber can be called a champion in the fight against bags under the eyes. Any cosmetic products, in the composition of which he enters, quickly cope with them. So be sure to try to apply at home such an effective mask. Remove the seeds from the peeled cucumber, turn it into puree, wrap it in a single-layer gauze, which must be moistened in milk and applied to the problem zone.

More recipes for cucumber masks here.

  • Lotion of horsetail

15 grams of chopped dry horsetail is filled with a glass of steep boiling water, we keep it on the water bath for no more than 15 minutes, cover it tightly with a lid. Filter through half an hour, we moisten in the prepared infusion multilayer gauze (it can be replaced with cotton discs), apply to bags for 10 minutes.

  • Mask from melissa and white bread

To get rid of the bags in the morning under the eyes is perfectly helped by the following recipe. In the juice of medicinal lemon balm we moisten the crumb of fresh white bread. We wrap in linen cloth or gauze and apply to the lower eyelid for 7-10 minutes.

  • Lotion of parsley and tea

Grind the root of parsley (15 g), mix with the same amount of tea brew, pour steep boiling water (200 ml), let it brew, cool, wet in this solution cotton balls and apply in the morning to the problem zone.

  • Smetanno-green mask

Fresh chopped parsley greens (10 g) mixed with the most fatty sour cream (20 g). The mask is applied only to the lower eyelid, because it is there that treacherous folds are formed.

  • Honey mask

15 ml of honey melt to a liquid state in a water bath, mix with 15 grams of wheat flour, pre-whipped in a foam egg yolk.

Other recipes based on honey read here.

Make sure that you can remove bags under your eyes at home using any of these folk remedies. Do not try all methods at the same time. Choose one that fits your daily routine, takes into account your individual characteristics. Do not forget to check each remedy, if it does not cause you an allergy. In addition to all this, several useful tips for each day will allow you to speed up the process of getting rid of this cosmetic defect.

Useful recommendations

To get rid of bags under the eyes, daily follow certain recommendations. Their observance will help you not only to combat this scourge, but also to look perfect every morning.

  1. Regularly perform exercises from bags under the eyes, a complex of which can be easily selected on the Internet. This circular rotation of the eyes with a fixed head fixed, a strong (before the appearance of flies) screwing up the eyelids and their sharp opening. Such a simple gymnastics can be performed in any free time in any place.
  2. Do not drink liquids 2 hours before bedtime.
  3. Do not go to bed with make-up on your face: always wash it off.
  4. Try not to cry 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  5. In the evenings, massage eyelids on your own.
  6. Fight with stress and emotional burnout.
  7. In the morning, after a dream, contrasting washing is useful, while the last rinse is better to make a decoction of some medicinal herb. Cosmetologists recommend chamomile pharmacy.
  8. As soon as you feel that you are being eaten from the inside by some kind of disease, do not be lazy to undergo a medical examination and in case of illness, be treated.
  9. Be sure to get enough sleep: if you spend less than 8 hours in a dream, you will never cope with this problem.

So get rid of bags under the eyes at home is possible. For this you need only patience, time and desire. Each woman solves this problem in her own way. Someone likes to give their beauty in the hands of an experienced master cosmetician, applying for help in a beauty salon. Some, having studied all sorts of ratings and reviews, will select for themselves a miracle product developed by one of the leading cosmetic companies. There are also those who prefer folk remedies from bags under the eyes, in the naturalness of which they will be 100% sure. Anyway, there are a lot of methods to combat this cosmetic defect. The main thing is not to make a mistake in your choice.