Strengthening of hair: what will be offered in the salon and what can be done at home


The follicle is the root of the hair, anchored in a sac of connective tissue and blood vessels. This nest retains and nourishes it. Nearby are sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The life of this mini-system is not more than 4 years, after which it dies.

However, a number of reasons lead to premature death of the bulbs. This is fraught with an increase in hair loss, their thinning and cessation of growth. To prevent the process from becoming a natural disaster, regular strengthening procedures should be carried out.

Why do this?

Regular hair strengthening is a guarantee:

  • additional feed of roots;
  • preventing premature fallout;
  • volume and density;
  • increased growth;
  • natural radiance and brilliance;
  • smoothness and silkiness;
  • recovery after aggressive procedures (staining with harmful compounds, waving, etc.);
  • thickening of the rod itself;
  • the termination of cross-sections.

First of all, hair strengthening is used from falling out to stop it and prevent baldness (read more about this disease in a separate article).

Did you know that ...a healthy hair can sustain a weight of 100 grams, and the weakened can fall out by the usual touch to it?

Reasons for weakening

To strengthen the roots of hair, the first thing you need to know, which led to their weakening. Without the elimination of provoking factors, no single procedure will be effective. You, on the one hand, will do everything to prolong the life of the follicles, and unresolved negative circumstances will continue to undermine them and reduce all your efforts to naught. What often leads to the weakening of our hair?

Heat treatment

Rare women do not dry their hair with a hairdryer, do not curl them with forceps and thermobigurs, they do not straighten out ironing. Most of them do not even think about how harmful it is for them. Their external protection is damaged, they are thinned and weakened, the upper layers are burnt.

Chemical attacks

Do you think that if your shampoo depicts lotus flowers and magnolia, is it really made of them? Well, if there is at least some part of their extract, because most often it's just flavorings.

In fact, every shampooing of the head with most shampoos is stress for the roots and scalp. After all, you bring down on them a huge amount of phthalates, benzenes, dietanolamine, sulfates, propylene glycols and other harmful substances that are actively used by modern manufacturers. And hairdressers and beauty salons? Natural care costs a lot of money. If it is a wave or highlight, the powerful chemical reagents used in such aggressive procedures significantly weaken and shorten the life of the follicles.

External factors

Going out without a hat, you should think about what a flurry of ultraviolet radiation and precipitation on you will collapse. Poor environmental conditions (air pollution, toxins), frost, temperature changes and sea salt with chlorine during bathing adversely affect the condition of the follicles.

Internal factors

The state of the body has a huge effect on the hair. So, if your health is not all right, you are eating the wrong way, harmful habits and experiencing constant stress, all this will have a disastrous effect on their external form. After all, they are the catalyst for everything that happens inside us.

Mechanical damage

Almost daily, we subject the hair to mechanical injuries, injuring them, and then wonder why they do not grow, fall out and split. And this happens not at the time of haircuts, but through metal combs, tight pins and rubber bands, synthetic headdresses.

So, if you want to strengthen hair and make it thick, you'll first have to find out what caused them to weaken and eliminate it.

It is interesting.There is a myth that loss - the result of too frequent use of gels and lacquers. However, in practice, in rare cases, these cosmetics cause alopecia.

How to strengthen hair

To comb it is recommended not more often than twice a day and correctly: tilt your head down and carefully comb it. So the blood flows to the roots and provides them with the necessary nutrition. Excellent effect gives aroma-combing. On the comb, drop a few drops of ether:

  • to strengthen greasy hair, grapefruit, lemon, patchouli, bergamot, eucalyptus are suitable;
  • against loss - geranium, rosemary, tea tree, lavender;
  • to enhance growth - juniper, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, carnation, fir, cinnamon.

Recommended: "Review of oils from hair loss."

To wash a head it is necessary in process of its or her pollution that the hypodermic fat did not hammer in scales, having blocked access of oxygen to cages.

It is necessary to determine the type of your hair: they are fatty, dry or normal. After that, choose care products only in accordance with this indicator.

Do strengthening masks at least once a week, or even better - two. They can be shop-made (if you do not regret money and are not afraid of chemistry) or domestic (as a budget option from natural products). The first act instantly, but cause a certain amount of harm. The second is safer, but sometimes the result after them has to wait too long.

If you use broths and infusions of herbs instead of store balsams, you will definitely strengthen the roots. The most useful are nettle, birch, calendula, burdock, oak, dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, sage, mint, basil. And these fees can be purchased even in the pharmacy, and not collect them yourself.

About our folk ways of strengthening hair and combating their loss, our previous article will tell.

Do not wash your head with hot water. It dries and destroys the protective layer. Her temperature should be at room temperature.

It is necessary to beware of external factors-stimuli. It is recommended not to go out without a hat. In winter it is necessary to wear a warm hat, in the summer - a light panama. Headgear should be made of natural materials, as the roots are damaged and weakened from synthetics. In this case, they must be washed weekly so as not to contaminate the head.

Before you go to bed, you need to wash off all stowage.

If you eat right, vitaminized foods will deliver to the roots all the necessary substances for their full-value nutrition strengthening. So it's worth reviewing your diet.

Avoid nervous stress and distress.

And, of course, try to fight your bad habits: smoking and alcohol have a bad effect on the condition of the roots and scalp.


Modern brands produce a whole range of products to strengthen the roots and prevent hair loss. They can include shampoos, balms, serums, masks. Be sure to use them in the care of weakened hair. A small rating will guide you in the means and prices.


  1. Shampoo Biotin + is a strengthening shampoo with biotin. Spanish company Nirvel. $ 1, (250 ml).
  2. Strengthening shampoo, designed to care for weakened, brittle and damaged hair. The Israeli brand Kamilotract Forte. $ 11 (270 ml).
  3. Inforcer Strengthening Anti-breakage Shampoo - strengthening shampoo against thinning and brittleness. Line Serie Expert from the French brand L`Oreal Professionnel. $, (300 ml).
  4. Strengthening of weakened hair. German concern of the Valley. $, (200 ml).
  5. Shampoo with quinine and B vitamins - strengthening shampoo with quinine. French concern Klorane. $, (100 ml).
  6. Strong roots - shampoo based on essential oils. Russian firm Aroma Touch. $, (250 ml).
  7. Men Strengthening and strength - male shampoo. Brand Timotei from Sweden. $, (400 ml).
  8. For Men Fresh Comfort - male firming. The Ukrainian brand Vitex. $, (400 ml).
  9. Strengthening shampoo on natural milk soap and honey color. The recipe from Cleopatra. Russian cosmetics Planeta Organica. $, (400 ml).
  10. Strengthening shampoo with nettle. The Russian company Clean line. $, (250 ml).


  1. Keratin Pro - firming and moisturizing mask with keratin. English brand Creightons. $ 6 (150 ml).
  2. Ceramide Complex - a strengthening mask of instant action against thinning. German professional cosmetics Syoss. $, (250 ml).
  3. Honey + onion - a strengthening mask. Domestic company Aptekar. $, (10 ml).
  4. Active strengthening mask-serum. The Russian brand Golden Silk. $2. (500 ml).
  5. Mud mask for strengthening weakened hair. Ruler Living Dead Sea from the Russian company Vita. $, (15 ml).


  1. Botanicals Coriander is a strengthening serum against brittleness. From the French brand L'Oreal Professionnel. $ 1, (125 ml).
  2. Strengthening serum-concentrate. Cosmetics from Russia Bodyton. $, (8 ml).
  3. Firming Active Serum. The Russian brand Markell. $, (75 ml).
  4. Strengthening serum against split ends. The French brand Garnier. $, (50 ml).
  5. Keratin Power Glue - keratin strengthening serum. Korean cosmetics Lador. $ 2 (15 ml).

Cosmetic means to strengthen the roots are a must for the care of weakened hair.

Did you know that on 96% consist of a protein of keratin, which affects their growth and general condition? Therefore, most cosmetics and drugs to strengthen the roots contain it in its composition.

Salon procedures

If the fallout becomes uncontrolled, ask for help in the salon. In most of them, trichologists take the trick, which will tell you how to properly strengthen the hair follicles, and prescribe the appropriate procedures.


When glazed, the cosmetic composition is applied to the roots, strengthening them and saturating with ceramides and lipid molecules. The time is about an hour.

In addition to the protective layer, the glazing procedure gives the hair an amazing shine


  • even the thinnest hair becomes strong, elastic, silky;
  • they shine;
  • no longer fall out;
  • increase in volume;
  • thicken;
  • split ends are sealed;
  • if you order colored glaze, you can change the shade.

The effect of glazing lasts about 1 month. The cost is $ 19, but it will depend on the length of the hair.

On a note.In some salons under the glaze is not saturation of the roots of hair with ceramides, but applying the coloring composition to the tips. In another way, this is partial staining. So find out in advance what is on the price list under this name.

Molecular Gloss

Molecular gloss is a medical salon strengthening procedure for weakened, damaged, split hair. On the scalp and along the entire length of the medicinal composition is applied from medicinal preparations and natural oils. Active substances penetrate deep into the stem and roots and repair microdamages at the cellular level. This usually takes about 2 hours.

The effect is promising:

  • shine;
  • silkiness;
  • smooth, mirror surface;
  • strengthening of roots;
  • restoration of damage from the inside;
  • elimination of loss.

The effect lasts up to 1 month. The cost is about $ 24.

A little nuance.Molecular glazing is one of the most effective salon procedures. But he also has a small disadvantage: the procedure can not be resorted to after staining.


Cauterization is a medical salon procedure. The composition, which is applied to the scalp after a special shampoo from the deepest contaminants, is made from bamboo fiber extracts. To penetrate as deeply as possible, apply cold or hot methods. The time of the procedure is from 1 to 2 hours.


  • strong, strong, strong hair;
  • cessation of loss;
  • acceleration of growth;
  • protection against temperature drop;
  • gradual restoration of damage;
  • nutrition of the roots;
  • shine;
  • sealing seizures;
  • absence of electrification.

The results will please up to, months. It will cost about $ 32.

Biorevitalization / mesotherapy

Biorevitalization is one of the most popular and effective salon procedures for strengthening hair. It is carried out only after the appointment of a trichologist, since it has a pronounced therapeutic effect.

Biorevitalization and mesotherapy are effective salon procedures for strengthening hair, but not always painless


  • the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, so mesotherapy is often prescribed for the treatment of oily hair or dandruff;
  • roots will strengthen;
  • the fallout will stop;
  • growth will accelerate;
  • the volume will increase.

However, you will have to pay for this result not only with money. First, the cost of one session starts from $ 20, and they will require a minimum of 4 (often much more). Secondly, biorevitalization can not be called a pleasant procedure, because it involves the introduction of a therapeutic cocktail under the scalp. Like any injection, it is very painful.


Cryomassage is one of the most affordable salon procedures. Has a therapeutic and cosmetic effect. Liquid nitrogen is applied to the scalp, and then the massage therapist starts rubbing it in a circular motion. At the same time, there is a strong enough flow of heat. The active substance makes wake up the follicles that have stopped in their development and becomes a participant in metabolic processes.

Effectiveness - almost 100%:

  • the fallout ceases;
  • the follicles are reliably strengthened;
  • there is increased growth;
  • Improves fat metabolism in the scalp;
  • the color becomes more saturated.

The procedure does not take much time, but you have to fork out. 10 minutes of cryomassage costs $ 13. It seems a bit. But, considering that it will take about 10 sessions (and this is a minimum) with an interval every 2-3 days... Consider the expenses themselves.

Recipes of Firming Masks

At home, you can make different masks that will ensure the strengthening of the roots of hair. Their recipes are simple and do not require impressive financial investments. The resulting mixtures are rubbed solely into the scalp. Their duration is 30-40 minutes.

  • Castor

Finely cut with a knife a couple of twigs of parsley. Warm up the castor oil on the steam bath. Combine the ingredients in a ratio of 2 to 4.

  • Bread

Repeat in a mortar dry bark of oak. Pour 1 tbsp. l. the resulting raw material has just boiled water (200 ml). Cover. Insist not more than an hour. Clear from the cake. Put in the cooked infusion 50 g of black bread without a peel. Leave for 3 hours. Blend the mixture thoroughly before application.

  • Multicomponent

To extinguish dried St. John's wort. Pour 1 tbsp. l. the resulting raw material has just boiled water (200 ml). Cover. Insist for about an hour. Clear from the cake. Pour the prepared decoction of 1 tbsp. l. (preferably with a slide) of dry yeast. Do not cover, leave for 10 minutes. Add 50 ml of cognac (can be replaced with vodka), 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice with zest, beaten egg. Warm up the castor oil on a steam bath, add 2 tbsp. l. to the total mass.

  • Yellow

Mix the yolk, pounded with cinnamon powder (no more than a pinch) with 1 tbsp. l. melted fresh honey, 50 ml of a decoction made from chamomile.

  • Oily

Mix in equal amounts several oils: to strengthen fit almond, burdock and castor oil. Warm up on a steam bath to a comfortable temperature. Before applying to the scalp add 1 tbsp. l. juice and lemon peel.

  • Banana

Beat to a homogeneous state of 2 tbsp. l. banana (make a mashed potatoes) and 10% sour cream, 50 ml of melted fresh honey. Dilute to the desired consistency with a warm infusion of burdock roots.

  • With germinated wheat

Finely cut with a knife sprouts of wheat. Pour 1 tbsp. l. 20% cream (1 tbsp. l. - 50 ml), add and beat up to a foam of 1 tbsp. l. juice and lemon peel.

  • Yeast

Fill fermented yeast with warm, almost hot water (consumption per 1 tbsp. l. - 50 ml). Warm up on a steam bath 50 ml,% kefir. Pour in the bulk. To fall asleep in it 1 tbsp. l. a large (for the effect of scrubbing) sugar. Stir. Do not cover, leave for 10 minutes. Before rubbing into the roots add 1 tbsp. l. fresh honey.

  • Ginger

Mix 50 g of powdered ginger with 50 ml of slightly warmed on a steam bath of sesame oil.

Another 30 recipes for home masks can be found on the link.

In order for hair to look beautiful and healthy, it is not enough to deal only with their outer luster. It is necessary to strengthen the roots from the inside to provide them with adequate nutrition. Without it, they will always thin out and fall out.