Masks for aging face skin at home: recipes for dry and oily skin

  • September 14, 2018
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  • What is it - withering skin
  • To us there is a rescue
  • The best recipes at home
  • - For dry, fading skin
  • - For oily withering skin

The problem of withering of the skin in our time is especially urgent. Modern life is full of stress, its pace carries with it a chronic fatigue, lack of sleep. We too quickly waste our energy in the body. They are taken and unhealthy environmental conditions. The first alarming bells will not slow down. These are premature wrinkles. The old age of 30 years? Not old age - withering.

According to statistics, every 4-th modern woman looks much older than her physical age.

Withering, premature depletion of the skin can overtake 25-them. Premature lethargy of the epidermis is affected by heredity, early hormonal changes, metabolic disorders in the body, vascular disease.

What is it - withering skin

The first thing that should alert you is a change in the shade of your face. The surface of the epidermis becomes grayish, there is a feeling of earthiness of the skin. To the touch, the skin becomes more rough, harsh and lethargic. Then there are other signs:

  • increased dryness of the dermis (especially after washing);
  • the appearance of dilated pores in the region of the nose and cheeks;
  • the contour of the face is deformed, "spreads out
  • the appearance of a second chin;
  • offensive of the army of wrinkles ("crow's feet nasolabial folds);
  • flabbiness of the epidermis in the neck;
  • manifestation of pigmentation;
  • formation of papillomas, warts.

Even a good, full rest can not cope with the natural restoration of the dermis, does not regenerate it. The weakened epidermis requires close, special attention and good, regular and sparing care.

To us there is a rescue

Most importantly, a powerful weapon for the restoration of a fading dermis is a mask for the fading skin of the face. Especially prepared from natural products, enriched with natural active nutrients, which perfectly cope with the problem of withering.

The purpose of such a means is not only normal care. In the prescription mask for the fading skin of the face (do not forget about the neck!) Includes products that effectively enhance the tone of the epidermis, its elasticity. The procedures are also aimed at improving blood circulation, lipid metabolism, enhancing its regenerating qualities. But that such masks worked at 100%, conduct care correctly:

  1. the naturalness of all products and strict compliance with the formulation;
  2. testing of the nutrient mass in order to avoid allergic manifestations;
  3. Do not over-restrain the mixture on the face, compliance with the recommended time frame.

Masks for the face at home for fading skin require a course, monthly application (1-2 times weekly). Put a nutritious mixture in a thick layer, remove the residue after 20-30 minutes with a dry napkin. Intensive nutrition is best spent in the evening, for an hour or two before the lights-out.


The best recipes at home

We are great! It is with this attitude you need to deal with skin healing. Remember that the wonderful return of youth and beauty awaits you ahead. We have selected for you the best, effective masks recipes for the fading skin of the face at home.

For dry, fading skin

If in youth your skin was characterized by increased dryness, then the process of skin withering is usually accompanied by rapid thinning of the upper epidermal layer. The face abruptly loses its elasticity, becomes like parchment with translucent vessels. Tonus and hydro-lipid balance suffer very severely. To eliminate these problems and sent masks for dry, fading skin of the face at home.

  • Double egg help

Mix the beaten protein with lemon juice (5 drops) and apply to the face. After 20 minutes, wash off the mass and immediately apply the second part of the mask - from yolk, lemon juice (10 drops) and olive oil (7 ml). The second layer also lasts 20 minutes.

  • Herbal bliss

A mixture of dry herbs: lime, sage, chamomile and mint (3 gr. each type) pour steep boiling water (1 glass). We insist a quarter of an hour. Then add the potato starch, bringing the mass to the state of thick jelly.

Masks for the fading skin of the face and neck at home, intended for dry type should be washed off with warm water or herbal decoctions.

  • Honey paradise

We need a mixture of buckwheat honey (6 gr.), Vegetable oil (5 drops) and lemon juice (10 drops). We beat it well and add oat flour (8 gr.).

  • With horseradish

Finely rub horseradish (7 g.) And mix it with yolk and cream (6 ml). The course of masks is designed for a month. This product whitens and tones the skin well.

For oily withering skin

Epidermis fatty type is stronger, wilting threatens him to a lesser degree than dry person. But even a low-sensitive fatty dermis, under the constant influence of ultraviolet, wind, cold, suffers greatly and gradually fades. Masks for oily, fading skin are aimed at restoring the elasticity, tone and ability of the dermis to produce hyaluronic acid and collagen fibers.

  • Yeast salvage

Mix brewer's yeast (30 grams) with hydrogen peroxide. 3% peroxide gently added to the yeast, until we get a mushy mass. And put it on your face.

  • Reliable Hercules

In the ground oats (50 gr.) Add soda (10 gr.). The container with powder can be stored for a long time. When making a mask, just dilute the herculea mixture (15 gr.) With clean water until the condition of thick porridge. Immediately apply it to the skin. This procedure can be carried out 2 times daily.

Nourishing masks for fading skin at home designed for fatty type, especially often spend in the winter. In summer, the number of procedures can be reduced.

  • Fruit negativity

Rasponite one persimmon and add to it honey (6 ml), vegetable oil (5 ml) and a little starch for thickening.

  • Olive perfection

We make a healing mixture of honey (12 gr.), Protein, lemon juice (5 drops) and olive oil (7 ml).

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