How to get rid of bruises under the eyes: in the salon and folk remedies



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Please help me. I'm scared to look in the mirror! Recently, I had horrible blemishes under my eyes - it's hard even to call bruises. Such a feeling that I was beaten... Why do they appear? I normally sleep, do sports and do not understand why this is. They can not be removed with any make-up. I'm ashamed to appear at work, they are already squinting at me. Help, I'm close to despair!

An excerpt from a letter from our reader.

We will tell at once - bruises under eyes a problem of very many women. Barely noticeable yet can be quickly removed or hidden with the help of cosmetics, but bright, cyanotic stains can not hide anything. Any change on our face is a desperate signal of the body for help.

Why appear

The bruise itself is a bruise, a violation of normal blood circulation. To completely remove it, you need to understand the true causes of the problem. Conditionally they can be divided into 3 groups:


Like everything in life is stable, safe. Good sleep, happy relationships, loved ones. Sports, walking, balanced food. There are no depressions, tears and insomnia. Where are the bruises?

  • Anatomy

To get rid of bruises under the eyes, which by nature are deeply planted, is almost impossible, only to hide them. But they look mysterious and mystical.

  • Dry, thin skin

Such a gift of nature makes the skin under the eyes very thin. And the thinner it is, the more transparent the capillaries and the cyanotic shade.

  • Age

With the years in the body there are natural changes, they touch and normal blood circulation, the state of the dermis and blood vessels.

  • Rapid weight loss

You can not lose weight sharply (especially after 30 years). The body is no longer so resilient, the skin is not able to recover quickly after a rapid loss of fatty layer. This leads to its thinning and collagen destruction.

How to get rid of bruises under the eyes in such cases? You can apply some make-up tricks, constantly use bleaching creams, make a path to the cosmetology salon, not forgetting about home remedies. In extreme cases, resort to plastic.

Wrong way of life

How do you live? Put everything on the shelves. Your permanent bruises are kept under your eyes and through your own fault.

  • Chronic lack of sleep

Normal, full sleep is 8 hours or more. When a person sleeps a little, the skin becomes paler, and the capillaries are more noticeable.

  • Food

A lot of salty, fatty foods, canned food, marinades, fast food. The body accumulates slags and toxins, cholesterol plaques begin to form in the body. The result is dark circles.

  • Avitaminosis (lack of vitamin C)

This vitamin is a good helper in the work of capillaries. If they start striking, blood stagnation occurs.

  • Bad habits

Smoking, alcohol, many hours sitting at the computer. All this affects the face.

  • Stress, depression

When you experience nervous overexertion, the body stops taking excess fluid out of the body. The skin does not receive the necessary moisture and oxygen.

  • Long stay in the sun

Sunburn, it's beautiful, but the sun's rays provoke skin pigmentation and the destruction of collagen.

  • Improper eye care

If you take off cosmetics with usual soap or use bad make-up, also wait for bruises. How to organize the care in our article.

Be careful with the mirror, or you will see your own face

Do you want to have such a slogan for life, which offers Mechislav Shargan? Hardly. Love yourself! And many problems will disappear forever.

All these reasons are temporary, there is nothing complicated in their correction. It is much worse if the dark circles under the eyes represent the symptoms of diseases.

Medical reasons

Watch out if the bruises appear suddenly, have a bluish-yellow hue and every day darken. To make such "gift" can:

  • Diseases of the thyroid gland, blood vessels, heart, liver, kidneys or adrenal glands.
  • Prolonged intake of potent medicines.
  • Lack of iron in the body (anemia).
  • Metabolic disease.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Herniated eyelids.

Do not delay, go to the doctor! Timely diagnosed, competent prevention and treatment will save you from many troubles. But they will undoubtedly appear, if you try to solve the problem yourself, without trying to find out what the reason is.

If everything is good with your body, you are healthy, then let's develop an action plan that will make removal of bruises under the eyes easy. We will win! Women do not know how to lose.

How to get rid

Favorite cosmetics

Do you have a concealer in the arsenal? If not, be sure to purchase. It is not cheap, but it must be in any woman's cosmetic bag in case of force majeure. Using it, you can get rid of bruises very quickly (rather, they can be hidden and hidden).

It is necessary to choose the contrasting color of the concealer to the shade of your bruises. If they are blue, purple - use an orange or yellow concealer. If yellow - blue.

We go to the beauty salon

"This is a pretty face from her father. He is a cosmetic surgeon. " Graucho Marx

Of course, plastic can be used (if there is patience, extra money and a lot of time). But this is an extreme case. It is better to love cosmetology salons. Modern cosmetology can offer many methods of treatment:

  • Microcurrent therapy
  • Laser correction
  • Electrostimulation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Mesotherapy
  • Massage

And much more. With the help of cosmetology procedures you can quickly and permanently say goodbye to such natural shadows under the eyes. For greater effect, hiking in the salons can be combined with procedures at home.

Folk remedies

In the home medicine cabinet and in the kitchen there are always products that are useful when using various cosmetic procedures.


  • Potato

Rub the raw potatoes on a grater (1 hr. spoon), mixed with flour and milk (in the same proportion). Keep this mixture under the eyes for 20 minutes.

  • Cucumber

Cut cucumbers into circles. Pieces keep on your eyes for 5 minutes 3-4 times a day.

  • Nut

Grind two walnuts in a blender. To them, apply melted butter (1 tbsp. spoon) and pomegranate or lemon juice (1 hour. a spoon). Apply the mixture for 15 minutes.

The mask against bruises under the eyes will become even more effective if you add various lotions to it.

See more recipes for masks.

Healing Lotions

  • Ice

In boiled water, add decoction of sage, linden, chamomile. Freeze it. Get healing ice. Clean ice cubes every morning with rapid movements.

  • Parsley

Root the parsley through a meat grinder. Spread the mass into small pieces of gauze. Such rollers keep under your eyes a couple of times a day for 15 minutes.

  • Sage

Sage leaves (1 tbsp. spoon) pour boiling water (200 ml). Let the infusion. With this decoction soak cotton pads and put them on your eyes.

The struggle against bruises with folk remedies perfectly complements the impact of pharmacological agents.

Pharmaceutical ointments

  • Badyaga

This ointment from a freshwater sponge is an excellent remedy for bruises. It contains silicon needles, which slightly irritate the skin, causing vessels to expand and move blood faster in the capillaries. Spread it on the bruise 3 times a day. If you feel a burning sensation at the same time, or if there are wounds on the skin, you will be left with it.

  • Heparin ointment

This agent significantly speeds up the processes of metabolism, warms the skin and dilates the vessels, has anti-edematous action. But it can not be used in case of damage to the skin.

Female eyes should not hide under dark glasses and be afraid of a mirror. This is our main strength - a look from under the eyelashes, pure, inviting and sparkling. To shock those around you with flawless eyes, you just need to have the desire to be beautiful!