The best Chinese face masks, their varieties and application

  • September 15, 2018
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China is famous for the beauty of its women. Their porcelain skin, surprisingly smooth, radiant with youth, inspired poets and singers thousands of years ago. Since that time nothing has changed - Chinese women are as beautiful as they were in the past. And their good form does not depend on make-up - they practically do not use them. What is the secret of such mystical beauty?

Wise Chinese people drew their strength in nature. On this knowledge is based their famous medicine, not behind it and cosmetology. Women of these places from early childhood study the laws of nature and get used to taking care of the skin using only natural means. All the achievements of the centuries-old cosmetology experience practical Chinese embodied in their masks, which are very popular with us.

Chinese face masks are developed using unique technologies. They have an effective composition that acts instantly and literally after the first session changes the skin condition. All modern masks from China can be divided into several types:

Finished Chinese masks

Unique inventions that allow you to significantly save time for the manufacture of various caregivers. Everything is already ready. You just need to open the bag, pull out the mask and put it on the epidermis, carefully smoothing it on the face. They can be found in large markets, online stores and pharmacies.

The best impact they will have on the prepared dermis (skin pre-scrape and unzip).

Almost all the drugs should work on the epidermis for 20-30 minutes. The regularity of their use depends on the expected effect and condition of the dermis.


One of the varieties of ready masks is fabric, made of the finest, tender cotton, impregnated with active and valuable substances. Chinese tissue masks for the face are designed to improve the dry skin, to combat flaking. They maximally moisturize the dermis and perfectly tighten it.

Tissue products are not allergic and are suitable for all comers to look beautiful and young.

Depending on the additives, such masks can also have an effect on the development of inflammatory processes. Anti-inflammatory components inhibit the development of acne (for the reasons and treatment of which read in our article) and perfectly clean the pores of the epidermis.


The main goal of such ready-made means is to fight against old age. Chinese collagen facial masks carry a powerful rejuvenating effect due to their main constituent - collagen protein. This substance forms a thin film on the epidermis, which effectively smoothes wrinkles and regenerates the covers.


Collagen masks must be pre-tested for allergy (the best place is the wrist, apply the remedy and observe the skin reaction).


These masks are by right the best of the rejuvenating series. Anti-aging components are primarily designed for women with wilted, faded and saggy, wrinkled skin. Very often the kit includes a special serum, which must be applied after the removal of the main product.

The course of ready collagen masks is designed for a month of regular use (you can hold such sessions 1-3 times weekly, depending on the condition of the dermis). They are not a fabric material made under the shape of a person or two half-discs. The material is thoroughly impregnated with a substance from collagen and additional additives.

Masks with a narrow focus

Eastern philosophy does not recognize multifunctional means. The creed of the Chinese healers - it is better to remove one defect, but forever, than to act superficially and incompletely. This is also followed by cosmetology. One of the popular remedies is a black Chinese face mask designed to clean the fatty skin from comedones.

The color of this tool is coal black, which is why it got its name. It contains glycerin, which gives the mask a sufficiently sticky consistency and glossy gloss, special antimicrobial and disinfectant components, absorbents and moisturizers.

A black, viscous liquid must be carefully applied with a thin layer. After 20-25 minutes it turns into a film that is easily cleaned together with dirt and dead cells. Chinese face masks from black dots can be made and in the form of narrow ready-made sticky strips, which are superimposed only on the problem zone.

Home Chinese Cosmetology

Chinese women are famous for their porcelain skin color, delicate and matte. It is to achieve this result and are aimed at Chinese face masks at home. Prepare them uncomplicated, you only need to strictly adhere to the formula and time (keep the compositions for 20 minutes).

  • Pearl

Powder of pearls (30 gr.) Mix with the ampoule of vitamin E. For the mixture, add a little warm water.

  • Fruit

Squeeze juice from banana, langane, lemon and apple. Add an egg to them.

  • Cheesy cheese

We need tofu (soy cheese). Grind tofu (100 gr.) And apply to the skin.

  • Tomato

Squeeze the juice from the ripe tomato and add liquid honey (12 grams) to it.

  • Herbal

Mix the soybean starch (12 grams), milk (16 ml), protein and honey (5 ml) into the ground grasses (dry Ural licorice, Chinese and Amur wood soup, sandalwood).