Anti-aging vitamin F for facial skin: how useful and how to apply

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  • How to apply vitamin F to the face skin

Everybody heard about vitamins. This is the best support for the body in difficult conditions for him. The correct functioning of all body functions depends on health, working capacity and most importantly for a woman - the beauty of the skin. Modern cosmetology offers a rich ensemble of various vitaminized products that perfectly cope with the care of the epidermis.

But if almost everything is known about the elixirs of life C, A, B, E, then vitamin F is not widely known. The fact is that this substance was discovered very recently - in 1928 by the American Herbert Evans. Numerous studies have only confirmed the opinion of cosmetologists that vitamin F for facial skin has excellent anti-aging properties.

Mysterious magician

Vitamin F is a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential for the preservation of vitality. The biocomplex consists of 5 PUFAs:

  1. linoleic (omega-6);
  2. linolenic (omega-3);
  3. eicosapentaenoic (omega-3);
  4. arachidonic (omega-6);
  5. docosahexaenone (omega-3).

These biologically active acids are vital for us. They help not only to maintain the strength of the body, but also to maintain the attractiveness of the skin, restoring its youth and inhibiting the aging process.

In nature, vitamin F is found in some vegetable oils (wheat germ, olive, peanut, flaxseed, sunflower, safflower, soy and some legumes). A lot of it in almonds, corn, avocado, dogrose, fish oil, oat flakes and brown rice.

Let's not repeat the truth, that in our diet such products must be constantly. Polyunsaturated acids are actively involved in the synthesis of fats, have powerful anti-inflammatory, regenerating properties, strengthen and enhance the immune system and help to counter various diseases.

But the fight against aging must be conducted on all courses: internal and external. For external protection against attacks of time, an ampoule vitamin F for the face was created.

Trusted friend

The vitamin complex with PUFA is ideal for the epidermis - after all, the membranes of cells of the epidermal tissue and consist of practically polyunsaturated acids. Applying regularly caring means with vitamin F, we will provide the skin with a constant supply of these important elements.

Vitamin F is fat-soluble, it is adversely affected by exposure to sunlight, heat and air (in this case it begins to oxidize). Keep it only in a cool place.

From the breakdown and the formation of harmful oxides, it is recommended to use vitamin F simultaneously with various antioxidants (beta-carotene, tocopherol, selenium). Vitamins C, D, B6 and zinc increase the effect of the complex with PUFA.


Protection and Assistance

What exactly vitamin F for a person can be of use to us? First of all, it is worth to focus on this complex attention to those who have skin is dry and peeling. This strongest natural antioxidant deeply and maximally moisturizes the skin and preserves the freshness of the face and its elasticity. Not for nothing that vitamin F is called "the protector of youth and beauty

  • it possesses excellent regenerating actions, promotes fast healing of wounds, cracks, grazes, traces from acne;
  • thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory properties, helps the skin to avoid the appearance and development of allergic reactions;
  • has a calming effect on the epidermis;
  • prevents the appearance of many skin ailments (acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema);
  • significantly improves metabolism in the epidermal tissues.

This vitamin protects the skin from sun burns, exposure to harmful radicals, helps reduce puffiness and will restore the elasticity, freshness and beauty to the epidermis. For ladies after the 35th milestone (when age changes occur), vitamin F will become a reliable assistant in skin care.

How to apply vitamin F to the face skin

As you already know, vitamin F is found in many products that can be successfully used for facial care.

  • For smoothness and dullness of the skin

Flowers of pharmacy chamomile (30 g) pour boiling water (1/4 cup). Insist half an hour, then in chamomile infusion add liquid honey (18 ml), egg yolk and any vegetable oil (5 ml). Apply the mask to the face and cover with a tissue paper, hold for 10 minutes.

  • Anti-aging agent

Grind a small apple in the mashed potatoes and add to it olive oil (5 ml), egg yolk, honey (12 g), juice from chokeberry (16 ml). The time of the mask is a quarter of an hour.

Also, vitamin F can be used in ampoules. They can be purchased at any pharmacy. Open ampoules can not be stored - they are used immediately.

  • For cleansing oily skin

Grind in a coffee grinder oat flakes (20 gr), add to them pre-infused in boiling water St. John's Wort (on a glass of water 20 gr of grass, to insist for a quarter of an hour, drain the broth through a double gauze) and a vitamin ampoule F. Massage the face and rest for 20 minutes.

  • Nutrition

Cocoa butter (3 g) is melt and pair with sea buckthorn oil (6 ml) and ½ ampoule PUFAs. Gently overlap the area around the eyes. The procedure is designed for a quarter of an hour. It is better to spend it at bedtime 3 times a week.

  • Anti-Aging Mask

Take your usual nutritious cream (10 g), add to it the juice of Aloe (6 ml) and the ampoule of vitamin F. Ingredients evenly spread over the face and hold for 10 minutes.

Be beautiful!